Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set Review

For a lot of women, choosing a golf club set can be a real challenge. You want to be able to compete and make the game fun but you also don’t want to be overwhelmed by your club set. You also don’t want to spend a ton of money on a set that you might outgrow in a year or two.

In this review, we wanted to showcase a lady’s golf club set with a high “pick up and play” factor that would make the game fun for casual players but also, one that had enough advanced features to actually impart good mechanics.

So basically, if you are currently a casual player but want the option of putting in the work and improving your game if you feel inclined to do so, today’s review will be helpful for you. We will be telling you everything you need to know about a very intriguing set of women’s golf clubs.


Playing the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set

Lightweight? Check. Easy to hit with? Check. Great design? Check. Our initial thoughts when we tested the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set is that it is a great set to get a new lady golfer into and excited about the game.

It has a generous driver head and is very well-weighted for beginner and intermediate players. Our female staff also remarked that off-center shots were less of a problem than other intermediate sets they have tried at the range or at their local courses.

But before we get into any more detail about these clubs, please note that this is a right-handed set. Now let’s take a look at the clubs in this set.



The driver has an oversized 460CC club head which is really beneficial for not only beginners; but intermediate players or any player with a slower swing speed. It is lightweight and has a slightly off-set hosel.

In fact, the hosel off-set is so subtle that we barely recognized it at first but our female testers confirmed that this features is part of what makes this driver so forgiving.



You get a #3 fairway wood in the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set which is also generously oversized to instill confidence and build accuracy. The #3 wood is set to 15 degrees of loft which makes it ideal for getting over hazards and down the fairway in a hurry.



The hybrid is perhaps the most interesting club in the entire set. It sports a narrower profile head shape than we have seen even in lady’s golf club sets. But this works to the overall advantage of the player. It feels weighted in the heel and toe of the club head which encourages smoother strokes on the fairway.

This is a great club to replace the longer 4 iron in the set and fills the gap quite nicely. It is set to 21 degrees of loft so it is very user-friendly.



In the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set you get 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. The great thing about the irons is that they are not stifling as they all sport high-quality graphite shafts. This makes them lightweight and effective for teaching players proper club selection.



You get a pitching wedge in the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set and yes, this club also features an oversized head. The pitching wedge has a high loft degree and plays long enough to make getting out of tricky lies pretty easy overall.



Last but not least you get a mallet style putter with the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set. The putter has a wide face and a urethane insert to enhance grip and feel on the green. It is also light in the shaft but has a balanced weight in the head for more putting feedback.


Club Composition

The driver, wood and irons all sport a lightweight graphite shaft while the heads are mostly comprised of stainless steel. The grips are a little thin but we think this is actually a good thing so that new and intermediate players can better feel their shots.


Club Options

As of this writing, the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set is only available as a right-handed set. The flex of these clubs are all normal and they come in lady’s petite lengths.

While the clubs are advertised to be a good length for women between 5’3” and 5’8” most of our female testers remarked that they actually play a bit longer than that – especially the pitching wedge. In fact, one of our testers who stands 5’11” said that these clubs were long enough for her.

Precise M5 Ladies Set Pros & Cons


  • They sport a pink color scheme
  • Good quality hybrid
  • Oversized club heads
  • Very forgiving on off-center shots
  • Come with 3 head covers
  • Comes with a stand bag


  • No sand wedge
  • The bag isn’t the most comfortable to carry
  • The driver head finish paint started chipping after 3 rounds at the range
  • Not ideal for more skilled players

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Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set Alternatives

Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Set 

Wilson Profile SGI Womens Golf Club

Now this women’s club set does come in either right or left-handed orientations and features a bottom-weighted sand wedge.

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Cobra Golf Women’s XL Speed Set 

Cobra XL Womens Set

If you’re beyond the need for a beginner women’s set this Cobra package with titanium driver head and #3, #5 and #7 fairway woods will help advance your elevated game.

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Final Assessment

So would we recommend buying the Precise M5 Lady’s Golf Club Set? If you are a beginner/intermediate player looking to make the game more interesting and develop your burgeoning skills, absolutely.

While we would decry the absence of shorter wedges, this is really the sole gripe we have regarding this set. And these clubs seem fairly durable at such an affordable price point. Overall they will help you build a strong foundation for your game and make playing more enjoyable. Pick them up today.

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