Can You Wear Golf Shoes Casually – Everything You Need To Know

I have been completing some research into golf shoes, I have been interested in how important they are, and if they can improve my golf game. Most importantly, can I wear these golf shoes casually?

If I am in a rush after a round of golf and do not have time to change out of my golf shoes – are they acceptable to wear away from the golf course? If you are like me, keep reading below and I will aim to answer all your questions. I will even tell you if you need golf shoes in the first place.

What do I need to know about Golf Shoes?

There are two types of golf shoes usually worn during the game,

The market for casual golf shoes is constantly evolving as golf brands are innovating and bringing out new products. The best casual golf shoes have distinctive stylish features, and they offer comfort on and off the golf course.

They are manufactured to provide a casual look, these can be worn on and off the golf course. Nike Air Max 90 G casual golf shoes are one of the best in the market and have used the popular style found in casual trainers.

Do I need to wear golf shoes when golfing?

Wearing the right golf shoes is very important. Apart from providing comfort and a soft feeling while playing, it can also help improve your game. Golf legend, Sir Nick Faldo works in partnership with Sqairz Golf and has spoken many times about their benefits to your game.

Faldo says that they provide you with improved balance and support in your swing. Faldo also goes on to say that shoes should be seen as another piece of golf equipment, “Golf shoes are one of the only things we use for every single shot on the course, and these will help your game.”

Modern golf shoes with soft spikes also give you the option of wearing the shoes off the golf course and complementing your look whatever your fashion style.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes Casually?

Yes, spikeless golf shoes can be worn off the golf course. However, wearing spiked golf shoes would not look good, and might not be as suitable. Spiked golf shoes are best utilized when playing on grass.

Usually, spiked golf shoes are considered more practical for the game when the conditions are wet, or the ground is soft. However, most spikeless shoes offer dual purposes.

They are manufactured in such a way that they look stylish and offer effective usability on the course. Therefore, spikeless golf shoes should be your choice if you are planning on wearing the golf shoes casually.

What Do I Need To Consider when choosing Golf Shoes?

There are two types of golf shoes usually worn during the game,

  • Spiked golf shoes (for turf conditions)
  • and Spikeless golf shoes (for turf and casual usage)

The main factors to consider when choosing a pair of casual golf shoes are comfort, ease, stability, appearance, style, and whether to have spikes.

Other than this, you should consider what you require from your shoes and where you will be wearing them. My local course, for example, is very wet in the winter so I will require spiked golf shoes.

Can You Wear Spiked Shoes Casually Or Just Spikeless?

It is generally not recommended to wear spiked golf shoes casually. It is not only difficult to walk with them but the spikes could get damaged. I would recommend opting for spikeless golf shoes if you want a casual and stylish look. They are more versatile and can be worn in many golf club bars and restaurants.

This makes it easier to go and get that well-earned drink after your round, not having to worry about changing your shoes first. Professional golfers often use golf shoes from brands like Nike, Puma, Foot Joy, and Adidas, which are all designed to be worn casually as well as on the golf course.

What Are The Different Grips Like?

On the golf course, according to Dan Parker in Golf Monthly spiked golf shoes offer the best stability and grip. However, for casual purposes, and on a dry golf course, spikeless golf shoes are preferred for their style and more usability off the golf course. Spikeless shoes have less grip on the course, especially during damp conditions.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Golf Shoes Casually


Ease, Convenience, and Comfort

Wearing golf shoes casually is very convenient. You can simply go to work or for a grocery run after the game without worrying about changing your shoes.

Travel Light

You can plan on playing at any given time even if you haven’t packed for it. You will already be wearing the shoes you need to play with. Great for those last-minute tee-time phone calls from your friends.


Brands are constantly bringing innovation to golf shoes. They are becoming more stylish and comfortable to offer perfect usability. This means that you might not even know if someone is wearing golf shoes as they look similar to casual golf shoes.


Wearing out

When you are using the same shoes for playing golf and for going out as well, your shoes will wear out faster. Excessive usage will ruin the appearance and grip of the shoes. This could affect the balance and stability offered by these shoes.

Limited Designs

Casual golf shoes are still golf shoes even if they are being manufactured for casual use. You won’t be able to find a variety of unique designs.

High price 

If you choose to wear your golf shoes casually this can work out more expensive than buying regular casual shoes. The most recent golf shoes are quite expensive in comparison, and if you are looking for durability in your golf shoes this might not be a very cost-effective way of buying casual shoes.

Casual Golf Shoes Vs. Regular Tennis Shoes

Golf shoes offer a larger sole in contrast to tennis shoes. Although both shoes can be used in a casual setting, golf shoes can be used in a formal setting as well. But, tennis shoes due to their design generally can’t be used in this way. As long as they are allowed by the golf club tennis shoes can be worn when playing golf.

Do I Even Need Golf Shoes In The First Place?

If you are a golfer who is serious about your game, then golf shoes are a very important part of your equipment. Golf shoes are made to offer comfort, flexibility, and stability to the players during their movement on the course.

You will walk on average 12000 steps and potentially walk 4 miles during your round of golf. If you choose the wrong shoes, which are not suitable for this distance then your feet could be in a lot of pain at the end of the day. Therefore, golf shoes are essential for playing the game.


Q: Can I wear golf shoes every day? Pros and Cons

Casual spikeless golf shoes can be worn daily. However, spiked shoes are not recommended for daily usage.


  • Can be worn in casual settings
  • Minimal care required
  • Stylish look


  • Wear out faster
  • Limited designs

Q: Can you wear golf shoes on concrete?

Spikeless golf shoes can be worn on concrete, but it will result in augmented damage on the sole over time. However, wearing spiked golf shoes on concrete is not recommended. Wearing spiked golf shoes on concrete will not only damage the spikes but also create difficulty in ground grip and your balance. Particularly if you are wearing metal spikes!

Q: Can golf shoes be used for running – Pros And Cons

It is possible to use spikeless golf shoes for running, they are also suitable for other cardio activities. However, you cannot use spiked golf shoes for running, and it is not recommended to use these for other activities.


  • Comfort and style


  • The sole of the shoes might wear out faster

Q: Can you wear spiked golf shoes on the pavement?

Spiked golf shoes can be worn on pavements. You will feel discomfort and over time the spikes may get damaged. However, it is not recommended to wear them. Spikeless shoes are always preferred over spiked shoes for such activities.

Q: What’s the purpose of golf shoes?

Golf shoes are useful for golfers as they provide stability and ease of movement on the golf course. The stability of the players is the key to better shots and having a solid foundation for your golf swing. Without stability, golfers often lose control of their shots. Therefore, for a better game, golf shoes should be worn. In this interesting YouTube video by TXG they review how different footwear affects your golf swing:

Q: What is unique about golf shoes?

Golf shoes are specially made to offer added balance and optimum stability when the players are hitting their shots. Without stability, golfers often lose control of their shots.

Modern golf shoes have used computer technology to ensure the right amount of support is given to the golfers’ feet where they need it the most during their swing. In a recent study in Golf Monthly, they found wearing the correct golf shoes can even add distance to your golf shots.

Best 3 Spikeless Golf Shoes To Wear Casually

Following are the best 3 spikeless golf shoes,

Adidas CodeChaos

They offer maximum comfort at a reasonable price and are available in various colors. PGA professional Daniel Berger has been seen using this pair.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Stability


  • Traction might be less

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FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon

They provide more usability. This pair is quite famed among tour players like Adam Scott and Lee Westwood.


  • Midsole cushion for comfort


  • Slightly less arch support

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Under Armour Hovr Fade 2

They are very stylish and comfortable for casual wear with a notable presence on the PGA tour too. They can easily be used on and off the course.


  • Good grip and comfort


  • Design can be minimal for some

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I hope this article has helped to show you the benefits of choosing the right golf shoes. If you are serious about improving your golf game, you need to start from the ground up.

Having a solid foundation for your swing is vitally important. With golfers today aiming to swing their clubs at over 200 mph you will need to make sure that you have golf shoes that provide the best grip and balance. It was good to know that the next time I am walking around shopping for groceries in my golf shoes that this is acceptable.

Today’s modern golf shoes can be worn casually and are designed for this, they also look stylish. If you are looking to further improve your golf why not have a read our other article on how to put backspin on the golf ball.