John Daly Net Worth 2023 – Wiki, Career Earnings, Longest Drive, House, Wife

John Daly is an old-time American professional golfer with a net worth of $2 million.

Daly turned professional in 1987. Therefore, he should have a much higher net worth, but he lost millions of dollars over the years to a gambling addiction and many failed marriages.

Born and raised in Carmichael, California, Daly was exceptionally well-known in his day. Mainly for his long driving distance, non-country club appearances, and impressive backswing.

Daly, however, isn’t like most golfers. His life wasn’t so personal; his attitude and gambling problem were often in the tabloids, and it was no secret that he lost millions more often than one should.

But Daly does seem to have a soft spot. He started donating money to charities at a young age and never stopped.

Although Daly might not have the best track record personally, as a professional, there is no doubt this man is riddled with talent. We are yet to see someone with such an impressive backswing yet.

John Daly – Quick Facts Table

Date of birth

28 April 1966

Marital status


Birth place

Carmichael, California

Net worth

$2 million


Professional golfer


3: Shynna, Sierra, John Jr


Attended University of Arkansas – did not complete his degree

Business Ventures

–          2 Music albums

–          Partner in Loudmouth Golf clothing

–          Owner of JD Designs

–          Wine label John Daly Wines (not in existence anymore)

Intro to John Daly – Who Is He?

John Patrick Daly is firstly a big man, measuring 5’11’’. He has also been heavy set for most of his life in the limelight, although he has shed a considerable amount of weight at times.

He played golf since his childhood years, growing up in a home which Wikipedia states involved an abusive father.

He came onto the professional golfing scene around 1987 after leaving college—although he didn’t finish his degree.

That year he started playing in American PGA Tour events as well as golfing events in other countries such as South Africa.

Something that sets him apart is his playing style, which includes a powerful golf swing.

This was self-taught and sees him taking the golf club back much further than most other players, coiling his arms in the process.

Although this ensures exceptional speed, it doesn’t result in a perfect hit each time. This in part is why his performance over the years has been erratic.

Still, John Daly has won a number of tournaments and carries a few records, one of which is averaging over 300 yards on each drive throughout a season.

Although this is more common these days, when Daly started playing professionally, it wasn’t something just anyone could achieve.

John’s life has been troubled by personal challenges ranging from divorces to alcohol abuse and a cancer diagnosis.

But he makes an impact in the golf world still, thanks to his involvement in designing golf courses. And let’s not forget his attempt at being a musician, releasing more than one album of country music.

It’s clear this is a man of talent!

What’s His Net Worth?

Even without being consistent in his playing, John Daly’s powerful swing helped him win many tournaments over the years.

Also, because he started playing professionally at a relatively young age and was part of the industry for so long, he had the opportunity to make a lot of money.

At one stage his net worth was thought to be around $20 million, as shown on The Richest.

Unfortunately, through gambling, multiple divorces and also spending money on too much drinking over the years, he has lost a considerable amount of his fortune.

It should also be mentioned that John donates a lot of money to charitable causes.

This started when he was young and not really rich, donating $30 000 to someone who got hit by lightning on the golf course during a certain tournament.

Over the years he has given money to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Make-a-Wish Foundation and many other institutions.

In general, his estimated net worth is said to be around $2 million.

What Are His Career Earnings?

It’s difficult to put an exact number on John’s career earnings, since he was often backed by sponsors and received endorsements.

On the PGA tour alone, over the course of more than three decades (1986 – 2020), he earned just over $10 million, the details of which you can see on CBS Sports.

Alcohol and Gambling Problems

Even to John himself it was shocking to realize that of the millions he made, he lost over $50 million to gambling. He only realized the extent of his losses after going through his tax records.

He told Golf Channel this was an addiction he struggled with for many years, playing blackjack at $15 000 a hand and playing slots with high stakes. To him it was all about the adrenaline rush.

Today he still gambles but now he plays for much less at a time, only betting $25 or $100 slots.

Another addiction he struggled with was drinking, already battling with this during his college years. This often caused conflict between him and his trainers.

It also affected the quality of his play and many would say it’s why he couldn’t deliver consistent results.

Although he is a lovable guy, he could also show his anger on the course. Who knows how his alcohol use exacerbated this?

There were even extreme situations where he pulled out of championships. He did attend AA meetings though and in recent years he has attempted to follow a healthier lifestyle.

How Many Majors Has He Won?

John has seen multiple wins during his career, with five wins during PGA tours, winning the South African Sunshine Tour twice and also impressing with three European Tour wins.

When it comes to the coveted masters, he can boast of two wins overall, both taking place in the 90s:

  • PGA Championship in 1991

  • The Open Championship in 1995

What’s His Longest Drive?

As mentioned earlier, long drives are synonymous with John Daly’s playing style, all thanks to his powerful swing.

This earned him a top spot on the list of the longest drivers, more times than anyone else says

And don’t underestimate that drive’s accuracy. On occasion it has earned him hole in ones, as was caught on video by Josh Price and reported on

For a single drive, John Daly has hit a 806 yard drive, but this was on the LA airport runway and the ball rolled a lot, according to

While it’s common knowledge that he could maintain an average above 300 yards during a season, a maximum drive distance during pro competitions was over 400 yards.

What About John Daly’s Son?

It seems the legend lives on because these days you’ll find John Daly’s teenage son—often called Little John—on the golf course too.

Although he is still young, he shows some of this father’s talent for the game since he won the International Junior Golf Tour’s Fall Kickoff event in September 2020.

Who knows what the future holds for him.

What’s He Doing Now?

Based on his past wins, John Daly can still play professionally, and from time to time you’ll see him on the Champions Tour.

However, in 2020 he was diagnosed with bladder cancer for which he needed to have surgery. This can affect his future playing.

John is still involved in golf through a partnership with Loudmouth Golf who distributes clothing.

He also runs JD Designs, a company that helps design golf courses.

Through this he has been part of golf course creation in the US and also Ireland.

What’s His House Like?

You can easily get to know some of John Daly’s life by watching his house and RV tour, available online.

It’s located near the Lion’s Den golf course and filled with memorabilia. In his RV he ensures the utmost comfort, sleeping on a California King sized bed.

Apparently even when he’s at home, he loves sleeping on the bed in the RV, rather than in the house.

Who Is His Wife/Fiance?

John has been married four times, all ending in divorce:

  • Dale Crafton
  • Bettye Fulford
  • Paulette Dean Daly
  • Sherrie Miller

He had three children, daughters with Bettye and Paulette and his son, John Jr, with Sherrie Miller.

In 2014 he was engaged to Anna Cladakis, but no wedding date has ever been mentioned.

Did he Write a Book?

You’ll find a range of products carrying John Daly’s name these days, since he has released country music albums, been part of golf gaming projects and yes, there are even a few books with his name on.

Sharing his insight and opinion on many topics, you can pick from titles like:

  • My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me
  • Golf My Own Damn Way: The Wit and Wisdom of John Daly
  • Grip it and rip it


Long John Daly—the name coming from his long drives, not his height—is a known figure in golf still today.

It could be because of his colorful outfits he often chooses to wear, but he’s also one of the most talented players of the past few decades.

Even though the results aren’t consistent, you can’t but be impressed with his playing.

His life has seen good and bad seasons and one could wish that there were better decisions to benefit his golfing performance as well as his bank balance.

But still, this guy is a legend and according to Golf Channel, he has no regrets and he had fun doing it.

With his latest challenge being fighting cancer, one can only wish him the best for the future.