Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

The Fujikura Vista Pro line of shafts was introduced to the golfing world in 2016.

Back then, Fujikura wanted to create an affordable shaft that would deliver the feel and smoothness that their shafts have become known for.

Indeed, the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is an affordable shaft even now in 2023. But is it really worth it? Can a bargain-priced Fujikura shaft really keep up with higher-end Fujikura models? In the following review, we will be answering these questions and telling you how the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 in particular performs.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft Overview

One thing we really liked about the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 right off the bat was the simple branding.

The shaft has a mostly flat black base coat with some white and red lettering indicating flex, weight and of course, brand. There are some “grid-like” graphics behind the “Fujikura” lettering but it is subtle and understated.

Overall, there is nothing flashy going on here. And while there isn’t much that is eye-catching about the appearance of this shaft, that also means that there is nothing distracting. When we first started swinging the Fujikura Vista Pro 60, we were instantly reminded of other Fujikura shafts like the Speeder. Like the Speeder, the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 feels light in the hands with a very smooth transition.

The torque rating for all three weights in the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 class is 4.5°. But amazingly, you don’t really feel it. For the most part, the midsection of this shaft is more on the stiff side. You can feel and track the club head keenly throughout your swing even if you’re swinging out of your shoes. Most of the action is contained in the lower section of the shaft but at no point does the action make the shaft feel unstable. Instead, you have a good sense of club head control and the load/release occurs very quickly.

Why is the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 So Popular?

Well first of all, it’s a Fujikura shaft so of course it’s going to gain a lot of attention.

But more specifically, this is one of the most affordable shafts that the company manufactures. Does the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 hold up against the best Fujikura models? Not quite. But it does manage to deliver that signature Fujikura feel for a price that more golfers can afford.

How Does the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Perform?

The performance of this shaft really surprised us.

No, 60g is not the lightest wood shaft available but it is still pretty light by the standards of most of our testers. So we were expecting the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 to launch high and spin high. We were half right. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 performed like a significantly heavier shaft. The launch stayed low and dispersion was very tight.

None of our shots were landing more than 10 yards away from each other which was remarkable because the spin rates were relatively high. Somehow, spin doesn’t seem to affect the accuracy of this shaft. After our testing session, the story of the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 made itself very clear and can be summed up as such: the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is about accuracy over distance.

As you can imagine, the relatively high spin killed rollout distance and for most of our testers, it limited carry distance as well. After three swings each, we were averaging a carry distance of 232.9 yards and a total distance of 243.6 yards. Not terrible by any means; but the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is certainly not the longest shaft on the market. But what it lacks in distance it makes up for in accuracy. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 made it very easy to control the ball and place it where we wanted it – more or less.

Shaft Specs

Specs Fujikura Vista Pro 60
Available flexes Amateur, regular, stiff
Weight 65g, 67g
Butt .580”
Tip .335”, .350”
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Amateur is a good choice for 70-80 MPH swing speed players. Regular flex may be better for 81-85 MPH swingers and Stiff may be useful for 86-95 MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

For players in the 80-85 MPH swing speed range, we would recommend the 65g version. For 86-95 MPH swingers, we would suggest the 67g version.

Why is it So Good?

Another thing we noticed about the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 is that it brought up most of our club head speeds. However, this didn’t always result in longer drives. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 feels and performs light; but its real strength comes from its accuracy.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 First Impressions

Right out of the gate, there was a strong semblance of control that came through in this shaft.

Not only control over the club head; but control over trajectory and shot shape as well. The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 just felt like an accurate shaft and it proved itself as one on the range.

Key Features & Performance

The Fujikura Vista Pro 60 utilizes a multi-material boas core which we have seen in other Fujikura shafts. This allows for a consistent feel throughout the shaft and stiffens up what is essentially a lightweight shaft.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Driver Review

Off the tee, the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 offers very tight dispersion. The mid/high spin rates allowed us to stay on fast greens too.

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Fairway Wood Review

There was even better stopping power when we plugged the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 into our test FWs: high spin and soft landings

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Good stopping power
  • Good for slower swingers
  • Very accurate
  • Tight dispersion


  • Not very long

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

Does the Fujikura Vista Pro 60 deliver the all-around performance of top-shelf Fujikura shafts?

No, it simply doesn’t play long enough. Is it a great choice for mod/high handicappers who need help staying on the fairway? Absolutely. This shaft is an absolute fairway-finder and an amazing deal if your chief concern is accuracy.