Woodworm Zoom V2 Men’s Golf Clubs Review – Are They Any Good?


It’s a bit surprising that in 2020, we still don’t have a definitive answer to the question: does the price tag of a product reflect it’s true quality? Unfortunately, you simply never know what you’re going to get. This is especially true of golf clubs.

You can pay a ton of money on a set of clubs and be stricken with a severe case of buyer’s remorse when you find that the clubs are poorly made or poorly suited to your style of play.

And then sometimes you get the anomalous cheap club sets that somehow perform better than more expensive ones.

And that’s why it pays to do your research. We wanted to help dispel some of the mythos around one set of golf clubs that many would perceive to be a cheap set and perhaps omit it outright on that merit.

But you may be overlooking a quality set of clubs disguised by a modest price tag. We will let you know for sure in the following review of the Woodworm Zoom Men’s Golf Club set. 

Overall Score: 88/100

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A Quick Glance at The Woodworm Zoom Set

Right out of the gate, you may be intrigued by this set because of the manufacturer. Woodworm is quickly making a name for itself in the golf club industry for manufacturing high performance sets.

And if you want to get in on the ground floor with this brand, the Zoom set is a great entry point. It has every club you need on the course if you are a beginner-intermediate player.

The main benefit that we took note of when testing the Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Set was that it is a great set for both novices and intermediate level players.

It’s got great advanced features that more skilled players can surely take advantage of but they are not so complex as to overwhelm a newbie. Woodworm has combined intuitive features and high quality production materials with this Zoom set.


What’s In The Bag?

Ok, now let’s move on to the fun stuff. In the Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Club set you get a driver, a 3 wood, a ¾  hybrid, irons 5 through SW and a putter. Let’s get into the details and benefits of each.


The Driver

To start off with, you are given the largest allowable driver. The  Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Club features a 460CC titanium crown driver for maximum distance and accuracy even for beginners.

The driver is set at 10.5 degrees loft and is very effective for getting maximum distance off the tee. It is weighted very comfortably so it’s wieldy even on haymaker swings.


The 3 Wood

The 3 oversized wood is the ideal size and loft for advancing down the fairway efficiently. It feels great in the hands and sounds even better off the tee or from the turf.

It gives a decent amount of flex to maximize ball speed so you get high velocity and ripping altitude from this fairway wood.


The Hybrid

The Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Club set comes with a rescue ¾ hybrid.

It aptly takes the place of your longer irons and can really bail you out in the rough whether you are there because you’re a beginner or because of “uncontrollable circumstances.”

It gives very generous loft and can be used effectively in place of longer irons. Overall, it’s a great hybrid for beginners and intermediates to have in their bag.


The Irons

Again, you get irons 5-SW and all of them feature a high quality MOI (moment of inertia) milled face. This feature make the irons excellent at transferring energy from club face to ball efficiently resulting in maximum possible distance.

The irons also focus the weight where it should be: at the bottom rear of the club head. All of the irons feature deep cavity backs which makes them sound amazing and go even further.


The Putter

Last but not least, the  Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Club comes equipped with a mallet style 35” putter complete with easy alignment marks.

The machined face of this putter makes it feel silky smooth even on long putts and the weight is balanced to promote proper stroke mechanics.


Club Composition

  • Driver – Titanium crowned head with a regular flex graphite shaft

  • 3 Wood – Also features a regular flex graphite shaft

  • Hybrid – The hybrid has been fitted with a steel shaft

  • Irons – The irons all feature a cavity back design with precision steel shafts

  • Putter – Steel shaft, mallet style 35” putter


Club Options

Currently there are not a whole lot of options to choose from. All the clubs are fitted to regular flex. As of this writing the  Woodworm Zoom Men’s Complete Golf Club set is only available as a right-handed set and in one color.


Club Length

The length of these clubs are set to regular men’s. Our party tested these clubs and the testers ranged from 5’4” and 6’3” in height. These clubs would suit you fine if you are between 5’6” and 6’3”.


Woodworm Clubs Pros & Cons


  • Very forgiving clubs
  • The hybrid is versatile
  • High quality bag
  • Long driver
  • Comfortable grips
  • Beginner-intermediate friendly
  • Very affordable



  • Only available in right-handed
  • Only one color
  • No offset hosel
  • Limited options


Other Considerations

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Strata from Callaway is known for lightweight performance. This set comes with a 4 and 5 hybrid as well for maximum versatility.

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Wilson Stretch

You can’t go wrong with this set which features a premium stand bag, 17-4 stainless steel heads and 100% graphite shafts.

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Last Words

The price of this Wormwood club set really belies the quality and usability it offers. It is a great set for beginners and intermediates and is a great overall value.

It can help diversify your game or get it started on the right foot. We recommend checking this set out before they decide to raise the price.

Overall Score: 88/100

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