Diamana Thump Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Diamana Thump Shaft

Mitsubishi Chemical has always produced technologically advanced shafts.

In fact, most of the tech that goes into their shaft is over my head. So when I got the Diamana Thump shaft in for testing, I was expecting great feel and impressive performance.

And I was basing this on the experiences I’ve had with other Diamana shafts. Then I realized I had no experience at all with the Thump shaft.

Then, I realized that the Thump shaft is one of the least popular Diamana shafts on the market. So my expectations were tempered after realizing all that.

In the end though, that was probably a good thing. I went into testing completely neutral. Let’s take a look at how the Diamana Thump fared.

Diamana Thump Shaft Overview

The first thing that must be mentioned about this shaft is that it only comes in stiff and extra stiff flex.

That should give you an idea of the type of player it was made for. Secondly, even with the stiff flex option, the torque is only 2.2°.

The Diamana Thump is no joke. It’s an incredibly stable, stout shaft designed for accuracy.

The Diamana Thump features a stiff midsection with a slightly softer tip section. The kick  point is mid-high but it isn;t really noticeable once you move away from the long irons.

And even with the long irons, the kick is very subtle and doesn’t yield to your swing very much.

It always feels like the Diamana Thump is in control and that can be a good or bad thing depending on what kind of player you are and how you look at it.

For me, I really liked the control I got from the wedges and scoring irons. But in the long irons, even I expect a little bit more give.

I wouldn’t say that the Diamana Thump shafts feel boardy; but they are definitely stout.

I tested the Diamana Thump in extra stiff flex at 97 degrees but perhaps the stiff flex version would have been the better call.

The Diamana Thump is a no-nonsense, low-torque, stable shaft so if strict control is what you’re after, this may be the shaft for you.

Why is the Diamana Thump So Popular?

Diamana Thump Shaft2

The Diamana Thump is actually probably the least popular Diamana shaft in the series.

But for fans of it, I have to imagine that the appeal is control.

As far as I can tell, the Diamana Thump shaft is for players with fast swing speeds and aggressive tempos so if you fit those categories, I’d imagine you’d get along swimmingly with this shaft.

How Does the Diamana Thump Perform?

If you read the overview section then you probably guessed that the Diamana Thump is a low spin shaft.

If that was your guess, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re right on the money.

The Diamana Thump produced amazingly low spin rates during my testing. Once my test session was over, the average spin for my 6-iron was 4,576 RPMs.

Those were some of the lowest spin numbers I’d even seen from my 6-iron.

The Diamana Thump also produces low launch. I’ve heard others say that they get a mid launch out of the Diamana Thump shaft and that is probably true.

But for me, my launch angles were definitely on the narrow side which is better for me distance-wise.

However, I was having trouble holding greens with anything longer than the 7-iron. This problem was exacerbated by the natural low spin of this shaft.

But I suppose in today’s age of super-strong lofts, that’s just the norm. I did like the distance I was getting with this shaft though. With the 6-iron, my average total distance was 172.1 yards.

Shaft Specs

Specs Diamana Thump
Available flexes Stiff, extra stiff
Weight 96g, 97g, 106g
Butt .600”, .602”
Tip .370”
Length 42”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Diamana Thump is available in stiff and extra stiff flex.

I would recommend stiff flex to anyone in the 80-90 MPH swing speed range. The extra stiff flex option is for players in the 91-100 MPH swing speed range.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Diamana Thump is available in 96g, 97g and 106g versions.

There is almost no discernible difference between 96g and 97g so they would both be good for 80-90 MPH swing speed players. The 106g is best for 91-100 MPH swingers.

Why is it So Good?

While the holding power of the Diamana Thump is certainly suspect, the dispersion was spot-on. The Diamana Thump is an excellent shaft if you are looking for stability and accuracy.

Diamana Thump First Impressions

Diamana Thump Shaft1

My first swing with the Diamana Thump plugged into my 6-iron went straight up the gut of the fairway.

So my first impression was that this shaft will turn your irons into point-and-shoot irons.

Key Features & Performance

The Diamana Thump features a hybrid composition of high modulus carbon fiber and ultra-strong resin. Even at the lower weight classes, this is what gives it its stability.

Diamana Thump Irons Review

Like I said, the Diamana Thump shaft will turn your irons into point-and-shoot irons. But I definitely had trouble holding greens outside of the scoring irons.

Diamana Thump Wedges Review

Make sure you pair the Diamana Thump with low CG, wide sole wedges. That way you’ll supplement the low/mid launch and get better stopping power.

Diamana Thump Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-stable
  • Very low spin
  • Great accuracy
  • Great for fast swing speeds


  • Very stout feel

Diamana Thump Shaft

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Diamana Thump shaft is clearly for a specific kind of player.

Namely, the player with an aggressive tempo, fast swing speed and one who needs accuracy more than anything.

You will sacrifice feel for this shaft. You will also sacrifice stopping power if you don’t pair it with the right wedges.

But the tradeoff is excellent spin rates and amazing accuracy.