Meet Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley – Instagram, Wiki, Pics, Family, Wedding, House, Age, How They Met?

Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley0

In the marriage of golfer Russell Henley and Teil Duncan, the worlds of art and sport collide.

And it seems a perfect match! Who is the lady who stole the heart of the 2022 World Wide Technology Championship winner?

Who is Russell Henley?

Russell Henley is an American golfer that currently plays in the PGA.

He has had 4 PGA wins already and he ranks under the world’s top 30 golfers, based on August 2023 data.

Who is Teil Henley?

Teil Duncan Henley acquired fame in the art world thanks to her striking paintings.

She mixes elements of abstraction and realism, as noted by her alma mater Auburn University. She is also a devoted wife to Russell Henley and a mother of three.

Teil Henley: Quick Facts

Name and Surname Teil Duncan
Born 8 January 1988
Age 35
Gender Female
Net Worth Henleys’ combined net worth: ~$15 million
Place of Birth Columbus, Georgia
Nationality US Citizen
Spouse Russell Henley
Children 3: Robert, Ruth, Jane
College Auburn University

Interesting Facts

Here are a few facts to give you a personal glimpse of this interesting couple:

  • Teil is outspoken about her faith and mentions her gratitude towards Jesus for giving her a job that she loves.
  • She enjoys working with acrylic paint the most. On occasion she will use watercolors or oil paints.
  • You can order prints of her work locally or internationally.
  • The interesting palette for the wedding was celadon green, peach, hot pink, and lavender. Wedding cake decorations included golf tees and paint brushes.
  • The wedding was arranged in just 10 weeks.

Teil Henley & Russell Henley – Are They Married?

Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley

Yes, Russell and Teil have been married since 30 October 2015.

Their wedding was at RiverOaks, says, in the state they currently live in, South Carolina. Charleston Weddings Mag reported that her dress came from Sareh Nouri of Maddison Row.

How Did They Meet?

GolfMagic told its readers that the couple first met at a wedding.

Her sister got married to Russell’s childhood friend and at the event the couple hit it off.

However, it took a while before they took their relationship any further. For the next four months they never met up in person, but simply kept up the communication.

Then, at last, they went on their first real date, which was arranged by her sister and her new husband.

A next milestone was their engagement in 2014, which took place on the Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Where Do They Live?

As mentioned by, the couple has close connections to Columbus, Georgia.

However, these days the couple is based in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s from here that Teil runs her successful business.

Playersbio reported that her studio is at a restored building carrying the name ‘The Cigar Factory’.

Titleist states that the couple lives on Kiawah Island, situated 30 miles from Charleston.

Do They Have Kids?

Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley4

The couple have three kids.

The eldest, a boy, is called Robert Russel Henley, as noted by Sportskeeda. He was born in 2018. Then they had two girls, Ruth Teil Henley in 2019, and Jane Edith Henley in 2022.

Does She Appear on Tour with Russell?

Yes, Teil and the couple’s kids are often seen on golf courses around the world.

As she has mentioned on social media, part of the year she spends at home and focuses on her art and about half the time she’s traveling with the PGA—but she feels home is where her family is.

Teil Henley Early Life Bio

Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley3

Teil Duncan grew up in Columbus, in Georgia.

She was interested in art from an early age and luckily an 8th grade teacher identified she had talent and played a role in helping her pursue her passion.

Teil was a student at Auburn University, where she studied art and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

What Does She Do for a Living?

Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley1

There was a time when Teil had to work odd jobs to make ends meet, but these days she’s a celebrated artist and her art is making a lot of money, with some of her paintings selling for over $6,000.

She produces paintings where her mix of the abstract and realism is sure to catch attention and spark emotion. Her talent and skill have led to projects with renowned brands like Abercrombie & Fitch.

Recently she partnered with Erika Powell, a respected interior designer, to create a range of beautiful textiles.

The theme was ‘coastal’, and products included fabric, pillows and wall paper.

Apart from prints and fabrics, you can also purchase the following accessories on her website:

  • Candles
  • A book showcasing her journey as an artist
  • The children’s book ‘Ordinary Love’ which Teil created images for
  • Stationery such as wrapping paper and journals
  • Calendars

Another platform Teil utilizes to sell her art is Etsy.

Teil Henley: Can She Play Golf?

Teil is an avid supporter of her husband’s career and she often mentions how hard he works.

However, despite her sometimes joining him as caddy or supporter, there’s no proof of her taking up the sport.

Teil Henley: Social Media

You can learn a lot about the Henleys by following Teil on social media, such as her Instagram account (teilart).

You’ll see much of Teil’s art through what she shares, but occasionally there are also family photographs and updates on what they’re up to.

With over 97,000 followers, it’s clear that people enjoy her art, family news and sports news—she often shares messages in support of her husband.

There are Twitter pages showcasing Teil’s art as well, so look for @teilduncan. But, she prompts her followers to use Facebook.

On this platform she has over 5,900 followers and you’ll have regular updates on her art and lifestyle.


Russell Henley’s Wife Teil Henley5

Though their lifestyles and interests were vastly different, Russell and Teil’s love helped keep them together and build an incredible life.

Now, they both manage to excel in their careers. Most likely, their support of the other’s specialty and talent helps bring out the best in each individual.

They prove it’s worth celebrating the unique features in each person!