Paulina Gretzky Net Worth 2021  – Dustin Johnson’s Wife, Bio, Hot Images

By this point, pretty much every golfer has knows who Dustin Johnson is. After all, he just recently reclaimed his #1 overall world golfing rank after his performance at the St. Jude Classic.

Dustin Johnson is one of the most renowned players in golf and everyone wants to now more about him. So if you are an avid enthusiast of the sport and can’t get enough Dustin Johnson, today’s article is for you.

Today we are going to be giving you a glimpse into the life of this highly public figure who still manages to keep the details of his personal life under wraps.

It seems that everyone wants to know about Dustin Johnson’s significant other. And for good reason.

After all, Johnson’s significant other happens to bear the name of professional hockey’s greatest player of all time. Of course, we are talking about Wayne Gretzky, her father.


Paulina Gretzky Quick Facts

  • Born: December 19th, 1988

  • Born In: Los Angeles, CA

  • Occupation: Singer, actress, model, social media celebrity, golfer

  • Net Worth: $5 Million

  • Engaged: Dustin Johnson (Golfer)

  • Nationality: American

  • Age: 32

  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Who is Paulina Gretzky?

Paulina Gretzky has made a name for herself as a singer, actress and socialite. Paulina and Dustin Johnson have been linked for a very long time (2013) but they weren’t always an item.

Paulina is also very successful in her own right, ammassing a net worth of $5 million through Acting and Modelling Contracts.

And while Paulina Gretzky may not be a name you are very familiar with, you have probably seen her in some of your favorite movies. Her film credits include Grown Ups 2 and Fame.


Are Dustin Johnson And Paulina Gretzky An Item?

Are they married? There is a ton of speculation around this powerhouse sports celebrity couple and in the following article we are going to put some rumors to rest and give you an inside look into the lives of Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky.


Who is Dustin Johnson?

Dustin Johnson is an American professional golfer. He makes regular appearances on the PGA tour and has many titles and accolades under his belt as a golfer.


The Gretzky Connection

The first thing that people who don’t already know about Paulina and Wayne Gretzky is if they are in fact, related. After all, Gretzky is a pretty distinctive name.

So are they related? Yes! Paulina Gretzky is Wayne Gretzky’s oldest daughter.

So it might not be any surprise that Paulina Gretzky has been linked with Dustin Johnson for so long. Because if you know anything about Wayne Gretzky, you also know that he loves the game of golf.

Paulina grew up around hockey and golf. She has been immersed in the two sports since she was a little girl.

Speaking of her early life, let’s get into what we know about Paulina Gretzky’s home life and childhood.


A Brief Intro To Paulina Gretzky’s Early Life

Paulina’s mother and father met in Los Angeles in 1987. They were quickly married thereafter and bore their first daughter, Paulina.

Paulina was born in Los Angeles, California to actress Janet Jones and arguably hockey’s greatest player, Wayne Gretzky.

From a very early age, Paulina was exposed to show business. Not only was her mother a working actress in Hollywood, she is also the granddaughter of Walter Gretzky on her father’s side.

Walter Gretzky, although most famous for being the father of Wayne Gretzky, is a Canadian actor. He has appeared in films like Oh Alberta as well as numerous documentaries about his family and son.

So from the very beginning, show business was ingrained in Paulina’s life – aside from growing up in the Los Angeles area.

Paulina has 4 siblings. One sister names Emma and three brothers names Ty, Trevor and Tristan.

Paulina went to school at the prestigious Nightingale Bamford School located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan New York. It’s an all-girls preparatory school with a focus on liberal arts education.  

Perhaps this is where Paulina’s love for singing and acting really bloomed into something serious. Still, Paulina was to initially find fame the way many young women do these days: on social media.

Paulina developed a considerable following in Instagram where she regularly posts racy pictures of herself. But she soon caught the acting and singing bug.

In fact, one of her songs called “Collecting Dust” appeared in the popular MTV reality series, Laguna Beach. She also has a list of bit parts in major Hollywood productions to her name.

Paulina recalls seeing her father play golf regularly in his free time. As a child, Paulina also recounts that her mother regularly enrolled her and her siblings in golf and tennis camps.

But as a child, Paulina admits that shes didn’t have much interest in golf. That all changed of course when she met her beau, which segues us nicely into the next section…


Are Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky Married?

And now for the million dollar question. We know that Dustin and Paulina have been together for a very long time but are they actually married?

The answer is no. While Dustin and Paulina have been engaged since 2013, they have not been able to carve out the time to officially tie the knot.

And while this has led to a lot of speculation as to the condition of their relationship, the couple has assured the media on several occasions that the delay is due solely to the couple’s very busy schedules.

So as far as we know now, the big day could be just around the corner. Dustin and Paulina are a fairly public couple and they can be seen together regularly on the PGA tour, on social media or simply hitting the town with their family.


Personal Life

These days Paulina lives with her fiancee in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They live together with their two sons Tatum who is 5 years old and River who is 3 years old.

Palm Beach Gardens is considered a highly exclusive area that is home to many celebrities and sports stars. Their home is a sprawling, lavish mansion situated on the waterfront.

The couple reportedly spent over $4 million on the manor which features their own private dock, a pool, grotto, five bedrooms all spread out over 8,200 square feet.

The couple often goes sailing on Johnson’s yacht and their home is located within stone’s throw of three very prestigious country clubs.

While this seems like an idyllic existence for two young, successful people in love, things weren’t always rosy between Johnson and Gretzky.

In 2018, there was some apparent conflict between the two. Paulina deleted any inkling of Dustin’s presence from her Instagram account and there were rumors flying around that she became involved with a wealth socialite from California.

But we don’t know if the couple actually broke up. The good news is that Paulina and Dustin seemed to have worked things out as they are regularly seen together and happy in public.


Paulina Gretzky Net Worth and Professional Life

Paulina Gretzky 4 

Paulina Gretzky is reportedly worth $5 million. So how did she amass this wealth?

First of all, Paulina has been a model since 2005 when she landed her first contract. This led her to be featured in many campaigns over the next few years.

Then she branched out and recorded an album. One of her songs has been featured in the popular MTV reality series Laguna Beach.

She has also made a number of appearances performing as a singer at major events. This ultimately led to moderate success as an actress.

Paulina has a number of acting credits to her name. But perhaps her highest profile role came in 2013 when she was offered a part in Adam Sandler’s comedy Grown Ups 2.

And of course, Paulina is still an Instagram celebrity. She has over 800,000 followers on the social media platform and she regularly dazzles her fans with scintillating photos of herself scantily clad in lingerie, costumes and bikinis.


Can She Play Golf?

Paulina’s interest in golf has been piqued in the time that she has been with her fiancee. Sometimes she even appears alongside him in tournaments as his caddy.


But it would be a bit premature to say that she is ready to break out onto the PGA Tour scene just yet. Paulina is still just a casual player of the game.

That being said, you can imagine how having Dustin Johnson as her fiancee gives her an an advantage on the links. Her golf swing actually isn’t bad at all as evidenced in this video that was taken on her 32nd birthday.


Summing Up Ms. Gretzky

It’s pretty clear that Paulina Gretzky is a whole lot more than Dustin Johnson’s fiancee. She has had her own professional successes and was born into sports royalty.

It seems only natural now that her name is so closely tied to one of the world’s best golfers. But no matter what happens with Dustin and Paulina, it’s clear that Ms. Gretzky isn’t going away any time soon.

Whether as a singer, model, actress or loved one of the best-ranked golfer in the world, we should be seeing a lot more of Paulina Gretzky in the years to come.