Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder Review


When you think of quality laser rangefinders, it’s understandable if the name Caddytek doesn’t immediately come to mind. Bushnell has been the dominant force in the golf laser rangefinder market for quite some time now.

But if you have been sticking with the big dogs in this market then you may be missing out on one of the best kept secrets in golf equipment. Today, we wanted to highlight a product that we think doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

In today’s review we are going to be taking a look at the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder. If you are looking for a solid rangefinder that won’t break the bank, you need to read this review. We are going to be going over the specs and telling you everything you need to know before you buy.


Key Features

The Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder offers a variety of features that are found in more expensive units. We took this rangefinder out on the course with us for two full rounds. Take a look at what we found.


Slope – Turn off for Tournaments?

One of the key features of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder is the slope and plays like distance calculator. When you have the slope mode on, you can peer through the viewfinder and if you are looking at an inclined or declined terrain, the unit will calculate the distance given the slope.

This is a great feature to have because it basically lets you know which club to use even if you can’t see a very subtle slope in the fairway. In fact, there was one instance where we couldn’t even perceive a gentle incline but when we looked through the rangefinder in slope mode, it let us know it was there.

It told us the degree of the slope and calculated the true distance based on the degree. Very helpful. But what if you are a tournament player? That’s not a problem. The slope mode of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder can be deactivated by swapping out the plastic cover plate.


Speed of Use and Accuracy

Now the advertised measuring distance of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder is up to 800 yards for general targets and up to 250 yards for the flag. We must admit that when we first picked this device up, we thought this was a gross exaggeration.

But lo and behold, the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder lived up to the promise. While we couldn’t confirm an object distance from 800 yards away, we definitely did with a distance marker that was 500 yards away.

And we tested the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder against pins that were a confirmed 300 yards away and it was accurate to within a yard and a half! We were stunned with the reliable accuracy of this device.

So how long does it take to lock onto the flag? Not very. On average, it took the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder about 5 seconds to lock onto the flag.


Weight and Feel

The weight of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder is just about 8 ounces. It is light but not too light. What we mean is that it is not cumbersome or heavy in the hand but it doesn’t feel cheap either. The grips on top feel comfortable and the casing does not feel cheap and plastic-y.

There is a good heft to the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder that lets you know it was not made with cheap materials. But it is still light and small enough to hold comfortably on every hole and clip to your bag.


Battery Life

The Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder is powered by a single 3 volt battery. In most cases, the battery life will depend on the quality of the battery you use. We used a Duracell battery and the device performed perfectly throughout over 10 rounds of golf and with a lot of juice left.


Pros & Cons Of The Caddy View


  • Features a 6x magnification lens
  • Optional “jolt” features which emits a small vibration when it locks onto the pin
  • You can use it in the rain (but don’t soak it)
  • Great value for the price
  • Comes with a carrying case and carabiner clip
  • Very accurate


  • There’s no anti-glare protection on the lens
  • Turns itself off after 10 seconds of non-use
  • You can’t turn off slope mode by just clicking a button
  • No rechargeable battery

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Alternative Rangefinders to Consider

If you are not sold on the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder and would like to know more about some comparable devices that we have tested, we got you covered:

Callaway Tour S

Callaway Tour S

This laser rangefinder from Callaway weighs and feels almost exactly the same as the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder. But it comes with some additional features like a Scan mode that can pick up distances to multiple targets. It also measures further and with heightened accuracy although it does come with a higher price tag.

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GoGoGo Golf Rangefinder

GoGoGo Golf Rangefinder

This is a good alternative if you are a huntsmen and a golfer. This laser rangefinder locks onto the pin just as easily as it detects the speed of moving game. It can also measure distance to objects up to 650 yards away.

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Is it Worth your Money?

To answer this question, really, the only thing we need to do is consider all the features we have discussed thus far and then take a look at the price of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder: it is just a hair under $150!

So is it worth your money? The answer to that question in our opinion is an emphatic yes. We would go as far as to say that this is the best golf rangefinder that we have tested in this price range. It does lack a few features like stabilization and glare protection.

It was a bit annoying also that the device would turn itself off after 10 seconds of non-use. We basically had to turn the unit back on for each shot. But these shortcomings are easily negligible in light of the device’s accuracy and essential features. It is surely worth the buy so check it out soon!


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