MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddie Review

If you are going to pay a premium price for an electric golf cart, you should be getting a premium product. This principle is what spurred us to write today’s review. We wanted to see if this premium electric golf cart lives up to all the hype and of course, if it is worth the money.

We tested this electric golf caddie at two different courses for a couple of full rounds (18 holes each). We chose the courses we played on deliberately. One was particular hilly and the other featured a mostly flat terrain.

We really wanted to put this cart through its paces to get a good idea of how it performed and we think we did a pretty good job. So take a look at what we found out about this high-end electric golf caddie.

The Key Features of the MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Caddie

When we were researching the MGI Zip X5, we got really excited. Some of us have never even used an electric golf caddie before and certainly not one with the advanced features that the MGI Zip X5 boasts. But let’s start with the basics.

This is a self-propelled/push caddie that will carry your bags to the next hole all on its own. You can pre-program the cart to go a certain distance depending on the amount of holes you intend to play. You can also “push” this cart and guide it if it is going astray on its own.

We put push in quotations there because it is self-propelled. Even when you “push” you aren’t really pushing it like you would a normal cart. Instead you merely guide it while the machine does all the heavy lifting.

So what propels this self-propelled golf caddie? A 250 watt motor and a 24 volt lithium ion battery. You can actually opt for the 36 hole battery which is more powerful. There is a small digital display where you can see battery strength and your settings on the handle.

At first glance, you would think that the MGI Zip X5 is a typical 3-wheel cart. But the front end actually has 2 wheels for enhanced stability. The front wheels can be locked and unlocked as well. But the MGI Zip X5 is surprisingly light at just around 28 pounds.

You can fold the MGI Zip X5 down when you are done. It collapses to half its size and we found it pretty easy to load into our trunks.

One of the coolest features of the MGI Zip X5 is the automatic downhill speed control. The MGI Zip X5 will slow itself down if it senses that it is scaling down an incline. There is also an electronic brake that holds the cart and your bag steadily in place.

The wheels are beefy and sturdy. The MGI Zip X5 went over different types of terrain (concrete pathways, turf, asphalt etc.) pretty handily on its own. The frame is also well-designed and even though we’ve only had the MGI Zip X5 for a couple of months, it feels like it will last for a long time.

This thing even has a resettable odometer so you can see how far you walked on a given course. The odometer is also helpful for measuring shot distances.

The Lithium battery is pretty easy to disconnect from the cart and recharge. On a full charge, it can last for a little over a full round of golf.


  • Makes lugging your bags around the course pretty much effortless
  • Let us focus more on our shots
  • The electric parking brake was really strong and held the cart firm on all kinds of terrain
  • Great for dewy and slippery courses
  • Lasts an entire round on one charge
  • It gets itself down hills fairly easily


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • It can get wobbly with heavier bags
  • The front wheels can rear up when going uphill without guidance
  • No remote control

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First Impressions

We thought the MGI Zip X5 was going to be a nightmare to set up and get used to with the advanced features but it was actually pretty straightforward. After about a half hour of tinkering, we had it programmed for distance and ready to go.

We were initially impressed with the weight of the cart itself too. We thought that with such a beefy battery (most carts have a 12v or 18v battery) this thing would be really heavy but we were relieved when we felt that it was easily manageable.


The MGI Zip X5 performed pretty well on both the courses we tried it on. It maintained a strong battery output up to the last holes and managed itself handily. The only concern we have is that the front wheels rear up and the cart tips backwards when it is going uphill on its own.


This is a premium golf cart so be prepared to spend some money. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 for the MGI Zip X5.

Other Carts to Consider

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This is a 3-wheel design cart with a rear wheel drive motor and lots of add-ons like umbrella holder and cushioned grips.

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Cart Tek GRI-1500Li

Another electric unit outfitted with a 24 volt lithium battery. This Cart Tek caddie has different “walking” settings and can be controlled via remote.

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The Verdict

So is the MGI Zip X5 worth the money? We think so. It performed well on 99% of our criteria: ease of use, load management and terrain management. The only problem we had with it was when it would go uphill on its own and the front wheels would tilt up. But this was easily negated by placing a hand on the handle.

The battery life was great too. Overall it managed our clubs well and let us concentrate on the game – a big “win” in our book. If you can stomach the price tag, the MGI Zip X5 is worth the investment.