Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons Review – Specs, Lofts & What Handicap Are They For?

“The name Ben Hogan may not carry the same clout as it used to in the golf world; but the company has certainly produced some worthwhile clubs.”

Case in point: the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons.

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons do a good job of marrying good looks with helpful game improvement features. You can tell that a lot of love and effort went into designing and manufacturing these clubs.

They feature a multi-material, progressive design. But despite all the tech, these are game improvement irons at heart. But will the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons be good for you? Find out in the following review.

Key Features of the Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons

1025 Carbon Steel Forging

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons is that they have been forged using 1025 carbon steel. Carbon steel imparts a very soft and responsive feel to any iron. But in the case of Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons specifically, the forging creates a linear center of gravity for each iron in the set. During my testing, I found that this construction process made the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons very consistent. I didn’t have to adjust my swing very much from club to club to achieve optimal distance.

Progressive Construction

In addition to a multi-step forging process, the Ben Hogan PTx Pro iron set also has progressive construction. The short irons are forged and have a co-molded tungsten weight in between the face and body to shift the CG a bit higher than in the mid irons and significantly higher than in the long irons.

The long and mid irons have a 1025 forged body paired with maraging steel faces. They also have a tungsten weight forged into the toe. The long and mid irons simply feel decadent. They are extremely consistent across the face and have a very soft feel. They also provide acute feedback on all strikes.


The Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons have a top line that sits somewhere between a players iron and a game improvement iron – in other words, it’s moderately thick. The cavity depth is also moderate. The long irons have noticeable offset while the short irons have almost no offset. The mid irons have offset akin to what you would see in players performance irons.

The blade length isn’t very long. However, they still managed to create a large face profile with a wide sweet spot. Overall, the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons look really sleek behind the ball but provide you with enough confidence to take your fastest swing.

V-Shaped Sole

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons feature V-shaped soles throughout the set. The soles have a softer trailing edge coupled with a high-bounce leading edge to provide a smooth feel through the turf. I found that the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons play well from pretty much any lie. As long as you are not in the tall heathers, you should be able to make clean contact with the ball.

Sound and Feel

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons feel soft and very comfortable. The long and mid irons will let you know by feel alone when and exactly  where you mis-hit. The short irons play hot and the acute feel allows you to make any necessary adjustments. The sound is a bit muted but still very pleasing. It’s like a low-frequency “click” in the short irons while the long irons produce a slightly louder “crack” at impact.

Stock Shafts

  • UST Mamiya Recoil 760 ES

  • FST KBS Tour-V 120
  • FST KBS Tour 90
  • Nippon NS Pro Modus3 Tour 90

Are the Ben Hogan PTx Pro Forgiving?

“The hollow body design of the  mid and long irons produce some pretty good distance.”

And the linear center of gravity helps with consistency. However, I found that thin shots were punished with a big drop-off in ball speed and launch angle. From side-to-side, they are reasonably forgiving – as long as you are moderately accurate, they will yield tight dispersion.

Are they the most forgiving irons in the GI category? Probably not. But will they provide enough forgiveness for mid handicappers? Absolutely.

Ben Hogan PTx Pro Loft & Lie

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees)
4-iron 22 60
5-iron 26 61
6-iron 30 62
7-iron 34 62.5
8-iron 38 63
9-iron 42 63.5

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons Overall

“The Ben Hogan PTx Pro’s are high performance irons that provide decent forgiveness to appeal to a wider audience.”

I liked the fact that both the mid and short irons were very workable. They gave me more of a players iron feel overall. And I also liked the pronounced offset in the long irons for high handicappers. And throughout the set, you get wide faces with generous sweet spots.

So it’s kind of hard to pigeon-hole these irons. Their progressive nature would resonate with very different kinds of players. But overall, they are quality irons that have been made to very rigorous specifications.

Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons

Category: Game Improvement

Ben Hogan PTx Pro First Impressions

“I loved the gunmetal finish right away.”

The Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons feature a gunmetal finish that gives them a premium look. I also liked the fact that behind the ball, they don’t scream “game improvement.”

Ben Hogan PTx Pro Selling Points

  • 1025 carbon steel forging
  • High-launching
  • Pronounced offset in the long irons
  • Higher CG in the short irons
  • Maraging steel face (mid and long irons)
  • Diamond black and nickel chrome finish options

Who Are the Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons for?

“It’s a bit hard to say but in general, high and mid handicappers.”

Maybe mid handicappers could supplement their current iron set with the mid and short Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons while high handicappers may benefit from using the long irons. In any case, they are affordable so if you are looking for forged, quality irons spec’d out to the max, be sure to check the Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons out.

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