Bushnell Tour v4 vs Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder Review – Which One Should I Buy?

Do you get confused when trying to calculate distance when there is slope or incline involved? Are you tired of rangefinders that don’t allow for automatic and accurate slope compensation?

So were we. Slope is the bane of many a golfer’s existence so we decided to focus today’s review on a couple of golf rangefinders that calculate slope. Many of us have been disappointed with rangefinders that promised accurate slope calculation but didn’t deliver so this topic hit home for us.

Another reason we decided to zero in on these two golf rangefinders was because they are strikingly similar in terms of the features they offer. So if you are having trouble deciding which of these products to buy, read on and we’ll help make your decision easier.

The Callaway 300 Pro Key Features

Callaway is a name that many gofers know and trust but how have they done with optical devices? Callaway has fared pretty well with rangefinders and makes a number of them. Many of us have used them in the past and were quite satisfied with them.

With the 300, Callaway incorporates slope calculation technology into a rangefinder that is legal for tournament play. All you have to do is toggle from normal mode to slope adjustment mode and it will show the adjusted distance based on the incline or decline. It will also measure the degree of the slope.

It’s a pretty easy feature to use, which we really like. You see the adjusted distance in the right-bottom corner of the LCD display and the normal distance in the top-center. The lens itself is a 6x magnification diopter adjustable lens that you can rotate to bring into focus.

Another feature of the Callaway 300 is a pin locking “chirp” that sights a pin up to 300 yards out and emits an audible chirp when it has been locked in and distanced.

The unit is operated by a single 3 volt battery which we found to last for about two and a half 18 hole rounds. It comes with a battery, a lanyard strap, a cleaning cloth and a carrying case.

The Bushnell Tour V4 Key Features

Bushnell V4 Image2

The Bushnell V4 is a laser golf rangefinder and like the Callaway 300, features a slope compensation feature that you can easily toggle in and out of. It automatically adjusts the normal distance and clearly displays the true distance based on incline or decline calculation.

Another similar feature to the Callaway 300 is the “jolt” pinseeker. Once the rangefinder has locked onto the pin, it lets out a little vibration and gives you the distance up to 400 yards. It also has an LCD display with a 5x magnification lens.

The Bushnell V4 also comes with a battery and carrying case, but no cleaning cloth. It weighs about 6.5 ounces and rests fairly comfortably in the hand. We liked that the lens was set deep into the device which protects it when its raining.

It also runs off of a single 3 volt battery which we found to last about 3 and a half full 18 hole rounds. While it is purported to be able to measure the distance to targets up to 1,000 yards away, we felt that was probably an exaggeration. Around 400 yards seemed to be the max for accurate distances.

Price Point Comparison

In the intro to this review we mentioned that the Callaway 300 and the Bushnell V4 were strikingly similar in features offered. But there is one arena in which they differ greatly: price. In fact, we were stricken by the price point difference between the two.

The Callaway 300 typically retails for about $160 while the Bushnell V4 usually hovers around $250.

How do they Perform?

Bushnell V4 Image1

These 2 units perform very similarly. The slope adjustment mode for both can be easily turned on and off with the touch of a button. They both offer pin targeting when the green is in sight.

However, the Bushnell V4 can target flags from a further distance. The Callaway 300 had trouble locking onto pins that were more than 300 yards away. Furthermore, the Bushnell was more accurate in general from long distances.

With that caveat out of the way, the Callaway 300 has a more powerful lens that features 6x magnification. It also features a scan mode that brings up distances to multiple targets at once. The Bushnell does not offer this feature.

The Callaway 300 Pros & Cons

Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder


  • 1 year warranty
  • Water and fog proof
  • 6x magnification lens
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth
  • Fits comfortably in-hand
  • Accurate slope measurement


  • The “chirp” feature sometimes picks up objects that aren’t the flag stick
  • A bit heavier
  • Shorter battery life
  • Shorter flag targeting distance

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The Bushnell V4 Pros & Cons

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Laser Rangefinder


  • Can measure distance to pins up to 400 yards
  • Weighs less
  • Longer battery life
  • Comes from a company known for optical devices
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Slightly more compact


  • Only 5x magnification
  • No diopter adjustment
  • More expensive
  • No cleaning cloth

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Which one is Better?

The Callaway and the Bushnell measured up equally in the most important criterion of this review: slope adjustment. They were both quick and accurate in this regard. It’s surprising that the Callaway had the more powerful lens, but that didn’t give it much of an edge over the Bushnell.

On the other hand, the Callaway has the scan mode (measures distance to multiple targets at once) that the Bushnell lacks. And we actually found this feature to be pretty useful and cool. Plus the Callaway 300 is significantly cheaper than the Bushnell V4.

So in our humble opinion, the Callaway 300 is the better buy. It is less accurate for longer distances but the Bushnell is only more accurate by 100 yards. That can be overlooked when you consider the price and the scan targeting feature of the Callaway 300.

The Callaway also has a more powerful lens which makes it a steal for $160. Now that you have the facts, make sure to give the Callaway 300 a close look!

Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder

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