Callaway Warbird vs Callaway Supersoft – What’s The Better Ball

Callaway Warbird

Choosing a specific type of golf ball may seem like a periphery consideration when you just start out with the game. In fact, when you are new to the game, most people will simply tell you to go with affordable balls and not to worry about specs or construction.

And while this may be sound advice as a novice, as your game develops, you may want to give your golf balls a little more thought. A lot of players plateau in terms of their handicap a year or two in and can’t figure out how to take that next leap.

In many cases, the gear may be the issue. So in today’s review, we will be taking a look at a couple of golf balls you should consider if you are looking to evolve your game and lower your handicap. You never know; the balls you are using may be what are holding you back…

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Warbird 2.0

For a golf ball with such an aggressive name, we found these balls to be highly tamable. They feature a super-high compression core (with a compression factor of a whopping 90) which allows them to get good initial velocity off the club face.

The Warbirds sport a 2-piece construction with an ionomer cover that works in tandem with the core to yield pretty good distance overall. In fact, the Warbirds were designed for maximum distance which may give players whose game has stagnated the extra boost they need.

And as with many Callaway balls in this price range you get 332 Hex Aerodynamic dimples with the Warbirds which help them fly smooth with minimal drag.

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft

We felt that the name of these golf balls was much more fitting. You can feel just how soft and springy these balls are on every drive, fairway shot and even chip shots. Thanks to the super-low compression factor of these balls (35) they really live up to the Supersoft moniker.

These balls also feature 2-piece construction and 332 Hex Aerodynamic dimples so the flight of these is comparable to the Warbirds. They also have an ionomer cover but that doesn’t mean these two balls feel the same off the club face but we’ll get into that a bit later.

Off the Tee Comparison

If you are looking for better feedback on your drives, you should probably go with the Callaway Warbirds. They are ultra-responsive and you can really dig into them. But both the Supersofts and the Warbirds give similar repeatable distances.

Fairway and Approach Comparison

If you have a slower swing speed and need distance help on approach shots, the Callaway Supersoft balls will be better for you. While they don’t do much in terms of acute greenside control, they are great for getting to your target from the fairway and on longer approach shots.

The Warbirds gave a great feel with mid-irons on fairway shots. They don’t lose anything in terms of distance or straightness with irons. They allow for a good amount of control on approach shots as well.

Neither of these balls will really give you the spin control you might see with more advanced Tour category balls. In fact, with the Supersofts, you have to really be careful when approaching particularly fast greens.

But that is honestly to be expected with balls in this price range so we can’t knock them much on that front.

Putt Performance Comparison

In this arena, your stroke speed and follow through are really the only things that will manifest a discernable difference between these two balls. If you tend to put with more force and follow through; the Warbirds will be more your style.

The high compression core makes them more manageable for those who tend to “over-stroke” on their putts. And again, if you have a slower swing speed style the Superoft balls will be more up your alley. You don’t have to work very hard for these balls to go rolling a long way to the pin.

Price Point Comparison and Overall Value

In general, there is about a $5 difference between a pack (a dozen balls) of the Warbirds and the Supersoft balls. For the Warbirds, you can expect to pay about $17 for a pack while the Callaway Supersoft balls will run you about $22 for a pack.

Please keep in mind that the prices will depend on the retailer you choose to buy from and that these prices can fluctuate.

In terms of overall value, it’s really going to depend on your swing speed. Those with slower swing speeds will definitely enjoy he Callaway Supersoft balls more and get more use out of them.

But if you have a faster swing speed it’s likely that the Callaway Warbirds will be the ones to help lower your handicap.

Callaway Warbird Pros & Cons

Warbird 2


  • Ultra-high compression core
  • Great for players with fast swing speeds
  • Offers decent control around the green
  • More affordable
  • More responsive
  • Great distance


  • Not great for players with slower swing speeds
  • They don’t give a lot of feel for putts
  • They don’t sound great
  • Not a lot of bite on greens

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Callaway Supersoft Pros & Cons

Callaway Soft


  • Super-springy
  • Ultra-low compression
  • Good feel on putts
  • Great for slower swing speeds
  • Come in very easy to find colors
  • Great distance on drives


  • More expensive
  • A bit too springy on approaches
  • Don’t give a lot of spin control
  • Don’t give a lot of feedback

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Concluding Remarks

Many people say that these two balls are very similar and we can see why. It’s easy to get good initial distance with both of them and each one is suited to a certain type of swing speed and style. For us though, we feel that the Warbirds are a better overall value.

They are less expensive, and even though they have almost identical features and specs as the Supersoft balls, they are more likely to help a larger pool of players take their game to the next level. If you are looking to break through the glass ceiling of your game, you should check out the Callaway Warbirds.


The Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird 3

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