Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag Review


Having a reliable bag on the course is critical. A cheaply made bag, or one that was poorly designed, can really detract from your performance on the links and it’s completely avoidable.

Of course, the perfect bag for you will depend on a variety of things: do you use a cart or carry your bags? Do you have oversized grips?

The Bag Boy Chiller can be carried around the course or used easily with a golf trolly or in a cart. It has a removable drinks cooling pocket as it’s party piece It comes with a 14 way, anti-rattle, divider, plenty or storage and is quite light for the features that are packed in to it’s body.

These are a number of questions you must ask yourself before you dive right in and buy a golf club bag. But to help make your job a bit easier, we are taking a look at one of the most popular golf club bags in the industry in the following review.


Key Features

The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag (it’s a mouthful we know) has a lot to love. First of all, it features a detachable cooler pouch that can fit four 12 ounce cans of your favorite beverage. It’s also a stand bag so keep that in mind as you read. Here are some of the other key specs and features:

  • Weighs just over 9 pounds (unloaded)

  • 37” tall, 15” wide, 10” diameter at the base

  • 12 storage pockets

  • 14-way top club divider


Our First Impression

Our first impression upon seeing this bag in person was that it was going to be cumbersome both in the cart and as a carry bag.

It looks a bit bulky and with all the towel rings, accessory slots and the golf ball retriever sleeve, we thought it would be awkward to carry.

All the same, we were excited by the convenience that the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag seemed to offer. A detachable cooler pouch with ample space? Sign us up.


Design Review

We are glad to say that once we got the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag on the course, our first impressions about how wieldy it would be were dispelled – for the most part.

The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag is designed very well.

It’s very durable and we especially like the reinforced nylon top divider. This means that no matter how errant you are when you slide your clubs in, no matter how long you have this bag, the divider won’t start to fray and fall apart.


Storage Review

The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag features an oversized zipper pouch that is great for storing multiple items of clothing like a couple of hoodies for when the weather turns South. There are 2 non-zipper mesh pockets on either side of the ball pouch.

There is an oversized ball pouch good for both balls and tees. On top of the ball pouch is a smaller zippered compartment that we found to be very useful for keys, divot tools and other small items. There are also a couple of zippered, fleece lined valuables pockets for phones, GPS devices and other sensitive valuables.

And of course, the money-maker, the removable cooler pouch which again, can fit up to four 12 ounce cans.


Organization Review

One of the most important things about this bag is that it does indeed keep your clubs well organized and safe.

There is a decent amount of space and buffering between each of the club wells so you’re club heads aren’t likely to bang into each other very much with this bag.

There are a total of 14 top dividers and it’s easy to see which ones were designed for which clubs. In fact, the putter well can accommodate oversized grips which is nice.

The only hangup we have about the storage organization is with the smaller valuables pouches: they are rather shallow.


Weight and Course Performance

Somehow, Bag Boy managed to keep the weight of a bag with so much storage pretty light. Again, the bag itself is about 9.5 pounds. And that’s with the stand legs.

We found this to be impressive given the reinforced, durable divider design which typically adds a significant amount of weight to bags.

The Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag comes with an umbrella holder slot and a matching rain hood.

So while the material itself is not exactly waterproof, it still does a good job of protecting your clubs in the rain with the peripheral features.


Pros & Cons Of The Bag Boy Chiller


  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage
  • Deep and flexible oversized apparel pocket
  • The cooler pouch really does keep drinks and snacks cold
  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Versatile cart lock system



  • The backpack style single strap isn’t the most comfortable
  • The blue version is more expensive for some reason
  • Valuable pockets are shallow
  • The towel ring gets snagged on other bags in the cart


Overall Rating: 96/100

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Other Bags To Consider


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Overall Rating: 94/100

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Hot Z 4.5 Cart Bag

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OGIO 2020 SE Stand Bag

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Final Assessment

There is definitely room for improvement in the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag. They could improve the design of the single strap for manual carrying. And the valuables pockets could certainly be deeper.

But these are pretty minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. Overall, the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag provides ample storage space, easy mobility and all the superlatives that you may need on the course.

Plus, it’s a hybrid cart/stand bag! That alone makes the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Golf Stand Bag worth a look so be sure to check it out soon!

Overall Rating: 96/100

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