Aspire XD1 Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set Review

Women’s golf continues to grow in popularity year on year and yu have taken up the game and are looking to get your own set of clubs as a beginner or improver, we have got you covered. Whatever your situation is, we want to shed some light on a set of women’s golf clubs that deserve your attention.

Finding the right set of womans clubs can be difficult. A lot of petite sets lack the features that any player would need to get into the game properly. But the set we are going to review today marries comfortable size with advanced features and design very well.

The Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is a great option for beginners to the game. Let’s get into the details.


What you get in the Set

As a beginner, you are going to need all the help you can get off the tee. So the Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Set includes a 460cc titanium head driver which gives great punch off the tee and puts out an affirming, encouraging sound that will make you want to head to the range every week.

The loft degree on the driver is a generous 12. On some of our standard sized sets, we only get 10.5 or so.

The 3 wood gives a loft of 15 degrees and has a very generous face for fairway shots. It’s lightweight and the hosel is a good size to allow for just the right amount of feedback.

The hybrid offers a loft of 21 and the head is nice and big without being too bottom heavy. The weight is balanced out nicely by the shaft (which we will get into later) so it remains wieldy while still providing a wide angled face.

You get 5 irons in total – 6 through pitching wedge. They are great for chipping since they make it easier to understand and manipulate greenside roll. They are a good set of irons when you are just beginning and don’t have a very fast swing speed yet.

The pitching wedge has a good feel too it and it allows for straight shots. We felt that it was also easy to get a pretty good launch angle off the wedge.

Lastly, the putter has alignment notches that will help any newbie learn to set up their shots on the green.


Club Composition

The great thing about the Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is that it features high quality, lightweight graphite shafts. This includes the woods, irons and the driver.

As far as flex goes, we found them to be very conducive to what a beginner would need. As a new player, you will probably have a slow swing speed to begin with. The advertised flex on these clubs is “ladies flex” which we assume translates to regular flex.

At any rate, they were somewhere in the middle which is ideal for someone just figuring out their shot and swing speed. They gave just enough feedback and give off the ball for most shots.


Club Lengths

We have found that the Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Set is suitable for women who are about 5 foot 7 inches up to 6 feet. They do come in regular and petite so keep that in mind that they should suit most heights.

Some of our staff members who are around 5 foot 4 inches complained that they were just a bit too long and felt better with the petite set. All in all, most average height woman should feel comfortable with the standard size while shorter players would probably do well with the petite set.


Pros & Cons


  • This is a lightweight set that can be easily carried around
  • The bag feels comfortable and can be carried like a backpack
  • Titanium driver head for added distance
  • Graphite shafts that make the clubs lighter in the hand without losing any power
  • Attractive club design (pink and chrome appointments)
  • The bag feels like it will last a long time


  • The driver hosel feels a bit weak
  • They are not the best for intermediate or advanced players
  • They do not come in left-handed orientation
  • Only 9 clubs included


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Other Club Considerations

There is no shortage of women’s golf club sets available and we tested a few others before we came to the conclusion that this Aspire set was the best. But if you are not convinced, here are some of the honorable mentions that we tested:


The Wilson Women’s Ultra Ladies Complete Package Golf Set

We really liked the ergonomic design of these clubs that can fit the playing style of almost any kind of player.

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Precise M5 Ladies Complete Club Set

Precise M5 Ladies

This set also features a high quality titanium driver head and graphite shafts for all ten of the clubs.

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The Callaway Strata Tour Ladies Golf Set

Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set

Stainless steel irons, mallet-style putter and a forgiving fairway wood and an oversized driver highlight this excellent women’s club set.

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Final Words

Getting started with the Aspire XD1 Ladies Complete Golf Club Set is a great option. It has all the essential clubs and features that are usually lacking in women’s golf clubs at this price point. For a very affordable price, you can begin your golf journey the right way.

They only concern we have with these golf clubs is their durability. We were only able to test them for so long and while they held up fairly well over the couple of months that we played with them, you may need to switch clubs to a better set after a couple of years, depending how much you use them.

Nevertheless, the titanium driver and the straight-shooting wedge and the overall shaft composure of the clubs smack of value.

If you are a woman and need a good set of clubs to start out with, we would probably recommend the Wilson Club Set but even more so the Callaway Strata, they are tried and tested as the best womens beginner clubs

Callaway Strata Womens Golf Club Set

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