Callaway Solaire Vs. Cobra XL – What Are The Better Ladies Golf Clubs

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Choosing between two complete ladies’ sets can be difficult. When they are both around the same price point and seem to offer similar components, how can you tell which one is better? The way we like to look at is that sometimes it is not about which one is better, but which is better for you.

Each player has unique characteristics to their game. Sometimes a complete set option will fit well with your player profile, and other times you will need to put a set together.

We will break down for you the differences between these two premium complete sets, the pros and cons, and which one is the better buy.

Key Features

The Callaway Solaire and the Cobra XL sets are quite similar. The set makeup is slightly different, but the graphite shafts, level of distance, and forgiveness will all be very close to the same.

What Do You Get With The Solaire Complete 11 Piece?

Callaway Solaire Clubs

The Solaire 11 piece set comes with a Driver, 3 Wood, 5 & 6 Hybrids, 7 through 9 Irons, Pitching and Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag, and (4) Headcovers. The set makeup with the two hybrids and one fairway wood is a perfect combination for a woman golfer.

What You Get With The Cobra XL Set?

Cobra XL Womens Golf Clubs

The Cobra XL set comes with a Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 7 Wood and 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Irons, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag and Headcovers.

The Cobra set has two more fairway woods than the Solaire but one less hybrid. If fairway woods are a strong point in your game, this set could be a better match than the Solaire. The Cobra also includes a 6 iron where the Solaire starts at the 7 iron and includes a 6 hybrid.

How Do The Compare On Composition?

Cobra Driver

Putters: The Cobra XL comes with a premium mallet golf putter. The Solaire comes with something, almost precisely the same. As far as putters are concerned, you won’t notice much difference between the two.

Color: The Solaire Club Bag is offered in a Black, Champagne, Grey/Pink, and Blue.

As far as the Cobra is concerned, there are only different color options.

The Cobra colors are Black/Pink and Gray/Green. The Black/Pink is also available in a petite option for a shorter player. (Usually less than 5’4”)

Shafts: Both the Cobra and the Solaire come with premium lightweight, graphite shafts.

You will find that Cobra set feels a bit heavier and will perform better for faster swinging women golfers as well.

A younger female who is new to the game will enjoy the feel of the Cobra XL set quite a bit.

How Do They Compare On Performance?

Both Cobra and Callaway are known for being forgiving golf clubs that are rather easy to launch. The woods on these sets are slightly offset to help the player that struggles with a slice. The center of gravity is set low and in the back through all clubs to help increase forgiveness.

Durability & Value

Cobra Iron

Neither of these sets should be considered the typical beginner box sets. The Callaway Solaire and the Cobra XL are made with high-quality materials and shafts and will last a golfer for years. Both companies have incorporated their top technology in these clubs so you can expect the best

How Do They Compare On Price?

The Callaway Solaire and the Cobra XL are almost the same price. The only thing we will mention is that the Cobra does seem to go on sale from time to time and can then fall below the Solaire.

These Clubs will set you back close to $800.

Which One Do We Recommend?

Callaway Solaire

When it comes down to making a final decision on which of these sets is better, we can’t make a clear determination. What we can do is give you some guidelines as to which set may be better for you.

If you are a younger female that has played other sports, the Cobra XL will be a better choice

If you are an older female with slower swing speed, the Callaway will be the better choice.

If a strong point in your game is fairway woods, choose the Cobra XL.

Callaway Solaire Pros & Cons

Callaway Solaire Image


  • Complete set option with high-quality components
  • Right set makeup for the lady golfer
  • Includes hybrids and a fairway wood


  • Only consists of the one fairway wood

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Cobra XL Complete Set Pros & Cons

Cobra XL Womens Set


  • Full set option with high-quality components
  • Includes three fairway woods
  • Better for faster swinging female players


  • Only consists of the one hybrid
  • May feel a little heavier to someone with less strength

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If you are looking for a reliable, complete set option that will last you for several years, you won’t go wrong with the Callaway Solaire or the Cobra XL. Both models have high performing components and will work for a mid handicapper up to a beginner.