Hottest Female Golfers on Only Fans – Sexy Pics, How Much Do They Earn, Where to Find Them

You can be a fan of golf for many reasons.

Some watch golf events to see their heroes in action or in the hope of picking up some tips for their own games. These days there are also many who watch tournaments to see the ladies of golf show off their skills. And now, some of these ladies add a special flavor to golf through what they share on their social media profiles.

Why shouldn’t golf be synonymous with beauty and sexiness? There are a few women golfers who are proud of their skill with a set of clubs, but also proud of their bodies. And we list some of the most popular girls and information about their social media content, including Only Fans.

1. Paige Spiranac

Stories about her early life differ, but Wikipedia states Paige is from Colorado and it seems sports is in her blood.

Her father played football for the University of Pittsburgh and her mom was a ballerina (and model).

Apparently, Paige showed promise as a player when she was just a kid of 6 years old, but she first focused on gymnastics. She only turned to golf when certain injuries prevented her from following her gymnastics dream.

Paige was married to an athletic trainer, Steven Tinoco, but they have separated.


Some may call her the leader of the pack when it comes to showing the sexy side of golf. After all, she has almost 4 million followers on Instagram! Here’s where you can find her:

  • Instagram: Note she uses _paige_renee and she has almost 4 millions followers. Apart from sexy photos, you’ll find helpful golf tips.
  • Only Fans: On her paige_renee profile she requests private messages for fans who want to access private content.
  • Twitter: Follow @PaigeSpiranac.

Golf Story

Paige did well on the Junior and College golf circuits. Her golfing actually helped her obtain a University of Arizona scholarship. She was a Division 1 player for both University of Arizona and San Diego State University.

Where many other ladies on this list are still hoping to make their mark in terms of golf, Paige has been on golf’s pro circuit for years, says The Sun confirmed that Paige did play on the Cactus Tour but unfortunately she couldn’t obtain her card to enter the professional circuit.

How Good Is She at Golf?

On a Twitter post she admits to not being good enough to be a professional golfer. She also gives some insight into her game, as she says she is a scratch golfer and hates slow play.

Her challenges with making it as a professional golfer prompted her to focus on a lifestyle in media, including her social media content.

Net Worth

Sources like states that Paige has many sources of income, including endorsements. Experts believe her net worth to be about $3 million.

2. Waiyi Chan

Waiyi comes from Miami, Florida, and her unique beauty comes from her Cuban and Chinese blood.

She calls herself ‘athlete’ on her online profile, but her content proves she can also be seen as ‘model’ and ‘influencer’.

Social media isn’t her only claim to fame, as she also had some success as an actress. She appeared in Iron Man 3. Her LinkedIn profile claims she has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, which she acquired at the University of Miami.

And can you believe she looks as good as she does after becoming a mom of twins?


Waiyi has attracted the most attention on Instagram:

  • Instagram: Follow her at waiyi_chan and join her 120,000+ fans to see her in action on the beach, golf course and many other scenarios.
  • Only Fans: The Sun states that she has a fairly new OF page. However, we couldn’t find current proof of this.
  • LinkedIn: Her professional profile confirms she started a toxic-free nail salon in Chicago called YGC Beauty in 2018. She also shared about it on social media. Unfortunately, it seems this business venture closed down.

Golf Story

It helps that Waiyi grew up in an area with multiple golf courses, as she could easily find a place to practice her skills.

How Good is She at Golf?

We don’t have confirmation on Waiyi’s handicap. However, it’s clear she does take golfing seriously, as her online content shows proof of her taking instructions from experts like Michael Schachner.

Net Worth

Sources like states Waiyi’s wealth to be around $250,000.

3. Lucy Robson

Lucy Robson was born in 1995 and originally comes from Britain but her family moved to the US when she was 11.

They settled in Florida. She attended Jensen Beach High School and later became a student at the University of Florida.


From YouTube to Instagram, there’s a lot to view:

  • Instagram: lucyrobson’s profile has over 950,000 followers.
  • YouTube: She has over 4,000 subscribers to Lucy Robson. You’ll find footage of the gorgeous lady and loads of tips on golf.
  • Twitter: Follow her at @Lucy_Robson_ but she’s not as active on this platform.
  • Only Fans: You can try out her page with over 22,000 likes.

Golf Story

Her online profiles state she took up golf upon moving to Florida as a child. She played tournaments all over Florida and took part in the Florida Junior Tour but also international events. Later on she played in the Florida Junior Cup.

Golf experts who acted as mentors include Martin Hall (Golf Channel’s School of Golf) and Rod Curl Jr of Hammock Creek Golf Club.

She obtained a USF scholarship and played for the university’s ladies’ golf team, but she found it difficult to continuously perform well in both her studies and golfing. Once she graduated, she hoped to go pro, but this hasn’t happened yet. These days she spends a lot of time modeling and making social media content.

How Good is She at Golf?

The NCSA College Recruiting website stated her 18-hole average to be 77 and that she had a 1.1 handicap. However, this was based on 2013 stats.

Her performance during her early years does confirm she’s a good player but it’s yet to be seen if she will ever join the pros. One standout feature of her playing abilities is that she’s good at trick shots, says

Net Worth

Sources differ but many state her net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million.

4. Grace Charis

Grace is in her early 20s and became popular on social platforms before she put her focus on golf. She’s a Newport Beach local.


Grace has acquired a considerable following on TikTok, Instagram and Only Fans. You can find her at:

  • Instagram: itsgracecharis with 1.6 million followers.
  • Only Fans: Grace Charis.
  • TikTok: Grace Charis’s profile has had almost 30 million views.
  • YouTube: She has almost 800,000 subscribers.

Golf Story

Grace only took up the sport during her college years. She tried it out after her mom suggested it to her, and she immediately took a liking to it.

Today she hopes to inspire other women to take part in sports, as she’s always been passionate about sport in general.

How Good is She at Golf?

As stated, Grace hasn’t been playing for very long, so she’s still on her way to playing in the big leagues. She has a handicap of 12.

How Much Does She Make From OF?

It’s unclear what the exact amount is that Only Fans brings to her pocket. However, just one day with Grace on a golf course will cost you $100,000.

Net Worth

It’s not official, but sources speculate that Grace has a fortune of anything between $1 million and $1.5 million.

5. Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley comes from Australia and these days she’s a fitness instructor.

Golf is one of the many activities she pursues. She currently resides in Perth and she’s the owner of the company Rapidwear.


Check out Emma’s life in one of the following ways:

  • Website: For more on online coaching, use her website.
  • YouTube: For a focus on fitness, use her channel here.
  • Instagram: She uses blondeyy101 and she has over 630,000 followers.
  • TikTok: View golf, fitness and other content by following her at emmahartley101.

At the time of printing, there didn’t seem to be an Only Fans profile of Emma anymore.

How Good Is She at Golf?

There is some footage online that proves Emma is good at golf, even though it’s not her specialty.

Net Worth

There’s no confirmed number, but her fortune could be between $1 million and $5 million.

6. Holly Sonders

Holly is 36 and is well-known as a sports host on Golf Channel and Fox Sports.

but she also launched an interesting brand called This is a project of athletic talent that compete topless.

She was previously married to Erik Kuselias but is now romantically involved with Oscar de la Hoya.


Here’s a list of where you can find sexy online content of Holly:

  • Instagram:sonders with its 690,000+ followers.
  • Website:
  • Twitter: She’s not as active on Twitter, but she has almost 300,000 followers and you can find her at @holly_sonders

Golf Story

Her background in golf includes playing while she was at Michigan State University. However, she soon turned her focus to broadcasting after an injury prevented her from going pro, says

How Good is She at Golf?

She may not be as good at playing golf as some other hotties mentioned above but Holly definitely knows a lot about the game or she wouldn’t have been a successful TV host.

Net Worth

Golf Digest reported that Holly stated her subscription website earns her 20 times as much as she earned while doing TV work.