Is the Taylormade Firesole Driver Still Good? Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers?

Taylormade Firesole Driver

“The Taylormade Firesole is an old-school driver that is still in high demand on the used golf club circuit.”

The Taylormade Firesole driver came out in 1999. When it debuted, it was marketed as a forgiving distance driver.

A lot has changed in the 24 years since this driver was introduced which begs the question, is it still any good?

At a glance, the Taylormade Firesole driver has a unique design. The head shape isn’t like anything that Taylormade is producing these days.

It’s a bit clunky and may garner some looks from fellow golfers at the range. But are the looks hiding a beast? Let’s talk about it.

Is the Taylormade Firesole Driver Still Good?

“The tail-end of this driver is what makes it unique.”

The back of the club head has been crimped. It has a squared off profile in the back which gives it a sharp look at address.

When you are looking at it from the back, it looks more like a blunt rear panel.

I’m not sure what the goal was for this design. Maybe it was to save on weight so they can get the CG low. In any case, the tapered head looks a bit odd from the back.

But from the front, it’s all business. The Taylormade Firesole driver has a massive sweet spot and scoring lines that reach across the entire face.

The Taylormade Firesole driver is also made from titanium. It  gives off a high-pitched metallic “clank” at impact and has a really responsive feel at impact.

The sole is also a bit crimped in the flanks. I suspect that this helps with aerodynamics and to keep weight down.

Only the area behind the sweet spot is left beefy. When testing, I felt a lot of power on the shots that made it to face-center.

The Taylormade Firesole driver also felt fast on my downswing.

Overall, this is still a really solid game improvement driver. It inspires confidence at address and can easily add 10-15 yards to your drive.

Is the Taylormade Firesole Forgiving for High Handicappers?

Taylormade Firesole Driver3

“The sweet spot of this driver is as broad as the side of a barn.”

As mentioned in the previous section, the scoring lines reach from heel to toe.

You still want to avoid the extreme perimeters of the face as you will experience some head twisting; but I think you’d have to be swinging with your eyes closed to miss this sweet spot.

The Taylormade Firesole is ideal for high handicappers because it does everything this category of golfers needs.

It plays long. It provides a very wide sweet spot. And it plays straight.

The Taylormade Firesole has an oversized head profile so don’t expect to be able to work the ball from the tee with it.

But if you are having trouble keeping your drives out of the semi-rough, this would be a great driver for you.

During my testing, my off-line divergence never exceeded 10 yards. My average distance after a full round of testing (about  two hours at the range) was 259.7 yards.

I cracked 165 yards a handful of times too.

I wasn’t able to get any kind of draw or fade out of it but I wasn’t complaining. In fact I may have been picking up a few yards thanks to the invariably straight flight.

It may not be the prettiest driver on the used golf club market but it is a great choice if you want accuracy, forgiveness and distance.

Taylormade Firesole Vs Taylormade M2 Driver

“The Taylormade M2 driver certainly has a more pleasing sound at impact and it also feels a bit lighter.”

The head also looks very chunky behind the ball. But despite the modern technology and the improved sound, the distance was almost identical.

With the Taylormade M2 driver, I was averaging a carry of 157.5 yards.

The difference in distance is negligible; but the fact that the Taylormade Firesole came out way before the M2 and costs less than half is something of note.

Taylormade Firesole First Impressions

Taylormade Firesole Driver1

“The Taylormade Firesole didn’t exactly have a color scheme that I liked.”

I’m not a huge fan of orange so when I unboxed the Taylormade Firesole, I was nonplussed.

But the color of a driver has no bearing on its performance and I soon saw the merit of this driver: forgiveness, distance and straight flight.

Taylormade Firesole Selling Points

  • Full titanium construction
  • Crimped rear section
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Slight offset
  • Oversized head

Taylormade Firesole Key Features

Full Titanium Construction

The titanium design allows the face to be thin while retaining resilience and durability. It also yields a pleasing sound at impact.

Oversized Head

The head looks massive behind the ball and should be a good size for beginners and high handicappers.

Aerodynamic Head Shape

The Taylormade Firesole feels fast in the air and the head shape seems to reduce drag. During my testing, I was very pleased with the club head speed I was achieving with this driver.

What Handicap is it for?

Based on my testing, I would recommend the Taylormade Firesole driver for players in the 20-30 handicap range.

If you are a pure beginner, the Taylormade Firesole is a great driver to start out with. It will give you the confidence you need to take a full swing and possibly even get your swing speed up.

Taylormade Firesole Driver Options

  • 5 and 12 degree lofts
  • Graphite shaft
  • Right-handed

Who Should Buy the Taylormade Firesole Driver?

Taylormade Firesole Driver2

“The Taylormade Firesole driver is still a great choice for pure beginners and 25+ handicappers.”

You don’t need a lot of skill or a fast swing speed to get great distance from this driver. It is a fairway finder through and through.

Even better, you can get a used Taylormade Firesole driver in good condition for a great price.

Distance: 97/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Feel & Control: 96/100

Value: 97/100

 Taylormade Firesole Driver

Overall Score: 97/100

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