BGT Stability Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

BGT Stability Shaft

BGT stands for Breakthrough Golf Technology.

So, when I got the BGT Stability Brava driver shaft in for testing, I was expecting something innovative and unique. The company made their bones with putter shafts.

But in my opinion, there isn’t much to putter shafts. So long as you produce something that is balanced and something that doesn’t feel terrible, you’ve pretty much done your job.

But driver shafts are a completely different animal. See how the BGT Stability Brava driver shaft fared in the following review.

BGT Stability Brava Shaft Overview

The BGT Stability Brava driver shaft looks pretty cool.

The matte black finish plays background to a copper midsection with the stylized “Brava” logo just under the grip. The tip section is colored a lighter gray with a little bit of a wavy pattern.

If you don’t like busy designs in your driver shaft, you may not get along with the BGT Stability Brava. But for me, the BGT Stability Brava looks sleek and modern.

I tested the BGT Stability Brava in stiff flex which has a torque rating of 4.3° so we’re not dealing with a boardy shaft at all.

Instead, the BGT Brava shaft feels alive. There were times that I felt that the driver head was getting ahead of me on my transition; but those experiences were few and far between.

Overall, I liked the fast feel of this shaft. The kick point is down near the tip which gives way to decent stability in the midsection.

The low kick point is probably what made me feel that the head was getting ahead of me at times. So maybe the BGT Brava isn’t ideal for my semi-aggressive transition.

But I was still able to get pretty good performance out of it. Despite the fast, active feel, I got the sense that the BGT Brava kept my swing in check.

Why is the BGT Brava So Popular?

BGT Stability Shaft1

The BGT Brava is an active shaft.

So if you have a moderate transition or a slow swing speed, you will likely be able to increase your speed with this shaft. It gives you immediate confidence and it isn’t overly-whippy.

How Does the BGT Brava Perform?

The first thing I noticed about the performance of the BGT Brava shaft was that it produced high launch angles.

One of my swings even resulted in a 16° launch angle which is unheard of with my swing. So if you are a naturally low-launch player and could use a height boost, the BGT Brava may be worth a look.

For me though, it was hard to keep my ball out of the wind with this shaft. The spin rates I was getting were also a little too high for me.

My spin rates lived in the 2600-2700 RPM neighborhood for the duration of my testing. My average club head and ball speeds were increased however.

But this didn’t translate to a huge distance boost since the spin rates and launch angels weren’t a match for my swing speed.

And I was having some trouble squaring the face at impact so my dispersion was all over the map.

Some drives produced only 6 degrees of off-line divergence while others ballooned to 16 degrees. So if you’re looking for consistency, the BGT Brava probably isn’t your best bet.

But I can imagine that higher handicap players with slow swing speeds would get an instant distance boost with this shaft.

It would also likely be a really big help to players who tend to produce low apex height.

BGT Brava Shaft Specs

Specs BGT Brava
Available flexes Amateur, regular, stiff, extra stiff
Weight 46g, 50g, 54g, 56g
Tip .335”
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Amateur flex would likely suit sub 60 MPH swingers.

Regular may be good for 61-65 MPH swingers. Stiff flex might work for 66-75 MPH swingers and extra stiff would be better for 76-80 MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 46g version of the BGT Brava shaft would work only for sub 60 MPH swingers.

I would recommend the 50g version to players swinging their driver between 61 and 70 MPH.

The 54g version is best for 71-75 MPH swingers and the 56g version would likely work for 76-80 MPH swingers.

Why is it So Good?

The best thing about the BGT Brava shaft is that it’s lightweight.

If you’re a beginner or perhaps a senior player with a diminished swing speed, you might be able to gain some distance with such a lightweight shaft.

BGT Brava First Impressions

BGT Stability Shaft2

I was impressed with the club head speed I was achieving with this shaft.

While the dispersion wasn’t ideal, the club head and ball speed were above average.

Key Features & Performance

BGT Stability Shaft3

The BGT Brava is made from Toray carbon fiber which is extremely light and very strong.

This is likely what gives this shaft its fast feel without being too out of control.

BGT Brava Driver Review

The BGT Brava is ideal for the player who wants to increase their swing speed with their driver.It is effortlessly fast, active and will surely increase your club head speed.

BGT Brava Fairway Wood Review 

I was also seeing really good smash factor with my test fairway wood. In fact, the smash factor was better than with my gamer shaft.

BGT Brava Pros & Cons


  • Looks cool
  • It’s fast
  • Good club head speed
  • Good smash factor
  • Good for slow swing speeds


  • Launches too high

BGT Stability Shaft

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The BGT Brava shaft should only be gamed by slow swing speed players.

If you don’t have an aggressive transition, the BGT Brava will stay in control and you won’t get a warped face angle at impact.

The BGT Brava is also a good choice for players who like to feel their shaft at work near the tip. It’s active; but not so active that it is unmanageable.