Acer Golf Clubs Review – Who Makes Them? Are They Any Good?

Acer Golf Clubs

I think that when most people hear the brand name “Acer” they think of the computer company.

Acer Golf isn’t exactly a household name.

The titans of the industry – your Callaways, your Taylormades, your Pings and so on – do a good job of saturating the market and making smaller companies less visible.

But less visible doesn’t always mean lower quality. Acer Golf, for example, is a company that makes golf clubs for highly skilled golfers and beginners.

Many of their clubs even feature technology and design elements that larger golf club companies use.

In the following brand review, I will be breaking down some of Acer’s most popular clubs and giving you a little insight into the company.

Who Makes Acer Clubs?

Acer Golf is a brand of a larger company known as Hireko.

Acer itself has its headquarters in Taiwan but Hireko is based in the United States. However, it is unclear where exactly the clubs are made.

Are Acer Clubs Good for Beginners?

Acer makes a wide variety of golf clubs.

Some are for beginners and some are for seasoned players. Most of the Acer XDS line of golf clubs is aimed at high handicap and beginner golfers.

The XDS line incorporates proven game improvement technologies that should be an asset to any beginner.

Acer XDS Hybrid Irons Review

Acer XDS Hybrid Irons

The Acer XDS Hybrid Irons is a complete set of ultra-forgiving hybrids in the guise of irons.

You can get a complete set from 4-iron to sand wedge. Irons 4-7 have ridiculously wide soles that prevent digging and help increase your launch angles. 8-SW have more traditionally-shaped soles.

Every iron in the set features hollow-body construction and variable face thickness. These irons played easily long. A bit too long in fact.

I was crushing the 7-iron 160 yards when I was expecting something more in the 150 yard range.

They launch high; but ballooning, thankfully, was not an issue. The lofts are pretty tame (the 9-iron is 39°) but the soles are wide and the CG is low so the launch is pretty balanced.

The Acer XDS Hybrid Irons aren’t very pretty at address but their oversized profile makes way for a very generous sweet spot.

The dispersion wasn’t too tight – mainly because the spin rates were high. But you can still get a straight shot out of these irons so long as your swing path has a shred of accuracy.

Overall the Acer XDS Hybrid Irons can hold up to any super game improvement, hybrid iron set produced by the bigger golf companies.

Who is it for?

The Acer XDS Hybrid Irons would be great for both beginners and high handicappers. They play long, they’re forgiving and they can even help you if you’re having issues with digging.

Pros & Cons


  • Forgiving
  • Great distance
  • Affordable


  • Dispersion could be tighter

Overall Score: 97/100

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Acer XDS Driver Review

Acer XDS driver

I was really surprised when I got the Acer XDS driver in for testing.

I thought I got sent the wrong driver because it looks a lot like a Titleist driver. But there was no mix-up.

The Acer XDS driver looks great. It’s got a rounded, triangular shape at address and a 460cc head volume that doesn’t look too chunky.

It also has heel-biased weighting so it’s essentially a slice stopper. I already tend to hit a draw so I had to work a bit to prevent a pull.

But it wasn’t too hard. After about a half hour with this driver, I was hitting both straight shots and wide draws on command.

The Acer XDS also has a 7g weight screw in the sole to pull the CG down.

However, you can swap that screw out for a 2g or 12g screw (each sold separately) so you can tweak the CG to your liking.

Once my test session was over, my average carry distance with the Acer XDS driver was 160.4 yards – pretty much what I get with my gamer driver.

The feedback is very clear and the sound at impact is like a metallic crack.

I tested the Acer XDS in its 10.5° iteration so the launch was right where I needed it to be: middle and out of the wind.

But a 12° version is also available if you need a bit more height.

Who Are They for?

I would say that the Acer XDS driver is best for mid to low handicap players. While it has a deep face profile and is generally forgiving, you still have to be decently accurate to get the most distance out of it.

Pros & Cons


  • Looks great
  • Interchangeable weight screws
  • Many graphite shaft options


  • A bit pricey

Overall Score: 97/100

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Acer Mantara Irons Review

Acer Mantara Irons

As soon as I laid eyes on the Acer Mantara irons, I knew what I was going to get from them.

The Acer Mantara irons are long from heel to toe, have two big weight ports on the perimeter of the head and have an overall chunky profile – all the makings of a super-forgiving iron.

And I was right. The Acer Mantara irons are phenomenal if you can’t get a straight shot out of your current irons.

There is virtually no workability to speak of in these irons; but you can coax a straight shot out of them with your eyes closed.

The soles are of medium width and the launch is also mid. With the 7-iron in this set, I was averaging a carry distance of 158.9 yards so they play pretty long too.

My only gripe is that the turf interaction wasn’t very smooth.

Who is it for?

The Acer Mantara irons are ideal for high handicappers who need help with accuracy on the fairway.

Pros & Cons


  • Straight flight
  • Very forgiving
  • Mid launch


  • Poor turf interaction

Overall Score: 96/100

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Is Acer A Good Brand? – Final Thoughts

Acer Golf Clubs1

I was impressed with all the Acer clubs I tested.

They do the job they were created to do. If you need forgiving hybrid irons, Acer has something for you.

If you are an experienced player seeking to optimize your distance from the tee, Acer has you covered.

Overall I think Acer is a worthwhile brand no matter what your handicap is.