Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Choosing a lightweight shaft can be very difficult.

You want speed and manageability as a slower swinger; but you want to avoid instability as much as possible. Remember, unstable ball flight will yield unplayable lies and may send you out into the woods in search of your ball.

But if you are in the market for a lightweight driver shaft, Aldila is a good brand to start your shopping with. While Aldila shafts may be a bit pricey, they always incorporate advanced technology that is predicated on increasing stability. So does the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 make the grade? I tested it to find out.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Shaft Overview

The Aldila Synergy Blue 50 has a sleek, futuristic aesthetic; but it doesn’t overdo it.

The dark blue finish plays background to the stylized font that spells out “Synergy” across the midsection. Near the tip, you see the “Graphene Infused” lettering along with a logo that is very Tron-esque. Overall it is a really cool-looking shaft that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the amount of palpable torque in this shaft. Even for a 50g shaft, I felt like it was a bit too noticeable. But that was just how it felt. The way the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 performed is another matter entirely and one I will get into more detail about shortly. Even with the high torque, the mid kickpoint felt very smooth and manageable. I never felt like the shaft was getting ahead of me and my hands felt like they had total rein over the shaft through transition.

For such a lightweight shaft, I was amazed at how smooth and controlled it felt. Keep in mind that I never loaded up on this shaft the way I do with my gamer driver. But that’s not what this shaft is for. My slightly aggressive tempo had to be toned down just a touch so I never unleashed full power on it. But when I did tone things down, I was rewarded with a very smooth feel and surprising club head stability.

Why is the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 So Popular?

This is one of the best examples of a high speed/high stability lightweight shaft you can find.

Aldila certainly did not disappoint with this shaft. I can see why it is such an amazing fit for slow to moderate swing speed players: such players will get effortlessly tight dispersion and great distance from it.

How Does the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Perform?

As I alluded to in the overview, the torque was a bit too much for me.

And I thought it would be too much for my shot shape as well. But that wasn’t the case. My spin rates were much lower than I thought they would be given the feel of the torque – ,my average spin rate was 2700 RPMs. Very respectable for a shaft in this weight class. As a result, I found it relatively easy to keep my ball on-line and more importantly, out of the wind.

The day that I was able to test the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 was particularly breezy so the conditions were perfect for putting this shaft through its paces. The Aldila Synergy Blue 50 shaft certainly launches high; but not too high. It gets your ball out first and then it slowly climbs to its apex height and just sits there. I winced quite a bit after my shots thinking they were gonna get caught in the wind; but they never did.

Keep in mind though that I have worked my drive down over the years. And while I feel that the launch is controlled in this shaft, my particular results may be due more to my years of practice and my naturally mid/low launch. But it was still impressive to see such control from such a light shaft.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Shaft Specs

Specs Aldila Synergy Blue 50
Available flexes Regular, R2, stiff
Weight 51g, 53g, 54g
Butt .638”, .643”
Tip .335”
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Regular and regular2 would be a good choice for players in the 55-65 MPH swing speed range. I would recommend the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 in stiff flex if you swing your driver between 66 and 70 MPH.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 51g version is good for 55-60 MPH swingers. There is no noticeable weight difference between the 53g and 54g versions so I would recommend them to anyone in the 61-70 MPH range.

Why is it So Good?

I really liked that the Aldila Synergy Blue 50 feels really smooth through transition and that despite its weight, it keeps spin under control.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 First Impressions

I was put off by the torque at first but also really impressed with the smooth feel.

There is definitely more control in this shaft than the average ultra lightweight graphite shaft.

Key Features & Performance

The Aldila Synergy Blue 50 features graphene infused resin to stiffen the tip. This is what I suspect helps to mute spin and increases club head stability.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Driver Review

With the spin under control, I was actually able to shape my shots off the tee. I lost a bit of distance to the launch; but that shouldn’t be a problem for slower swingers.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Fairway Wood Review

I found it very easy to pluck the ball off the fairway with this shaft – virtually no digging. My fairway wood drives were also exceeding 250 carry yards.

Aldila Synergy Blue 50 Pros & Cons


  • Relatively low spin
  • Stiff tip
  • Good club head control
  • Smooth feel
  • Very manageable


  • High torque

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

This is a classic Aldila shaft as it provides amazing stability in a notoriously unwieldy weight class.

As such, it would be a great choice for slow to moderate swing speed players looking to increase their swing speed without sacrificing accuracy.