Are Ping G2 Irons Still Good? Are They Forgiving for High Handicappers?

“The Ping G2 irons came out 23 years ago!”

For us, that’s kind of hard to believe – talk about feeling old. Some of us can remember when the Ping G2 irons first came out…and some of us can’t. At any rate, it’s amazing that these irons are now two decades old because we can still see hints of them in modern Ping irons.

To commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the Ping G2 irons, we thought we’d dust them off and give them a fresh round of testing. Since so much time has passed, we wanted to see if the Ping G2 irons still have anything to offer today’s high handicap golfer who, let’s face it, have gotten pretty spoiled in the last two decades. So join us as we stroll down memory lane with the Ping G2 irons.

Are the Ping G2 Irons Still Good?

“That will depend on your handicap and style of play.”

When we pulled the Ping G2 irons out again, we were instantly reminded of who these irons were designed for. The Ping G2’s have a large footprint and an expansive cavity back. They have the look of classic Ping game improvement irons – which is a good thing.

The large and wide cavity back simply looks inviting. They look like massive trampolines that you can use to launch the ball off of with every swing – even not particularly accurate swings.

It’s not hard to find the sweet spot with these irons and once you do, you have carte blanche to swing away. They tend to hook ever-so-slightly left and bend gently. The Ping G2 irons are still good because they give you that classic Ping GI feel. They are extremely easy to hit with and still feel good to hit with.

Are the Ping G2’s Forgiving for High Handicappers

ping g2(2)

“Absolutely. They will make you feel more confident about contact.”

It’s very easy to make contact with these irons. They also have a damper insert that helps draw the CG lower. Combined with the trampoline-like cavity back, the Ping G2 irons are excellent for beginners and high handicappers.

Ping G2 Vs Ping G400 Irons

“The Ping G400 irons have a more modern design and updated forgiveness features.”

The custom tuning port helps to lower the CG while the 3-piece co-molded cavity badge promotes a softer feel at impact. Right away, the Ping G2 irons are larger thanthe G400’s. The G400’s have a shorter blade and more compact shape which lower handicappers will like.

Overall the Ping G2 irons were more forgiving while the G400’s give you that workability that is so elusive in the G400’s.

Ping G2 First Impressions

ping g2(1) 

“You can’t help but notice the profile of these irons.”

This is when Ping was firmly entrenched in the GI market – and not much else. The topline is chunky, the soles are chunky and the profile is considerable. That all being said, the Ping G2 irons look very forgiving in the bag and behind the ball.

Ping G2 Irons Selling Points

  • Weight insert
  • Oversized heads
  • Stainless steel heads
  • Cast design
  • Notched hosel
  • High launch

Ping G2 Key Technology


Every piece of tech that went into these irons was intended to give high handicappers a break.

Notched Hosel

The notched hosel makes it easier for fitters to bend the head and adjust for loft and lie.

Rear Weight Insert

The rear weight insert does two things: it helps get the club heads to swing weight and it helps to lower the CG. We have also been told that this particular insert was meant to give the Ping G2 a “forged-like” feel but that’s not what we experienced.

Deep Undercut Cavity

The deep undercut cavity definitely helped our higher handicap testers get the launch they needed from pretty much any lie.

Ping G2 Loft & Lie

Club Loft Lie
3 iron 21 59.32
4 iron 23.8 60.02
5 iron 27 60.75
6 iron 30.5 61.50
7 iron 34.3 62.28
8 iron 38.3 63.10
9 iron 42.5 63.95

Who Should Buy the Ping G2 Irons?

“The Ping G2 irons are definitely for beginners and high handicappers only.”

We wouldn’t recommend them to anyone with a handicap under 20. That being said, these are incredibly forgiving and high-launching irons. There is almost no workability and the shot dispersion isn’t the tightest; but they will give newbies the confidence they need to start to shave off strokes.

Distance: 94/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Workability: 93/100

Overall Performance: 95/100

Value: 95/100


Overall Score: 95/100

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Ping G2 FAQs

Can you still play Ping G2 irons?

– Yes, you can still use Ping G2 irons in tournament play. However, Ping has discontinued these irons so you can only get them secondhand.

Are Ping G2 irons cast or forged?

– The Ping G2 irons are definitely cast. They are cast from stainless steel.

Should I replace my 20 year old irons?

– If you walked away from the game and are picking it back up again after many years, you may not necessarily need to replace your old irons. However, if you have been gaming the same set of irons for 10+ years, you’re likely long overdue for an upgrade.

What year did Ping make G2 irons?

– The Ping G2 irons came out in 2003 although it is now unclear as to which year they actually stopped producing them.

What are Ping’s most forgiving irons?

– That is a matter of opinion and is still a topic of hot debate today. In our experience, the Ping Zing’s were some of the most forgiving Ping irons we have ever tested. In terms of modern Ping irons though, we would have to go with the Ping G710 irons.

Are Ping G series forgiving?

– The old G series irons were known for their forgiveness. Modern G series Ping’s offer a more balanced mix of forgiveness and workability.