Ping i15 Driver Review – Is it Good for High Handicappers & Forgiving?

“The Ping i15 is an older driver but it has a very unique design that you don’t see too much in modern drivers.”

We wanted to see if the Ping i15 driver has anything to offer high handicappers in 2023 so we got our hands on one and took it to the driving range.

The Ping i Driver Family

“Another notable Ping driver of yore is the Ping i25 driver.”

If you’re not a fan of the Ping i15 driver then it may be worth checking out the Ping i25 driver if you’re looking for a deal and need a forgiving driver. The i25 driver has rear tungsten weighting to help straighten out those pesky mis-hits.

Like the Ping i15, the i25 has a bulge crown that juts upward in the center to help with energy transfer.

Is it Good for High Handicappers?

“When the Ping i15 driver first came out, it was intended for better players who make consistent contact.”

However, this is still a 460cc driver we’re talking about. The Ping i15 driver doesn’t have any flashy features. The head is tungsten like we’ve seen in many Ping drivers and there is internal fade bias weighting to help players prevent hooks.

Still, it doesn’t look like a 460cc driver at address or in the bag. It has a pear-shaped head and a rather compact footprint. To complete the illusion, the Ping i15 has a black finish. The shaping doesn’t make it the best driver for high handicappers even as the face plays very hot.

Is it Forgiving?

“Our testers noticed that the Ping i15 driver felt light.”

We wanted to see if this driver was good for high handicappers so naturally, we had our high handicap testers try it out. They mentioned that while the Ping i15 was light, the internal fade bias didn’t really help with their mis-hits.

The Ping i15 also has zero offset to speak of. In fact, quite to the contrary. The hosel of the Ping i15 driver has been set behind the club face. It doesn’t have a “face forward” position at address. Instead, it sits perfectly square.

While a few of our testers liked this position and took advantage of the straighter shots, a lot of our testers actually struggled with it.

Difference Between the Ping i15 and the Ping i25 Drivers

“The Ping i25 driver is definitely geared towards higher handicap players.”

The emphasis on rear tungsten weighting helps to increase MOI which allows for straighter shots for players regardless of their shot bias. The face of the i25 doesn’t play as hot as the Ping i15; but the spin rates are as low as the Ping i15 driver.

Available Shafts

  • Proforce Axivcore Tour Red
  • Aldila Serrano 60
  • Ping TFC 700D
  • Harrison Star Plus
  • Grafalloy ProLite
  • Mitsubishi Diamana ‘Ilima 60

Is the Ping i15 Driver Worth it?

“Today, you can get a Ping i15 driver with a custom shaft for a very reasonable price.”

Plus, the Ping i15 driver gives you something to aspire to. However, if you have yet to break 100, you are probably better off with a more forgiving driver. We liked the Ping i15 because it produced low spin rates, good launch and the feedback was fantastic.

But it won’t do much to fix your draw. If a draw isn’t your problem though, the Ping i15 may be a great option for you.

Ping i15 Driver

In 20 Words or Less

“The Ping i15 driver plays hot in the center of the face with moderate forgiveness around the perimeter.”

Ping i15 Driver – First Impressions

“At first, we couldn’t believe that this was a 460cc driver.”

It just doesn’t look like one. The pear head shaping makes it look a lot smaller than it actually is but it is in fact, a 460cc driver. We liked that it looked smaller than it was because it makes the Ping i15 a bit more forgiving than it appears.

Don’t get us wrong; better players will absolutely be able to work the ball off the tee with this driver. But the 460cc volume gives it a bit more forgiveness for higher handicap players.

Aside from that, we really liked the black color scheme. It gives the Ping i15 driver a clean look both in the bag and behind the ball.

Ping i15 Selling Points

  • The hosel sits behind the face
  • Internal fade bias
  • Titanium body
  • Black and red color scheme
  • Sits square behind the ball

Who is the Ping i15 Driver for?

“The Ping i15 driver would be a decent choice for high handicappers on a budget because it’s a 460cc driver that offers moderate forgiveness.”

So if you’re adamant about lowering your handicap into the teens, this driver will help you get there. However, the best type of player for the Ping i15 in the here and now is a mid to low handicapper.

The best thing about the Ping i15 driver is that it’s workable. So mid and high handicappers will likely reap the greatest benefit from this kind of driver. We also really liked the low spin rates that this driver yields. If you are a player with a faster swing speed and one who likes to gain distance through reduced drag, this would also be a good choice for you.

And if you simply want a good-looking driver at a very reasonable price, the Ping i15 is sure to satisfy.

The Ping Family of Drivers

If you are looking for a bit more forgiveness and a driver that is a bit more appropriate for higher handicappers, it’s worth checking out the Ping i25 driver.

You can also check out the Ping i3 driver which sports simple yet effective features like variable face thickness and a nearly parallel sole and crown. The i3 driver is a great choice if you want to save money but still get a good, forgiving driver.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel & Control: 96/100


Overall Score: 95/100

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