Ping G430 Vs Ping G710 Irons Review & Specs 2023

“The new Ping G430 irons are here and we were lucky enough to get our hands on them.”

We tested the Ping G430 irons but of course, every experiment needs a control so we compared them to the Ping G710 irons. What do these irons have in common? What makes them different? Which is better overall? We give you our opinion and hands-on insight into these clubs in the following review.

Introduction to Ping G430 and G710 Irons

“There are three years that separate the Ping G430 and the Ping G710 irons.”

The Ping G430 irons are the latest game improvement offering from Ping and they very much keep in line with the ethos of the G400 series. What we mean is that they were made to be forgiving and long.

Ping says the G430 irons will boost your confidence and distance – similar claims to the ones they made about the Ping G710 irons. The Ping G430 irons have a traditional chrome finish while the Ping G710’s have a black PVD finish.

Key Selling Points of the Ping G430 Iron Set

  • Heat treated face
  • Cavity badge with 7 flex zones
  • Low CG
  • Compact head design
  • 17-4 stainless steel face construction

Overall Score: 95/100

PING G430 Irons

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Key Selling Points of the Ping G710 Iron Set  

  • Hydropearl finish for better performance in wet conditions
  • Maraging steel face
  • Tungsten heel and toe weights
  • Variable face thickness for more forgiveness
  • Black PVD finish

Overall Score: 96/100

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Loft Comparison Table

“Ping has tweaked the loft profile of the Ping G430 irons. They have slightly stronger lofts than the Ping G710 irons.”

The 9-iron of the Ping G430 set checks in at 37° while the same club in the Ping G710 set is 39°. So it’s not a tremendous change but one that can absolutely be felt on the course. However, despite the stronger loft, the Ping G430 irons can still be worked pretty high. This is thanks to the strong undercut cavity and the perimeter weighting that helps pull the CG down. Let’s take a look at the loft of each club in the sets:

Club Ping G430 Ping G710
4 iron 19 20
5 iron 22 23
6 iron 25.5 26
7 iron 29 29.5
8 iron 33 34
9 iron 37 39
PW 41 44

What Options Do You Get With the Sets? – Shafts & Flex

Ping G430

“The Ping G430 irons have a wealth of custom shaft options like True Temper Dynamic gold steel shafts.”

There is also a nice Ping Alta CB Black graphite shaft for players with slower swing speeds and more deliberate tempo. This shaft is offered in soft regular, regular and stiff flex. You can also choose KBS Tour steel shafts in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex.

Ping G710

“Ping also offers a variety of shaft options for the G710 irons.”

Their graphite offering is a Ping Alta Distanza Black 40 in soft regular flex. You can opt for the True Temper Dynamic Gold custom shaft in regular, stiff and extra stiff if you prefer more accuracy.

Who is Best Suited to Each Set?

“The Ping G710 was slightly more forgiving and had a better overall feel than the Ping G430 irons.”

The Ping G430 irons have a more compact head profile that will likely be preferred by mid handicappers. The Ping G710 irons have a larger footprint so they are a bit more forgiving and launch higher so they might be better for high handicappers.

Comparison On Distance

“Better players will find that the Ping G430 irons play longer.”

That’s because faster swing speed players can really take advantage of the strong lofts. However, they didn’t play much longer than the G710’s. After three swings, our testers were averaging 155.1 yards with the Ping G430 7-iron and 152.8 yards with the Ping G710 7-iron.


“The Ping G710 irons are certainly more forgiving as they have slightly larger face profiles and perimeter weighting.”

The Ping G430 irons also have tungsten perimeter weighting but you don’t have as much sweet spot to work with. The maraging steel face of the Ping G710 irons are also better at resisting twisting so they are more consistent and accurate on mis-hits.

How Do They Compare On Price? 

You can typically find the Ping G710 irons on sale for around $800 while the Ping G430 irons retail in the $1,100 range.

Other Sets to Consider

Ping G400

Key Features

  • COR-Eye technology
  • Custom tuning port
  • Hydropearl finish
  • 17-4 Hyper stainless steel face
  • 3-piece cavity badge

Overall Score: 94/100

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Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons

Key Features

  • Multi-piece titanium and tungsten construction
  • Forged titanium face
  • Tungsten weighting
  • Urethane microspheres
  • Hollow body construction

Overall Score: 95/100

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Taylormade Stealth Irons 

Key Features

  • Cap back design
  • Toe wrap design
  • More mass taken from the toe and placed in the sole
  • Echo damping system
  • Stealth HD version available

Overall Score: 93/100

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Which Irons Do We Recommend?

“While both irons occupy the game improvement golf club space, you have to carefully consider the needs of your game.”

The Ping G710 irons play straighter and have a slightly larger profile so they will be better for players who need help keeping the ball in the middle of the fairway. The Ping G430 irons can be worked for a low launch so we feel they would be better for players with a more aggressive swing tempo and those who could benefit from a flatter shot trajectory.

Conclusion on Ping G710 Vs Ping G430 Irons

“At the end of the day, you can’t really go wrong with Ping irons.”

Both the Ping G430 and G710 iron sets give you the classic Ping sound and great looks. From our testing though, we came to the conclusion that the Ping G710’s would be a bit better for 18-23 handicap players. The Ping G430’s are more workable and will be better utilized by mid and single digit handicap players.