Wilson Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set

Are you looking to get into golf and want every advantage you can get? Or are you looking to lower your handicap and take that next step with your game? We have been there. We know how hard it is to make strides with golf so we have scoured the internet in search of the best beginner/intermediate club sets.

Today we are going to be sharing with you what we found with the Wilson Deep Red Tour Golf Set so read on to learn about a golf club set that could take your game to the next level.


What you get in the Set

First off is the driver. The Wilson Deep Red driver features an ample 460cc head with a loft degree of 10.5. The first thing we noticed about this driver was that it hits exceptionally straight. Even on off-center shots the driver was very beginning with its generous sweet spot.

Next up is the Wilson Deep Red Fairway wood. This is a #3 fairway wood with a loft degree of 15. This fairway wood has a very low center of gravity so it’s easier to get under it and get yourself over hazards without too much greenside roll.

The 5 hybrid essentially replaces your long irons. It gave really good launch and like the driver, shot very straight.

The irons include a number 6,7, 8 and 9 and are all cavity backed. They are made from stainless steel and feature deep undercut faces that are very forgiving.

The wedges include a sand wedge and a pitching wedge and they feel very wieldy in the hands. They are not as heavy as other wedges we played with which should be a boon for most novice to intermediate players.

Lastly, the putter head features nice alignment markers that make it easy to set up any kind of shot on the green. There is actually a polymer face insert that allows for more feel off the face – perfect for players who are just learning their shots.


Club Composition

The driver has a graphite shaft with moderate flex. The grips are pretty long but on the thinner side so you get more feedback from all of your shots.

The woods also feature graphite shafts and have a bit less flex. The grips on all of the clubs are the same – on the thin side.

The shafts on all the irons are comprised of steel with a minimal amount of flex. The wedges and putter also feature steel shafts.


Club Lengths

With the Wilson Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set, you get the option to choose from tall, regular or teen sizes.

The driver measures 44.25 inches long, the 3 wood is 43.25 inches long, the 5 wood is 42.75 inches long, the 4 iron is 39 inches long, the  iron is 38.5 inches long, the pitching wedge is 36 inches long, the sand wedge is 35.5 inches long and the putter is 3 inches flat.

We found that the regular sized clubs actually ran a little longer than other regular sized sets we’ve played with. This was good for us though since many in our party hover around 6 feet tall or taller.

So if you like shorter clubs we recommend going with the teen size or having them custom fit at your pro shop.

The tall set was too uncomfortable for any of us to play since they ran way long. So unless you are around 6’5” we wouldn’t recommend going with the tall set. The teen size fit pretty well with those of us who like shorter clubs and didn’t play much different than the regular size.


Pros & Cons


  • The driver has a very forgiving face which is essential for those just starting with the game
  • Comes with a high quality bag with plenty of storage space
  • The short irons are light weight and allow for maximum greenside control
  • The bag stand is self-activating
  • Attractive maroon and gunmetal color scheme
  • Comes with three head covers


  • These clubs don’t feel very durable
  • Not a great set if you want to shape your shots
  • The steel shafts have too much feedback
  • Not a great set for advanced players

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Other Options

The Wilson Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Set are a quality set of clubs but there are plenty of other really nice beginner to intermediate sets on the market.


The Wilson Men’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Set

Wilson SGI

Another great set for intermediate and beginner players that comes with 10 clubs: a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6, 7 8 and 9 irons, a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter.

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The Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

Strata Main Image

This set is ideal for beginners. It is a very affordable set with all the essentials including high quality cavity back, steel shaft irons and a 24 degree hybrid wood, along with an oversized driver for forgiveness and distance.

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The MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

This is another affordable set that features a nice titanium driver with stainless steel woods and irons. You also get a fairway wood, irons ranging from a 5 to a pitching wedge and a putter.

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Final Words

The Wilson Deep red Tour Complete Golf Set is a bit on the pricier side in terms of novice to intermediate golfing clubs. But you really get what you pay for. We found this entire set to be very easy to play with and some of us even shaved a few strokes off our scores.

The beefier shafts really help with stability and hitting shots straighter which is essential if you are new to the game or working on getting to the green with fewer strokes. They are harder to work so we wouldn’t recommend them for advanced players.

The larger hosel on the irons will instill more confidence for any player since it dampens a lot of the unpleasant feel you get on misaligned shots. Overall, we think this is a great set for newbies and those trying to improve from newbie territory. Check this set out today!

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