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There are a lot of ladies golf clubs out there that have the high-end look but lack the high-end performance. As a result, there are a lot of women golfers out there that are serious about their game and frustrated because they can’t find clubs that play as well as they look.

So we took it upon ourselves to do the research and test different sets of ladies golf clubs. What we were looking for was the perfect marriage between stylish design and premium features that would actually help someone improve their game.

After loads of searching and hours on the course (we know, our burden is a dreadful one, right?) we have come to a consensus. Read on to find out all you need to know about the Callaway Solaire Ladies golf club set.


What’s in the Bag

Callaway Solaire Clubs

Of course, determining the worth of any set of golf clubs starts with the clubs that are actually in the set. The Callaway Solaire golf clubs come as a set of 11: 10 clubs and a premium grade bag.

You get a driver, 3 wood, 5 and 6 hybrids, irons 7 through 9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. Let’s take a look at each club individually.



Callaway Solaire

To start with, the Callaway Solaire driver is very forgiving. It has a broad sweet spot due in part to the perimeter weighting that can be found throughout all the club heads in this set. Perimeter weighting allows for more forgiveness so even if you hit an off-center shot, you will still get good distance.

The Callaway Solaire driver is set at a loft angle of 13 degrees and the head is made of titanium. The driver is also rear weighted to help improve launch height. The titanium construction and rear weighting make for a sweet sounding driver that plays long even for beginners.



The 3 wood you get in the Callaway Solaire set is composed of stainless steel. It is set to a generous 18 degree loft angle which is helpful for getting out of any lie you find yourself in. We found this fairway wood to be very well designed.

It would be most beneficial for beginners or intermediate female players as it features the perimeter weighted head that again, makes it easy to hit from tricky lies.



Your 5 and 6’s are hybrids. The 5 hybrid in this set offers a 24 degree loft angle and the 6 hybrid features a 29 degree loft angle.

What we noticed as we started to get into the hybrids and irons is that these clubs have been thoughtfully designed to efficiently cover the distance gap between each of the clubs. This begins with the hybrids but carries on throughout the irons and wedges.



All of the irons are constructed from stainless steel. With the 7 iron you get a loft angle of 33 degrees. The 8 iron is set to 38 degrees and the nine iron is set to 43 degrees. Like we said when we were talking about the hybrids, these irons effectively cover the distances you will need throughout the course.

Again, they are perimeter weighted so they are the perfect set of irons for developing your accuracy without getting bogged down with slices and frustrating lies. You can hit remarkably far and straight with these Callaway irons. They actually look really cool too.



The pitching and sand wedges are set to 48 and 56 degrees respectively. They are both surprisingly lightweight and very forgiving. Really, the only shots we hit with these wedges that we shanked were ones that we hit on the far ends of the toe and heel of the wedges.

If you are remotely accurate with your swing you will be able to get great apex height and distance from these wedges.



The Callaway Solaire putter is a mallet style putter that will fit a wide variety of putting styles. Whether you have just started with the game or you are looking to lower your handicap as an intermediate player, you will find the Callaway Solaire putter easy to align.


Club Composition

The driver head is composed of titanium while the woods and iron club heads are made of stainless steel. The great thing about this set of clubs for women is that all of them feature graphite shafts which make them lightweight without giving up any distance.

The grips were comfortable and easy on the hands but they do seem to be a little thick which dampens the feedback.


Club Options

While the clubs we tested featured graphite shafts (ladies flex) you can also pick this set up in a steel shaft version. They come in regular or petite and left and right hand orientations. As far as colors go you have options: black, light blue, Champagne (gold-ish) and cherry blossom (pinkish).


Club Length

We tried out the regular length club version of the Callaway Solaire set and they seemed to be ideal for women in the area of about 5’2” to 5’6”


Pros & Cons Of The Callaway Solaire

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  • Very forgiving set of clubs
  • Lightweight
  • Beneficial for slower swing speeds
  • They cover distance gaps extremely well
  • Very attractive design and color schemes
  • Remarkably long and accurate


  • We wish the driver had slightly higher loft
  • On the pricey side
  • Not great in terms of workability
  • The grips are too thick

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Cobra Womens F-Max Golf Clubs

Cobra Golf Club Set

One honorable mention we tested was the Cobra Golf Women’s F-Max. This was a very lightweight set that included all the same clubs as the Callaway Solaire but with offset heads for better accuracy.

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Callaway Strata

Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set

Another great set of clubs we tried was the Callaway Women’s Strata. It featured a 460CC driver, a 5 wood, 5 hybrid, irons 6-9, PW, SW and putter. This set also featured perimeter weighting and is much more affordable than the Callaway Solaire.

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Final Assessment

The Callaway Solaire was the best performing set of ladies golf clubs we tried. Although it is a bit pricey and the grips should probably be changed out, we think they are worth the money and effort.

They are a great set of clubs for women just getting into the game or those at an intermediate level so check them out!


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