Meet Matt Fitzpatrick’s Girlfriend Katherine Gaal – Instagram, Wiki, Pics, House, Age, How They Met, Getting Married Soon?

There’s a beautiful blonde that has been seen next to Matt Fitzpatrick the past few months.

Who is this stunning young woman that everyone on the European and PGA tours is talking about?

Who is Matt Fitzpatrick?

Matt Fitzpatrick is a 28-year-old golfer from England. People say he’s one of the hardest working players, and he’s been using data of each shot he has played—ever since he was 15—to find areas for improvement. This diligence has helped him win the US Open and the RBC Heritage. At the time of writing his world ranking is in the Top 10.

Who is Katherine Gaal?

Katherine is new on the golfing scene, as she only started attending events in the past few months. However, as a beauty queen, student, educator and marketer, she has been making an impression for many years, thanks to hard work and a friendly demeanor.

Katherine Gaal: Quick Facts

Name and Surname Katherine Gaal
Born 30 November 1993
Age 29
Gender Female
Net Worth Not confirmed
Place of Birth New Jersey, USA
Nationality US Citizen
College Pennsylvania State University

Interesting Facts

Here are some highlights from what we know about Matt and Katherine:

  • Although she isn’t featured in the Netflix docuseries, Katherine accompanied Matt to the premiere of Full Swing, which showcases the lives of pro golf players. As shown in com, she looked stunning in white and black.
  • The couple enjoy attending events together, including sports events. They were seen at 2023’s Wimbledon Tennis event and Katherine looked stylish in a striped outfit.
  • Katherine is clearly a friendly and outgoing individual, because at a beauty pageant she was given the ‘Amity Award’. This prize is all about how sociable and pleasant someone is, and the other contestants voted for her to be the recipient.
  • Based on followers’ comments in Instagram, the couple enjoyed their Valentine’s Day meetup at Parker House in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

Katherine Gaal & Matt Fitzpatrick – Are They Married?

In January 2023, Matt and Katherine officially announced to the world that they’re dating.

They used social media to communicate this message and it was clear all is well in the relationship when Matt also shared a beautiful message in February, on Valentine’s Day.

This is a couple you’ll often see together, but they have not yet said ‘I do’. They’re also not engaged yet, so we’re all waiting in anticipation to see when he (or she) will pop the question.

How Did They Meet?

Not that much is known about how they met. Both Matt and Katherine are fairly private and don’t share everything about their personal lives online. You’ll only see a few highlights, but hopefully more details will come out in future, as the media have more time to interview them as individuals and a couple.

They did make their relationship official while traveling in a stunning part of the world: Kapalua, Hawaii.

Does She Appear on Tour with Matt?

You will see Katherine on many courses during the Tour, as apparently her own career allows enough flexibility for her to travel with Matt. Ever since they made their relationship official, she has been a consistent support of her boyfriend. During the RBC Heritage, she was there to cheer him on, and she was the one standing next to him to pose for photographs when he won the event.

Also, you would have seen her in her caddie outfit at the 2023 Masters, as showcased on The Sun.

Katherine Gaal Early Life Bio

Miss Katherine Gaal is an American girl who has chosen an English golfer as the love of her life. Earn the Necklace states her birth date as 30 November 1993. Her mother is Maria Diaz-Gaal and she has a brother, Taylor.

Katherine is from New Jersey, and still works there. Her LinkedIn profile shows her many achievements as a young lady and that includes receiving the Barry L. and Faith R. Pennypacker Trustee Matching Scholarship. Furthermore, her background includes taking part in beauty pageants and she was the runner-up in Miss New Jersey USA in 2013.

As reported by People, she has an impressive list of achievements related to her years as a student at Pennsylvania State University and onward:

  • Graduated with a double major—she pursued studies in general finance and broadcast journalism.
  • Included in Wall Street boot camp
  • Became student mentor
  • Part of Pi Beta Phi sorority
  • Earned additional K-6 Certificate in Alternative Route to Teaching

She managed to obtain the K-6 education certificate while she had a full-time position at Bay Head School. Clearly, this lady is not afraid of hard work!

What Does She Do for a Living?

As shown above, Katherine has impressed in various areas of her life and that includes sport! One of her positions was being a tennis professional. Bay Head Yacht Club—based in New Jersey—employed her in this position and she also organized social gatherings to draw more clients.

However, she has built a career in marketing after completing her studies. She has had positions at Merrill Lynch and was a sales marketing manager at 2 River Group. These days, since May 2019, she has been employed by Commvault in Tinton Falls, NJ. Her official title is marketing manager.

Katherine Gaal: Can She Play Golf?

Katherine may not be a pro, but from time to time she does play golf with Matt. However, she has an impressive reputation when it comes to tennis, as mentioned above.

Katherine Gaal: Social Media

There is an Instagram account called katherinegaal, and it has over 1,200 followers. But note that it’s set to private and you’ll only see glimpses of her life, depending on which profile picture she showcases.

On Matt’s Instagram (mattfitz94) you’ll see a bit more, although it’s focused on his golfing mostly. There are over 260,000 followers enjoying his content, of which a snap of the couple on Valentine’s Day drew over 34,000 likes. You can also try out Matt’s Twitter (@MattFitz94), where you’ll sometimes find a pick of Katherine in between all the golf news.


Officially, as can be seen on the PGA Tour website, Matt’s relationship status is ‘Single’.

However, it’s clear from the time they spend together and the support he gets from Katherine, that it’s possible that these two young people will have a long and happy life together. We’re all waiting in anticipation for wedding bells to ring.