Tiger Shark Golf Clubs Review – Still Being Made, Are They Any Good?

Tiger Shark Golf Clubs

Your search for affordable golf gear may have led you to Tiger Shark.

Tiger Shark golf clubs are typically sold for a very reasonable price. They sell individual clubs and full sets.

But just because you find a reasonably priced set of golf clubs doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger right away.

You should know what you’re getting as much as possible. To that end, I went out and tested a few Tiger Shark golf club sets.

In the following brand review, you will hear my honest opinion on some of Tiger Shark’s most popular sets and I will provide some insight into the company itself.

Are Tiger Shark Clubs Still Being Made?

While you can still purchase Tiger Shark golf clubs it doesn’t appear that the company is producing any new models.

Their official website has not been updated for many years and there haven’t been any new Tiger Shark clubs for a long time. In fact, you can only buy their clubs from third-party retailers.

Who Makes Tiger Shark Clubs?

Tiger Shark appears to be owned by Super Stroke.

Super Stroke is a golf gear manufacturer that specializes in golf grips. It’s possible that Super Stroke also produces Tiger Shark golf clubs.

Are Tiger Shark Clubs Good for Beginners?

Tiger Shark golf clubs are very affordable.

You can get an entire set for just a couple hundred bucks. So I would say that Tiger Shark is a viable option if you’re totally new to golf and aren’t sure if you’ll like it enough to stick with it.

As you advance your game, you will probably need to upgrade but Tiger Shark is still a viable option if only for the brand’s affordability.

Tiger Shark Hammerhead Golf Club Set Review

Tiger Shark Golf Clubs

The Tiger Shark Hammerhead set includes a 460cc driver, #3 fairway wood, #3 hybrid, #4 hybrid, irons 6-SW, a mallet-style putter and stand bag.

The driver has a titanium forged face insert and delivers crisp feedback at impact. It launches high; but produces a lot of spin. I was seeing spin rates north of 2500 RPMs during testing.

The fairway wood, hybrids and irons are all made from stainless steel.

The fairway wood is very forgiving and the sweet spot stretches wide from left to right – a good club for players who use the entire wood face.

The hybrids feel a bit hard but they play long. In fact, I was getting close to 240 yards of carry with the #3 hybrid off the tee.

The irons are oversized and have a cavity back design. They launch high easily and are extremely forgiving.

The putter doesn’t have the softest face insert but it’s still very easy to use. It feels light and fluid in the hands and allowed me to take my natural, comfortable stroke.

Who is it for?

The Tiger Shark Hammerhead complete golf club set would be a good choice for a beginner who wants to start their golf journey with great distance.

There is little to no workability in these clubs but almost all of them play long.

Pros & Cons


  • High launch
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Very affordable


  • Bag only has 3 dividers

Overall Score: 95/100

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Tiger Shark TS960 Golf Club Set Review

Tiger Shark TS960 Golf Club

The Tiger Shark TS960 set includes a 450cc driver, #3 fairway wood, #4 and #5 hybrids, irons 6-PW, putter and a stand bag.

The 450cc driver looks good behind the ball and is made from forged titanium. The feedback is crystal clear and I was able to hit a slight draw and fade with this driver.

The fairway woods and hybrids play long off the tee and the deck. The hybrids don’t feel particularly smooth through the rough but they are very forgiving on clean lies.

The irons feature a deep cavity back and perimeter weighting. The irons are great if you use the entire club face because they maintain high ball speed and stability on off-center strikes.

My only gripe is that the set doesn’t include a #4 or #5 iron so you lose some workability from distance.

The putter produced significant rollout lag for me during testing. It was just hard to get the forward roll going quickly and as a result, my ball often skidded off-target.

Who is it for?

I think the woods in this set would be better for mid handicappers who have put time and work into their swing path.

But the irons are definitely for high handicappers because they are extremely forgiving and because the difficult long irons have been completely replaced with hybrids.

Pros & Cons


  • Workable driver
  • Very forgiving irons
  • The stand bag is light


  • The clubs may not be very durable

Overall Score: 96/100

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Tiger Shark Lady Shark Full Set Review

Tiger Shark Lady Shark Full Set

The Tiger Shark Lady Shark set includes a driver, fairway wood, two hybrid clubs, irons 6-PW and a mallet-style putter.

The woods feel light and come with stock graphite shafts. The shafts are longer than standard lady’s shafts. At 6 feet tall, even I felt comfortable swinging these clubs.

The irons are oversized cavity backs. The blade lengths are long so you can miss the sweet spot and still get straight flight.

The putter has just enough heft to put some extra energy behind your putt; but not so much that it feels heavy or cumbersome.

Who is it for? 

The Tiger Shark Lady Shark is a good choice for particularly tall lady golfers. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a sub 20 handicapper.

Pros & Cons


  • Good for tall players
  • Lightweight set
  • Clubs seem durable


  • Ill-fitting head covers

Overall Score: 96/100

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Is Tiger Shark A Good Brand? – Final Thoughts

Tiger Shark clubs won’t be the ones you game if you stick with the game and break 100.

But they are good starter clubs to help you decide whether you want to keep playing or not. They are affordable and forgiving which is a good combination if you’re a beginner.