22 Golf Books You Must Read In 2020

Golf books

If you are one of those people that eats, sleeps, and breathes the game of golf, chances are you have read a golf book or two. Ok, who are we kidding, you have a bookcase full of golf books. We have put together a list of twenty golf books that you should check out this year. Let us know which ones you have read and which ones you like best. 

  1. Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

Where Men Win Glory

The Pat Tillman story is not just for golfers. This is a book for all sports fans and fans of real character and determination in a person. Pat Tillman was offered an NFL contract and decided to join the Army and serve his country.

After Pat was tragically killed in Afghanistan, the real story about his life started to surface. Where Men Win Glory is available in many different formats and is a story that will leave you feeling both motivated and inspired. 

 “Riveting. . . . Krakauer’s gripping book about this extraordinary man who lived passionately and died unnecessarily sets the record straight.” —USA Today 

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  1. The Masters: Golf, Money, and Power in Augusta, Georgia

The Masters

You are not a real fan of this sport if the Masters is not one of your favorite tournaments of the year. The Masters is one of the most prestigious events in all of sports. For the golf fans, it is a brief look inside the world of golf most of us will never see. 

What some people do not know is that many years ago, the club and tournament founder Clifford Roberts killed himself on the grounds of Augusta National. He worked tirelessly to make the Masters the best golf tournament in the world. His life and his story have been kept quiet, but this book will reveal everything you wanted to know about this Master’s secret. 

“[Curt Sampson’s] fine new book, The Masters, is the only way we mortals are ever going to gain entrée to the hallowed Augusta National Golf Club.” –The Dallas Morning News 

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  1. A Father, A Son, The Golf Journey of a Lifetime

Final Rounds

This is a classic golf book more than twenty years old now. If you missed this one, this is the year to pick it up and give it a try. The story is about a man and his son who have spent their lives on the golf course.

When the Father realizes he only has two months to live his son decides to take him another a golf journey that they both will never forget. This book is not only about golf, but it’s about life and death and the opportunities we are all given. 

“A beautiful, deeply moving tribute to the love between Father and son and their shared passion for golf. I have never read a more eloquent book about golf as a game where hearts can meet.”

–Michael Murphy, author of Golf in the Kingdom

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  1. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogans Five Lessons

If you have not read Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, this needs to move to the top of your list. If you have read this book, reread it in 2020. This is to some golf enthusiasts the most excellent golf book of all time. Every time we have ever read this book, there is a new piece of information that we absorb.

The information in this book is relevant regardless of your handicap. If you are reluctant to take a golf lesson but know that your game needs a bit of help, try reading this book first.  

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  1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

It should come as no surprise that quite a bit has been written about Tiger Woods through the years. This book was written in 2020, and it talks about the rise and the fall of Tiger. In the last few years, the comeback has started, and the story has gotten even more enjoyable.

Whatever your take is on Tiger Woods, it’s hard to argue that he was and is one of the greatest athletes of all time. For the true Tiger fans, there is information to be learned by reading this story. 

“An ambitious 360-degree portrait of golf’s most scrutinized figure . . . The book features fresh reporting on almost every significant element of Woods’ story. . . . It is a book brimming with revealing details.”

—Sam Weinman, Golf Digest 

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  1. The Last Stand of Payne Stewart: The Year Golf Changed Forever

Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart’s death is one of the most unfortunate days in golf history. Golf fans will remember where they were the day that his plane went down. Many years later, the shift in the golf world, started by the death of Stewart, is now quite visible. Payne Stewart was a shot-maker. Some said he was a showman but regardless he was very good at moving a golf ball where it needed to go.

The players that have followed and dominated since his death are power golfers. The golf world has changed since Payne left it, and it’s often interesting to think about where he would stand as a modern-day golfer. 

“Payne Stewart was the last of golf’s great swingers. In The Last Stand, Kevin Robbins has captured the man’s game and style and too-short life for eternity.”―Michael Bamberger, author of Men in Green

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  1. Remarkable Golf Courses

Remarkable Golf Courses

This is a beautiful book that will fit perfectly on the coffee table of any golf enthusiast. In the last one hundred years, golf has made some tremendous advances in architecture. The golf holes available for play in today’s world are light years different than the ones early in the game.

This book will share quirky holes, historic golf spots, and the most prestigious views. If you have played some of these golf courses, this is a beautiful book to use to reminisce.  

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  1. The Complete Golf Manual

The Complete Golf Manual

If this is the year you plan to take this game and tackle it, The Complete Golf Manual is a book you will want by your side. This book addresses and conquers all parts of the game.

If you are a beginner looking to understand the game or a mid handicapper looking to become a single digit, The Complete Golf Manual will have information to help you succeed. This book is easy to follow, laid out well and golfers are already talking about the differences it has made in their game.  

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  1. Arnold Palmer – A Life Well Played: My Stories

Arnold Palmer - A Life Well Played

It was a tough day for golf when we lost Arnold Palmer. As the book so aptly states, Arnold not only knew how to play golf but he understood life and people. This commemorative edition has a foreword written by Jack Nicklaus.

If you don’t know Palmer’s story or want to learn more about the man he was, this is a great read. This book is easy to follow and even if you are not a golf enthusiast the story of Arnold Palmer is a good one. 

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  1. Greatest Game Ever Played: A True Story

The Greatest Game Ever Played

 This is not a new book, but one that is worth a read if you missed it. The Greatest Game Ever Played is about the beginning of the game of golf. The two main characters Ouimet and Vardon show the early world of golf, the social inequalities and most importantly what the love for this game will do.

Thanks to this story and these two men golf is a game we are all able to enjoy today. If you love this sport, understanding and embracing a significant piece of its origin is time well spent. 

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  1. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

Golf is Not A Game Of Perfect

Most golfers are a bit of a head case. Dr. Bob Rotella has built his life on this concept. Golf is Not a Game Of Perfect is the perfect book to read if you are struggling with your mental game. Rotella has a way of making this information understood by golfers of all ages.

He breaks down concepts into very understandable little blurbs that are easily remembered and repeated. If you don’t have the time to read the Rotella book, try the audio version. Sometimes listening to these concepts as you drive or work out can help them sink in even more. 

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  1. Golf in the Kingdom

Golf In The Kingdom

Golf In The Kingdom was written over twenty years ago. This is not a true story but instead a mix of fiction, inspiration and even some golf instruction. As far as stories go, this is a great one for golfers. If you can believe a bit in the golf gods this is a story that will appeal to you. Golf In The Kingdom has held steady for many years among the best golf books available.  

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  1. To the Linksland: A Golfing Adventure


If the British Open is your favorite tournament of the year, this book is for you. To The Linksland is a journey back in time through the eyes of a caddy. Written over 25 years ago this book offers an insider’s look at iconic courses like St.Andrews. Stories about the golf courses, the players, and the author are shared excitingly and entertainingly. Indeed a great read if the origins of this game are of interest to you. 

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  1. I Call Him “Mr. President”: Stories of Golf, Fishing, and Life with My Friend George H. W. Bush

I Call Him Mr President

Although at first look, this may not seem like a golf book, it is. The head professional of the golf club, where George Bush spent his summers, is the author of the book. The book talks about how Bush was as a person, a golfer, and a friend. This is an easy and entertaining read. If you have any interest in the life of George W Bush, you will learn some of the insider truths into the man that he is. 

“President Bush would not be what some might expect of someone who is so much in the public eye and has served as the commander-in-chief. He’s a very thoughtful, caring, and considerate person.” —Jack Nicklaus, twenty-time Major Championship winner

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  1. How to Become a Complete Golfer

How To Become A Complete Golfer

This book is a classic. Similar to Five Lessons and other greats How to Become a Complete Golfer will address all aspects of the game and help you on your way to mastering it. How to Become A Complete Golfer is a perfect book to offer a beginning golfer.

There are so many concepts to the game that are often overlooked for many years. This book helps give the new player confidence and inspiration by explaining the intricacies of the game we all love.  

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  1. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

Zen Golf

If Dr. Rotella is not your style, then you should seriously consider reading Zen Golf. This book will, without a doubt help your mental game by implementing easy to understand and powerful concepts. The author, Dr. Joseph Parent has worked with many PGA Tour Professionals to help improve their game. As many will say, you are only as good as the space between your ears. Even if you have a perfect swing, if your mental game is off, your golf game will undoubtedly be off. 

Zen Golf is the best book at connecting the mind and golf. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture.” ~Vijay Singh, #1 in World Rankings, 2004-5; Masters and PGA Champion 

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  1. Bud, Sweat, & Tees: Rich Beem’s Walk on the Wild Side of the PGA Tour, by Alan Shipnuck

Bud Sweat & Tees

Rich Beem’s story is one that everyone can relate to. He struggled in almost everything he did, always trying to make ends meet, until that one special day. Beem is a regular guy, he was not a country club kid. Beem has not spent countless hours conditioning his mind and his body to be prepared for professional golf. He knows how to hit a golf ball, work a golf ball and get the job done.

Watching him win was one of the best days for golf. It brought the game down a few levels and made it appeal to the “average” man. Golf needs another Rich Beem. This is a great read, interesting, funny and inspirational. If you don’t know the story of Rich Beem, you should read this book in 2020.  

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  1. Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes, by Stephen Goodwin

Dream Golf

Bandon Dunes is perhaps one of the most amazing golf courses in America. Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes is an updated version that gives some insight into all the courses at Bandon Dunes. If you enjoy golf course architecture and the birth of a golf mecca, this will be a great read. Not only does this book offer great insight, but it also an inspiring tale of what motivation and a dream will do to a person. 

“A fascinating study of Keiser’s evolution as a golf entrepreneur . . . any golfer interested in how things work will find it a worthy read. This, one suspects, is how the West was truly won.”

Travel & Leisure Golf

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  1. Men in Green

Men In Green

This is not the first time that Michael Bamberger shows up on our top 20 list. He is a renowned golf and sports writer and this book will captivate any lover of the game. Men In Green focuses on the golf stories that grew the game, not just the PGA tour professional and champions but the behind the scenes people as well.

Sometimes those people behind the scenes have an even greater impact but much less recognition. This is a quick read that will help you keep the pages continually turning. If you haven’t read Men In Green, add it to your list today. 

“Maybe the best golf book I’ve ever read.” —Bill Reynolds, The Providence Journal 

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  1. Golf For Dummies

Golf For Dummie

Golf For Dummies is part of the “For Dummies” series that is available in a wide range of topics. This book is going to appeal more to the higher and mid handicapper than it will to the low handicap player. The basics of golf are covered in a simple to read and understand book.

This book is written by playing professional Gary McCord who has more than enough knowledge to share. This is a bit of a dry read, but if you are struggling with fundamentals, it can be an excellent place to start. 

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  1. Power Golf

Power Golf

We know we said this was a top twenty list, but there were two more that we just couldn’t leave off. 

If you keep Ben Hogans Five Lessons on your bedside table, you should read Power Golf. Ben Hogan wrote this book, and it can help the game of a forty handicapper or a scratch golfer. Hogan believes in hard work. He thinks that if the time is put in, anybody can become a golfer.

He gives tips on lowering score, creating power, and how to grip the club the right way. Hogan believes strongly in fundamentals, and Power Golf is all built on having the proper fundamentals. There is no debating that Hogan is somebody that should be paid attention to when it comes to the golf swing. 

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  1. Weight Training for Golf: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Weight Training Guide Book

Weight training is a relatively new concept in the game of golf. Forty years ago, a player that was physically conditioning himself to play better golf was almost unheard of. In today’s golf world, everything is about power and speed.

To be the strongest and the best, you need strength. Club companies are having to make shafts stronger than ever before because of the clubhead speeds players are now able to create. This book gives excellent tips used by many tour professionals to properly weight train for golf and improve your game from an entirely new angle. 

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It is no secret that golfers love to read about golf. These twenty-two books will keep you quite busy this year if you are trying to increase your golf knowledge. Golf books range from fiction to true inspirational stories to instructional manuals. There is no question that there are plenty of golf books out there that will appeal to your reading style. 

Not all of these golf books were released this year, but that does not mean they should be skipped. People come into the golf game at all different times in their life. Just because a golf book was released in the year 2000 does not mean it is not relevant today. Golf books hold up through the test of time. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, and Power Golf are all examples of books that have been around longer than many golfers have been alive! 

Which book did you like the best? Which one should have made our list?