Are the Titleist 775 CB Irons Still Good? Are They Forgiving For High Handicappers?

Titleist 775 CB Irons

“The Titleist 775 CB irons are one of the few clubs by this storied company to truly look like game improvement irons.”

And that’s saying a lot. I have tested a lot of Titleist golf clubs in my time and very few of them screamed “game Improvement” like the Titleist 775 CB irons.

Which is sort of baffling considering that the entire Titleist 775 CB set is forged.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially if you’re a high handicapper.

But forgiving looks is only half the story behind these irons. Find out if the Titleist 775 CB’s are worth gaming in 2023 in the following review.

Are Titleist 775 CB Irons Still Good?

“Looking at the Titleist 775 CB irons behind the ball, I actually thought I was playing Taylormade irons.”

The Titleist 775 CB irons have something that few other Titleist irons have: color. The long irons in this set feature a red aluminum bar running across the cavity.

The short irons feature a thinner stripe of red running through the cavity; but it is still attention-grabbing considering that these are Titelist irons.

There is also a lot of offset for Titleist irons. But the offset is progressive so it closes up as you work towards the short irons.

Titleist calls these irons “channel back” irons which, as far as I can tell, is just another term for shallow cavity backs.

The Titleist 775 CB irons have a moderate cavity back which creates a moderate cavity undercut. And despite the relatively weak lofts, the Titleist 775 CB irons still produce mid launch

The Titleist 775 CB irons have been forged from stainless steel. So while they are very durable, they don’t exactly provide a buttery feel.

They feel smoother than your typical game improvement irons, just don’t expect them to feel like Mizuno irons or even Srixons.

Still, the Titleist 775 CB irons don’t send a punishing sting up your arms on mis-hits. And the feedback is still very clear.

And, for those who care, stainless steel forging is more durable than say, carbon steel forging.

Despite the foreign looks of the Titleist 775 CB irons, they are still good…for the right kind of player.

These are absolutely game improvement irons and through that purview, I have few complaints about them.

Are the Titleist 775 CB Irons Forgiving for High Handicappers?

Titleist 775 CB Irons 3

“The Titleist 775 CB irons have progressive shaping that starts out big in the long irons and gets more moderate in the short irons.”

Along with the progressive offset, the progressive shaping provides a smooth and natural transition from the long irons to the short irons.

I’ve been a strong proponent of progressive shaping and offset my entire golf career and that hasn’t changed.

There are merits on both sides of the “single length vs progressive length” iron debate; but I really like the way the Titleist 775 CB irons transition.

Throughout my testing, I felt like my swing wasn’t changing much but I was still getting consistent performance.

The Titleist 775 CB irons are definitely good for high handicappers – especially those switching from hybrid irons or super game improvement irons.

The long irons look beefy behind the ball and the short irons shrink just a little bit.

The cavity back design pushes weight to the perimeters of the head to provide more forgiveness on mis-hits while the forged stainless steel lets you know exactly where you made contact on the face.

The Titleist 775 CB irons may not be the prettiest clubs that Titleist has produced; but they get the job done if you’re a high handicapper.

My mis-hits were going almost as far and straight as my perfectly struck swings. With the 6-iron, I was averaging a carry distance of 174.3 yards.

The only thing I feel might not be great for high handicappers is the launch. While the launch worked great for my fast swing speed, it may be a little too low for players who struggle to get the ball in the air.

And that might affect distance for such players. But in every other sense, the Titleist 775 CB irons are really solid GI irons for high handicappers.

Titleist 775 CB Vs Titleist 716 CB Irons

“The Titleist 716 CB irons are also forged but additional tungsten weighting has been placed in the toe.”

The 716’s also have significantly weaker lofts so they launch higher than the Titleist 775 CB’s. But the 716’s have a more traditional shape that looks better behind the ball if you’re an experienced player.

Overall, the Titleist 775 CB irons are better if you’re looking for forgiveness.

Titleist 775 CB First Impressions

Titleist 775 CB Irons 2

“I was surprised that Titleist decided to give these irons some color.”

The red aluminum bar behind the long irons stuck out to me the most; but not so much that it distracted me at address.

The Titleist 775 CB irons have a definite game improvement look which is uncharacteristic of Titleist clubs.

Titleist 775 CB Selling Points

  • Progressive shaping
  • Forged construction
  • Progressive offset
  • Cavity back design

Titleist 775 CB Key Technology

Forged Stainless Steel

The forged stainless steel construction provides clear feedback and enhances durability.

Progressive Offset

The long irons are very easy to square up and I was even able to coax a slight draw out of them.

Cavity Back Design

The cavity back design pushes weight out to the perimeter of the head.

Titleist 775 CB Loft & Lie

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees)
3-iron 20 60
4-iron 23 61
5-iron 26 62
6-iron 29 62.5
7-iron 33 63
8-iron 37 63.5
9-iron 41 64

Who Should Buy the Titleist 775 CB Irons?

Titleist 775 CB Irons 1

“The Titleist 775 CB irons are probably exclusively beneficial for high handicappers”

If you are in the 18-25 handicap range, you will likely do well with the generous offset, size and sweet spots of these irons.

Distance: 97/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Workability: 94/100

Overall Performance: 96/100

Value: 97/100

Titleist 775 CB Irons 2

Overall Score: 97/100

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