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If you are a fan of golf then you are very familiar with the name Jordan Spieth. And if you have seen him play then you have surely seen his loving wife at his side…and if you have seen her then you have probably wondered who this woman is.

Annie Verret catches a lot of eyes because of her beauty and her relationship with one of golf’s most high-profile players. And she catches the attention of a lot of golf fans because of the adorable story of how this couple got together.

Jordan Spieth: The Young Dynamo

FORT WORTH, TX – MAY 29: Jordan Spieth reacts to making a birdie putt on the 18th green to win the DEAN

By the age of 27, Jordan Spieth has already dominated in some of golf’s most prestigious tournaments. His skyrocketing young career can only be superseded by the intrigue of his personal life.

Annie Verret: The Professional Behind the Scenes

Annie Verret isn’t your typical golf wife. She is one of the many professionals behind the scenes that make golf tournaments happen.

According to Tom Uhler of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Verret is an event coordinator for The First Tee of Greater Dallas.

So she isn’t just resting on her laurels while her husband is out winning championships.

Annie Verret Quick Facts





Home State



Event coordinator


5 feet, 5 inches

Home Town

Coppell Texas



Early Life and Career

Annie Verret actually attended high school with Jordan Spieth. According to, the high school they both attended was Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas in Dallas, Texas. But their paths diverged as they attended different colleges.

As we read in a entry, Jordan attended the University of Texas at Austin while the college that Verret attended is not listed.

But according to, she did very well in college, earning presidential honors for her GPA of 4.0 multiple times. She finished school with a degree in business and went on to work in the professional golf industry.

Early Romance and Current Life Together

As childhood sweethearts, Spieth and Verret have known each other for at least a decade. They got married in 2018 and currently live in a lavish mansion in Dallas, TX.

As of now, the couple has no kids. But the couple seems open to the idea of having a family of their own.

In one interview, Jordan mentioned a list of his priorities in life. He mentioned that “I’ll have a family of my own” and when that happens, golf would actually be 4th on his lift of life priorities. So it seems likely that the couple will have a child sometime soon.

According to the ForePlayPod official Twitter account, Jordan and Annie announced that they were getting married on December 24th, 2017. They shared a picture that showed off the massive diamond ring that Jordan proposed to Annie with.

As of 2018, Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret were officially married in a private ceremony where reporters were not allowed. Annie and Jordan met while they were both attending the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.

And even though they attended different colleges, it seems like this couple was made for each other because they linked up again after they both graduated.

Spieth and Verret seem to be a match made in golf heaven as Jordan is obviously an accomplished pro golfer and Annie has always been interested in the game. Today, she works coordinating many PGA events.

And you can always spot Annie Verret at Jordan’s side. When he is on the PGA tour, she is often seen walking beside him or congratulating him with a kiss after one of his victories. You can also see Annie Verret at Jordan Spieth’s side when he is conducting interviews at many PGA tournaments.

But Does She Actually Play Golf?

A lot of people have wondered if Annie actually plays golf herself. She is obviously an enthusiast of the game – having married one of the world’s best players and making a career in the sport; albeit behind the scenes.

But it may disappoint some of you golf and Jordan Spieth fans out there to know that she does not actually play the game herself. At least, not in any public capacity. It’s still entirely possible that she plays golf casually.

The Success of Annie Verret

Annie Verret has held a number of important roles in her career. Although she has mostly worked in the non-profit sector, she has become very well-respected in the community.

According to, Annie Verret served as the Director of Development for an organization called the Birthday Party Project. This organization helps throw birthday parties for homeless children and teens.

During her tenure with The First tee of Great Dallas which lasted from 2015 to 2017, she was often tasked with heading up various fundraising projects and worked directly with kids in their many outreach programs.

With the American Heart Association, she served as a human resources intern so she has been involved with philanthropic organizations pretty much her whole professional career. You can learn more about her in this video.

Interesting Facts

  • Jordan has often cited his wife for giving him the motivation and inspiration to achieve greatness as a golfer
  • Verret’s brother-in-law, Steven Spieth, played for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Summer League in 2017.
  • Jordan proposed to Annie on Christmas day of 2017
  • Their marriage was attended by some of golf’s highest-profile players and their spouses


Annie Verret Instagram

If you want to see all the hot and cute photos of Annie along with couples photo of her and Jordan, you can follow her on Instagram: @annie_spieth. She currently has 860 followers but that number is going up all the time.

Check Out Her Instagram Account Here:

Jordan Speith And Annie Verret – Wrapping It Up

Annie Verret is a charitable, understated and professional woman. And while she is known for keeping as far out of the public eye as she can – while being married to Jordan Spieth – we hope we have shed some insightful light on the spouse of one of golf’s brightest rising stars.