10 Golf Tips For Women in 2021 – Improve Your Game

Women’s golf continues to grow in popularity year on year. Thanks to growing popularity, the money going into women’s golf has been increasing and events like the Solheim Cup are being viewed by ever larger audiences. Another truly great initiative that has helped grow the game for ladies is Women’s Golf Day.

This is an internationally coordinated day to introduce new and existing women to golf and fellow golfers in their area. Today we are going to take you through ten things you can do to improve your golf game. There’s no time like the present to develop your game and your skills, read on to take your game to the next level!

10. Get A Coach/Join Group Lessons

The best golfers in the world all have coaches. From Lexi Thomson to Georgia Hall, there is someone behind their games helping them get the best from their skills. You are no different and could benefit from proper tuition.

Finding a coach that you enjoy learning from is so important, he or she can be your mentor too and really help you on your golfing journey. Group lessons can be a cheaper way of doing it and can be a lot of fun if you find a group you like to be a part of. It’s obviously more social too.

9. Find Good Playing Partners

Like learning in a group, finding a good group of golfing friends makes it more fun and you’re like to play better as a result. Another important thing to do is to find players that are better than you to play with. Yes, you will get beaten a lot at the start, but you will learn from them.

Losing to better players and watching their game will help you improve your game immensely. You can see what they do in certain situations and compare that to what you think you would do. This is a great way to improve your course management.

8. Read About Golf Psychology

There are some great books out there that will entertain you as well as teach you how to think better on the golf course. The books of Dr Bob Rotella are a great place to start his approach is very simple and immediately applicable. He has also worked with some of the best golfers in the game.

Another set of books to check-out are those of Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson. The Vision54 system that they teach has been gaining great momentum in the world of golf and rightly so. They have published many books together that can really help your game.

7. Watch Tour Golf

Almost every amateur golfer can learn a lot watching LET and LPGA pros play, they are the best in the world afterall. By watching the best in the game, like playing with better playing partners, you will learn a lot. This is even more helpful if you can go watch a tournament live, watching on TV is great but you miss so much of what’s going on.

Attending a tour event lets you see more, you get to see what happens before a shot and hear what things players are talking to their caddies about. The only challenge is resisting the urge to leave and go play for yourself!

6. Practice… Intelligently

Go to any driving range in the world and you will see the majority of people doing one of two things, hitting drivers and hitting the same iron time after time. Neither of these things will take you to the next golfing level very quickly. It’s time to practice smarter.

Pick targets down the range and change them very often, nearly every shot, this better simulates real golf. Try different shot shapes too, draws only in to one target for example can prepare you for tricky pins on the course. This is real practice and will prepare you for being out on the course during a round.

5. Play As Much As You Can

One of the best things about golf is that it keeps you honest, it tends to be that the more effort you put in to the sport, the more you’ll get out. By playing often your skills will develop and stay sharp. Golf is a learning process, you need to play to learn.

Getting out on the course will throw new challenges your way frequently, it will challenge your golfing brain and your skills. As we play more and face new situations on the course, we learn what are good and bad decisions. This helps polish the tactical side of our game and make us better players.

4. Play Challenging On-Course Games

Tiger Woods famously used to play a game of worst ball during his practice rounds. He would play two balls simultaneously and would pick the worst outcome from every shot. This is extreme but it is a great way of developing your skills, especially in escaping from trouble.

Another simple way to improve on the course is to carry an extra ball and play shots from tricky lies as you make your way around. This can prepare you for situations when it doesn’t count making you better for when it does count. This is intelligent practice and something the pros do frequently.

3. Set Goals And Targets For Your Game

By assessing your game and setting yourself SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals. Things like handicap targets for the season are a good place to start, or average putts per round. Once you have your goal, you need to build your process and plan around it.

By breaking down what it will take to get to your goal, you make the plan actionable and you actually make it seem less daunting. Commit to the process and work as hard as you can without sickening yourself of the process. Going through this process with a coach can make it even more powerful.

2. Enter Competitions, Test Yourself

One of the funny things about golf is that people get really nervous about embarrassing themselves in front of others, this can be a huge barrier to playing. This is human nature, it is the golfing equivalent of public speaking and people hate that! However, getting over this and playing in competitions will take your game to a new level.

Playing in competitions with players that are better than you can be disheartening but it can really push your game to new levels. This is a chance to test your skills on new courses too, playing new courses will make you adapt your game. You will also grow your golfing circle, this will give you new people to play with too, it’s a win-win.

1. Enjoy Yourself

This leads on to the most important thing of all, to get better at golf you have to enjoy it. Golf is not an easy sport, it takes commitment and many bad shots to make a good golfer and you will only stick with it if you enjoy it. You really need to have good friends around you to help you enjoy your golfing journey.

However you go about your golf, just make sure that you’re doing it with people who support you. If you are not trying to make it onto the tour or make a living out of golf then you can always remind yourself that it’s not life or death. Just smile and enjoy the journey, there will be good days and bad days, that’s golf.

Bonus Tip – Measure Your Game

By keeping some simple stats on your game you can start to learn where you need to improve and actually see where you are improving. Some basic stats worth keeping initially include fairways hit (or did you miss left/right), how many putts you hit and how many chips you hit.

This simple measurement list can be expanded as you advance in golf to include greens in regulation, missed putts (left/right/short), greens missed (left/right). By measuring these kind of things you can develop your course management to play to your strengths and your scores will start dropping.


What Should I Look For In Clubs For Women?

Women’s clubs tend to be designed for slow swing speeds, many women would find more benefit playing with men’s clubs. However, an oversized head will help with a larger sweet spot for people who haven’t been playing for so long. Graphite shafts can also help reduce the weight of the clubs and help you achieve more power in your shots. TaylorMade have a fantastic range of clubs for women.

What Are Our Favourite Women’s Clubs?

If you are just getting started or you just want a whole new set to help you in your game then there are some great complete sets out there. The Cobra XL women’s set comes in a range of colours and has a bag of high quality clubs. This is a great value package for golfers from beginner to mid-level golfers. Another package set that you should check-out is the Callaway Strata women’s set.

What Kind Of Golf Balls Should Women Use?

Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

They should use the balls that suit their swing speed, if you swing the club quite slowly and have low ball speed then something like the Wilson Duo+ Soft is a soft ball that maximises distance at slow swing speeds. Golfers who hit it harder should look at Srixon AD333 balls or Titleist Pro V1 for those who want maximum performance.

What Are Our Favourite Women’s Golf Balls?

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft ball is fantastic and will suit most golfers out there. They feel great on short shots and they go a long way. You can also inject a bit of colour in your game with some of the wild varieties of this ball. Srixon make some of the best balls in golf, their offering for ladies is no exception. The Srixon Soft Feel ball is a slightly lower compression version than the men’s ball but all of that performance is still in there.

Who Makes The Best Women’s Golf Clothing?

Guide To Womens Golf Attire

Nike are a strong candidate on this front, their apparel is made to help with the athletic movement of the golf swing as well as looking great on the course. Some of the best players in the world wear this stuff so you know it’s good! For those looking for a more classic look, Golfino and Glenmuir are two brands that excel in making classy golf clothes for those who like to dress sharp on the course.

What Kind Of Fundamentals Should I Concentrate On When Improving My Game?

Your stance, set-up and grip are always the best place to start. This is a part of your action that you can absolutely control so you should work with a coach to make sure it is all as good as possible. By getting your posture right you can give yourself room to create power and shift your weight properly during the swing. These fundamentals are hugely important to all golfers and is key to developing your game.


Golf is a challenging sport and getting better takes time, but you will only really commit to this process if you enjoy playing. The tips above are all ideas to help you progress on your golfing journey and there are many other ways of improving. To me though, the last point is the most important.

Joining a club can that actively promotes women’s golf is the perfect place to help you develop your game. Thankfully golf is becoming more inclusive and you can be a part of this. You can’t improve if you’re not playing so get yourself onto the course or the range and start your journey to better golf.