Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Quad Golf Push Cart

I use the Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart for every round I play because it can accommodate whatever bag I am using. Tipping has always been an issue with other carts which is why, when it came time for me to buy a new one, I went with a 4-wheel design.

Again, it doesn’t matter what kind of bag I am using in my 4-wheel Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart because it holds up even with sloppily loaded and cumbersome bags. This is a cart that definitely deserves an in-depth look.

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Convenience Features

Bag Boy Quad2

The Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart comes with some features that aren’t necessary but are definitely handy on the golf course. As a golfer you can probably relate to playing through inclement weather which is why it is nice that this cart comes with an adjustable umbrella holder.

You can actually move the umbrella holder attachment to either the left or right side of the cart – a feature that I have already used many times when playing through shifting sunlight.

If you are familiar with some of Bag Boy’s older push cart models then you will probably appreciate the fact that the Quad XL has a storage space that can fit a large score card, your phone, tees and balls. There is also a drink holder of moderate size to accommodate thirsty golfers.

Have you ever had your cart run away on you when you weren’t paying attention? That won’t be the case with the Quad XL so long as you remember to engage the solid parking brake that inserts a pin into one of 12 notches that surround the rear right wheel.

Golf bags vary greatly in size and shape and so do golfers themselves so it is nice that the Quad XL push handle is almost infinitely customizable. You can essentially make it as low or high or angles as you want.

Bag Boy Quad3

How it Handles

Bag Boy Quad4

The first time I took my Quad XL out on the course I was very impressed with how easy it was to maneuver. The front wheels which sport a 9.5 inch diameter are set slightly narrower than the 11.5 inch rear wheels and that offset makes it infinitely easier to turn.

The cart without any gear loaded onto it weighs in at 16.5 pounds which is a good mid-rage weight for a cart to be both easy to handle and durable.

You don’t have to worry about flats either. The wheels on the Quad XL are solid and do not require inflation.

Overall the Quad XL has performed well in action. Even with my bags and all my knick-knacks loaded onto it, the cart still pushes smoothly through any type of turf.

Pros And Cons

Bag Boy Quad5


  • The phone mount sits right between the handles so you can look at your phone hands free while pushing the cart.
  • The size of the cart when folded is compact at 14.2’’ x 24” x 17”
  • The storage bag features a magnetically sealed lid for security
  • Comes in a wide array of colors
  • Minimal wheel spokes keep the tires clean
  • Folds up and down easily


  • Has a high center of gravity which makes it a bit shaky on hills
  • The ball holders could be a bit larger
  • The brake only works when the cart is stationary
  • Does not come with an umbrella of its own

The Jury is in

Bag Boy Quad6

The jury of one (me) deems the Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart a worthwhile product. If you are anything like me then you will benefit mightily from the adjustable front wheels that help the cart to accommodate different sized bags.

The ball storage space and the high center of gravity coupled with the somewhat narrow wheel base do leave something to be desired but it is that same narrow wheel base that makes the Quad XL so easy to manage and for my money, maneuverability trumps a high center of gravity.

I consider myself a versatile golfer and I recommend the Bag Boy Quad XL to any golfer of the same ilk. If you are in the market for a 4-wheel push caddy then you should definitely give the Bag Boy Quad XL a good once-over.

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