Ping G425 Vs Titleist Tsi4 Driver Comparison & Review 2023

Titanium is a metal that you will see a lot in drivers with advanced specs. Manufactures use it because it’s thinner and more resilient than most metals.

The result is usually higher flex which, equals more ball speed which, usually translates to more distance.

The Ping G425 and the Titleist Tsi4 both feature titanium faces. Which one plays longer though? Besides the titanium faces, what other features do they have?

Which driver is better? We will answer these questions and more in the following comparison review.

Overview Of Both Drivers

The Titleist Tsi4 is the latest model in the popular Tsi line. This is a driver that was meant to help strikers reach maximum velocity with minimal spin. It’s a great driver to swing – especially if you have a faster swing speed.

The Ping G425 has saved weight wherever it can to increase MOI and give players more CG options.

Its a very versatile driver and has a very welcoming look at point of address.

You don’t need a particularly fast swing speed to get good distance from this driver.

Quick Comparison

Titleist Tsi4 Driver

Ping G425 Driver

Adjustable weighting?




8, 9 and 10 degrees

9, 10.5 and 12 degrees

Key technology

Aerospace-grade titanium allow face

CG-shifting sliding weight







Overall Rating



Titleist Tsi4 Key Features

The Titleist Tsi4 uses an ultra-strong aerospace/military grade titanium alloy for the face construction.

There is also an adjustable hosel that allows you to adjust loft and lie to 8 different points.

The Titleist Tsi4 also has a smaller (430cc) pear shaped head.

Ping G425 Key Features

The Ping G425 also has a titanium face. It’s not military-grade but it is forged from T9S titanium.

The internal dragonfly ribbing system, which stabilizes the high-flexing face, is also made of a thinner 8-1-1 titanium.

All of these weight savings allow for 26 grams of adjustable tungsten to be placed in the back of the head.

The Tsi Family

The Tsi line also features the Tsi1, Tsi2 and the Tsi3. The Tsi4 is the only one of the bunch that has a compact 430cc head.

The Tsi4 also has the lowest spin rate of the entire line. However, the Tsi3 model does come with a 5-point adjustable sliding weight.

The G425 Family

The Ping G425 LST model is what the Titleist Tsi4 is to the Tsi line: it has a smaller head and was designed to greatly reduce spin off the tee.

The G425 SFT model has a fixed weight that shifts the CG towards the heel to produce exceptionally straight shots. The Sft only comes in 10.5 degree lofts.

The G425 Vs. the G410

Both the Ping G425 and the G410 drivers feature a 3-point adjustable weight.

There is a neutral, draw and fade position on both drivers.

However, the Ping G410 driver features a smaller 455cc head as opposed to the oversized 460cc head of the G425.

The Titleist Tsi4 Vs. the Taylormade SIM 2

The SIM 2 driver features an asymmetrical sole shape that allows for a rear-oriented 16 gram steel weight to be placed as far back as possible.

There is also a front weight to reduce spin. Both the Titleist Tsi4 and the SIM 2 drivers keep spin rate down very well with the SIM 2 playing slightly longer.

Titleist Tsi4 Options

  • HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 shaft
  • Tensei AV White Raw shaft
  • Kuro Kage Black DC 5G SFW shaft
  • Tensei AV Blue RAW SFW shaft
  • HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX shaft
  • Premium Tour AD DI shaft
  • Premium Tour AD IZ shaft
  • Premium Tour AD XC shaft
  • Regular, stiff and extra stiff flexes

Ping G425 Options

  • PING Alta CB 55 Slate shaft
  • PING Tour 65 shaft
  • Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70 shaft
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Orange 55 shaft
  • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Orange 65 shaft
  • PING Alta Distanza shaft
  • Soft regular, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex

Who Is Each Driver For?

Forgiveness is certainly more of an emphasis with the G425 driver.

That coupled with the adjustable weight make it a dream for high to mid handicappers. The Titleist Tsi4 is more for players with faster swing speeds.

Performance Comparison

The forged face of the Ping G425 certainly gave it a more solid feel.

The internal ribbing system also made it sound and feel more solid. But if you have a faster swing speed, you can expect to get about 2-3 more yards out of the Titleist Tsi4.

Accuracy & Consistency Comparison

Strategic ball flight is where the Titleist Tsi4 shined.

Even though it doesn’t have an adjustable weight, the smaller head size and face curvature make for tighter dispersion and better repeatable distance.

Price Comparison

  • Titleist Tsi4 – $549
  • Ping G425 – $500

Titleist Tsi4 Pros & Cons


  • Lower spin rate
  • Pear-shaped head
  • Aerospace-grade titanium alloy
  • Greater workability
  • Better for fast swing speeds
  • More custom shaft options


  • Weaker lofts
  • More expensive
  • Not as forgiving
  • Doesn’t sound as nice

Overall Score: 94/100

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Ping G425 Pros & Cons


  • Better for mid to high handicappers
  • Better sound
  • Nicer feel
  • More versatile
  • More forgiving
  • Less expensive


  • Not as workable
  • Plays shorter in general
  • Not the best if you have a fast swing speed
  • Higher spin rate

Overall Score: 94/100

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Final Assessment

Which driver plays longer? If you have a faster swing you will get more distance from the Titleist Tsi4. If you have a slower swing you will certainly get more distance from the Ping G425 than you would from the Titleist Tsi4.

Which driver is better? That’s a trickier question to answer. It depends on where you’re at with your game. If you need more forgiveness and could use a higher-launching driver then the G425 is for you. If you want better spin control and more accuracy though, check out the Titleist Tsi4.