Alien Golf Clubs Review – Who Makes Them, Are They Any Good?

Alien Golf Clubs

Alien Golf is a unique brand that brings something a little different to the table when it comes to golf equipment.

The brand has been around for over 30 years now and has proven to be a popular choice, particularly with casual golfers.

This is because not only are they well-priced, but Alien offers some “out of this world” technology that benefits their name.


But if you’re a casual golfer, you’re also looking for something that’s not only cost-effective but also promises to raise your game.

Today, we are going to take a look at just what they’ve got to offer.

History Of Alien Golf Clubs

You’d have to go back to the early 1990s and an infamous infomercial that spoke of the wonders of the Alien Shot Saver wedge.

Shot saver?

Well, the infomercial claimed that this wedge could help, no matter what lie your golf ball found itself in.

It’s a promise that seemed to resonate with golfers too, as according to Business Insider, around $200 million worth of Alien Shot Saver wedges were sold.

Today, the range of clubs available from Alien has expanded and includes the Area 51 driver and the Roswell wedge, among others.

Alien has the backing of eight-time PGA Tour winner, Fred Funk too.

Who Makes Alien Clubs?

As of 2019, Alien golf equipment falls under the banner of Forethought Golf, and it’s not the only brand that they own.

Along with Alien, Forethought golfing brands include Bullet, Hot-Z, Solus, Snake Eyes, and Etonic.

Forethought is no fly-by-night company either, and to date, they boast over 200 tour wins, which include all four Majors.

Where Are Alien Clubs Made?

Like many golfing brands today, Alien golf equipment is made in China.

Good Clubs? Good Brand? Good For Beginners?

Alien Golf Clubs1

Would we recommend Alien golf equipment to those new to the golfing game?

Well, if you don’t mind the gimmicky promises and aren’t planning on spending thousands of dollars on equipment, Alien is a great place to start.

That said, their wedge in particular is a pretty decent piece of equipment, and to be honest, a couple of Alien clubs in your bag look great, as they all have a unique visual appeal.

As we’ve already mentioned, this isn’t the club offered in a ’90s infomercial anymore, but one that has the backing of a major golf operator in Forethought.

Quick Facts Table

  • Alien golf equipment includes club sets, Area 51 Driver, Roswell Wedge, and the Ultimate Driving Iron
  • They can be bought at various online retailers, as well as Amazon or the Alien website itself
  • Alien also include junior clubs to help kids get into the game of golf
  • Alien clubs are different from their more-traditional counterparts. For example, the Alien Driving Iron promises distance similar to metal woods but with a lofted iron’s accuracy

Alien AG5 Golf Club Set Review

Alien AG5 Golf Club Set

Selling points

  • A full set of clubs, perfect for beginners
  • Great value for money
  • Includes a stand bag

When you are a golf newbie, playing a round with a mixed bag of clubs that you’ve borrowed from family or friends is okay to start with.

Soon, however, when the golf bug sinks its claws into you, you’re probably going to want a new set of clubs that up your game but don’t break the bank.

That’s exactly what Alien is catering to with their AG5 Golf Club Set.

Here you have everything you’d need, including a driver, #3 wood, #4 and #5 hybrids, irons (#6 to #9), pitch wedge, and putter.

Look, these aren’t the best clubs out there, but if you are new to the game and are looking for a brand new set of clubs that play well and look good, you really can’t go wrong.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides beginners with all the clubs they need to tackle a round of golf
  • Driver, wood and hybrids include branded head covers
  • Set includes a golf bag


  • Golf bag legs tend to pop off

Overall Score: 85/100

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Alien Area 51 Driver Review

Alien Area 51 Driver

Selling points

  • A forgiving driver that doesn’t punish poor connections
  • Maximises driving distance
  • 5-degree loft

One of the main selling points of the Area 51 Driver from Alien is that it offers excellent distance off the tee by optimising the flight of the ball after contact.

Also, it doesn’t punish poor contact thanks to a very low centre of gravity, which is a result of an extra thin crown.

We found this to be an extremely forgiving driver off the tee, and for any newcomer to the game of golf, that’s exactly what you should be looking for because you won’t make clean contact every time.

A 460cc oversized titanium head provides impressive swing speed thanks to its aerodynamic design.

We also loved the Alien head cover that comes with the driver, while the Premium soft feel pro line grip felt good, swing after swing.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely forgiving driver that doesn’t punish poor shots as much as others
  • Cheap price point, perfect for beginners wanting their own clubs
  • Low centre of gravity thanks to an extra thin crown
  • It looks good thanks to its striking pearl finish and Alien branding


  • Not as durable as other drivers, so if you play regularly, it might not be a good choice

Overall Score: 89/100

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Alien Roswell Golf Wedge Review

Alien Roswell Golf Wedge

Selling points

  • It’s unique! Nothing quite looks like it
  • Broad gravity rail and deep hollow allow height and drop on the ball while maintaining excellent spin
  • Can be used out of various lies close to the green
  • Includes a patented Space GelTM vibration dampener

The wedge is the club that started it all for Alien back with those 1990s infomercials.

Their newest incarnation is a sight to behold, that’s for sure, and we love the way it looks!

It’s simply stunning, and for aesthetics alone, it’s a worthy addition to your bag.

But a decent round of golf doesn’t depend on a wedge that looks good; it depends on one that plays well too.

There’s no denying that a wedge is a critical club in your bag, as statistics reflect that over 60% of golf shots are played from within 120 yards of the pin.

For that reason, any help a beginner golfer can get from their wedge, despite their erratic striking ability, is going to help.

Thanks to its deep hollow as well as a broad gravity rail, we found it relatively easy to ensure height on wedge shots while maintaining the ability to get the ball down quickly too.

The gravity rail is what gives the Alien Wedge the ability to handle whatever lie you might find yourself in, from sand to deep rough and everything in between.

Spin and control were excellent too, thanks to a laser-etched face and CNC machined grooves.

Last but not least, a Space GelTM vibration dampener improves the overall feel and aids in producing worthwhile shots even when you make a poor connection with the ball.

This patented technology includes twin stabilising bars.

If you are looking to try out one Alien club, we would suggest you begin with the wedge.

Pros & Cons


  • Patented Space GelTM vibration damper provides excellent feel and forgiveness
  • Gravity rail helps with overall accuracy, no matter the lie
  • It looks incredible thanks to a unique design
  • The perfect club to choose to try out the Alien range


  • Only available for right-handers

Overall Score: 91/100

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Alien Ultimate Driving Iron Review

Alien Ultimate Driving Iron

Selling points

  • Provides length off the tee like a wood
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Can easily replace the woods in your bag

Alien Driving Irons promise increased distance while maintaining accuracy.

Do they deliver?

Well, for a new golfer, they certainly are a brilliant choice and can be used from the tee box as well as the fairway, providing excellent accuracy.

We found that they certainly added distance off the tee, sometimes up to 30 yards more than 3-wood, although it should be noted that the club face has a very small sweet spot, and that took some getting used to.

If you struggle with a less-than-consistent swing, you might find that this club doesn’t quite work as advertised, but if your swing is good and you find the sweet spot,

you’ll get the results you are looking for with the Alien Driving Iron.

Pros & Cons


  • Adds distance with accuracy when the ball is hit correctly
  • A lot cheaper than most other options
  • Perfect for weekend golfers looking to improve their long-game


  • It does take some getting used to and your swing mechanics should be smooth
  • Fairly small sweet spot

Overall Score: 83/100

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From the Alien Shot Saver wedges of the ‘90s to today, Alien has provided innovative clubs that are affordable and can undoubtedly help weekend warriors around the golf course.

If you’re looking to try them out, perhaps start with their Roswell Golf Wedge, as it is the best club Alien offers.

One concern is durability, especially for those who hit the ball extremely hard, but at their price range, they really are worth a shot for the more casual golfer