Wilson Profile XD Golf Club Set Review

I remember starting out as a beginner with an old set of clubs I found lying around the house that were way too big at the time but I made it work anyway. It took a while to get a golf club set that was perfectly tailored to my game but it made a big difference when I finally got a good set.

Wilson are no newcomers to producing high quality golf clubs for beginners to intermediates and The Wilson XD will be that perfect set for many golfers although it does have a lot of competition in the market for beginners and improvers. Let’s take a look at what this set has to offer.

The set is made for beginners and improvers who may have slightly faster swing speeds but still want the generous cushion of forgiveness that comes with bigger club heads and game improvement irons. The sets come in seniors length, standard length and a plus +1 inch for taller players which can really come in handy. This is a set you can depend on for the good quality associated with Wilson and the performance you need as a newcomer in hitting the ball far and straight.


What Do You Get In The Set?

The set comes with 10 clubs as standard which should cover all the distances you will face on the course include a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter.

It always amazes me to see beginner club sets that omit a pitching wedge or a sand wedge like it is optional whether you can going to be hitting from the bunker or not.

Anyway, you get what you need in the set so let’s take a look at the breakdown of each club and how it will suit.



The driver is one of the weakest points on this set for a number of reasons and the first main reason is because the graphite shaft is too flexible for the set. It contains steel shafts with the irons but the driver can barely stand a medium swing speed before it starts to break down and there are multiple complaints about the driver breaking down on the course before too long.

I personally found that going for accuracy instead of distance off the tee led to a good performance with the driver and the club was holding up perfectly although it does feel a bit flimsy if you wanted to let rip as a fast swinger.

The club is composed of a large 460cc head with perimeter weighting for accuracy and distance off the tee and the club has a 10.2 degree which makes it easy to get a higher trajectory for beginners.

Our advice is to try the driver out and it might be the first club to replace if it doesn’t suit your game or you swing too fast.


5 Wood

On the couple of rounds we played with the Wilson XD, we found the 5 wood to be one of the best clubs in the back. It again has the graphite shaft but it is better able to cope on the 5 wood than the driver.

The perimeter weighting and strong loft on the club was enough to get a good trajectory on the ball off the fairway or from the light rough and when you hit it with this club, it stays hit, we were getting some good distances on our approaches.

We are glad to say that the 5 wood performed well overall, much like the next club in the set, the 5 Hybrid.


The 5 Hybrid

This club is a real beauty and represents the quality we expect to see from Wilson a lot more than the driver that comes with the set which again is a bit disappointing.

It’s good that the hybrid is a good club because it has a large gap to fill between the 5 wood and the 6 iron.

The 5 hybrid comes with designed with a generous loft and perimeter weighting allowing for ample trajectory from any lie. The hybrid is the first club that comes with a steel shaft that really allows you to swing the club and it the face allows for good accuracy and consistency.

If you don’t know about hybrids, they have the loft of a fairway wood with the easy to hit face of an iron allowing for the same distance with a higher trajectory.

This is a great club for getting the ball up and down without too much roll at the end of the shot.


The Irons & Wedges

The game improvement irons are our favourite part of the set and we are sure that all beginners will have an easier time hitting these than most irons.

They are so good we would like to see a 3 and a 4 as well as the 6-9 that is included for the longer distances.

The irons have steel shafts and are cavity back for distance and accuracy. We got good accuracy from the irons and wedges consistently as part of this set.

The pitching wedge has easy launch technology and perimeter weighting to get it up and down with no hassle or fuss.



We have a standard blade putter included in the set that we found easy to hit and control around the greens.

Again these are beginner clubs and there is nothing at all wrong with this putter for anyone who is starting out.


What Else Do You Get?

The Stand Bag

You get a carry/stand bag with the set that has plenty of pockets and is lightweight to easily carry around the course with 10 clubs and some gear inside.

The thing you have to remember is that these clubs are priced for beginners but you still get the benefit of all the experience that Wilson bring to the table in the fact that have been making bags for so long that they have gotten rather good at it.


Head Covers For Driver, Wood And Hybrid

We also get Head covers for the long clubs in the bag to keep them from getting scuffed up and damaged easily.

It must be said that the set is designed very nicely and the clubs, the bag and the headcovers all look the part as an intermediate set.



The clubs are priced for beginners and if you are looking to take the next step in your golf game and increase the quality of your clubs, you would be better going for a club fitting or going with one of the higher end club set from Wilson.

They are coming in around the $240 mark which is right between the cheapest clubs and the slightly intermediate sets.


Pros and Cons Of The Wilson XD Set


  • Excellent Game Improvement Irons
  • Easy To Hit Clubs With Perimeter Weighting
  • Different Lengths For Different Heights
  • Excellent Price From A Trusted Brand



  • Driver Doesn’t Suit Fast Swingers
  • No Long Irons


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Wilson Profile Senior Men’s Set

Wilson offer the full range of customizations for these clubs for both Seniors and Women. The Senior clubs have graphite shafts, softer grips and lighter weights for the slower swing speeds we enivitably face as we get older.

These are actually really nice clubs if you are a senior looking to play golf one or two times a month.

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Wilson Profile XD Set For Women

Women with slower swing speeds also get the lighter clubs, graphite shafts and softer grips to suit their game but where the Wilson XD set for women comes into its own is in its offering of shorter clubs for petite women which can always be a problem for women around 5 ft 5” and lower.

If you are in this boat as a beginner the Wilson XD can be a excellent choice of clubs for you.

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Other Clubs Worth Considering

Wilson Profile XD vs Callaway Strata

Strata Main Image

The Callaway Strata are probably the most famous clubs for beginners on the market today and you can get them in 11 – 14 or even 16 club formats for different prices.

The come with Steel shafts on the irons for men and graphite shafts on the irons for women.

They have big oversized heads for forgiveness and accuracy and if we had to choose between the two sets, we would probably end up siding with the Callaway Strata over the Wilson XD.

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Wilson Platinum Profile

Wilson Platinum Set

The Wilson Platinum profile are one level above the XD in the fact that they are aimed at intermediates more than beginners and the price tag is also slightly higher at $429.

If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, the platinum set is a culmination of many decades of hard work from Wilson and the quality of the clubs and their performance is reflected in the price.

If you have the budget to spend or are looking for an improvers set, don’t forget to check them out and you also get you choice of shaft flex and steel/graphite irons.

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The Cobra XL

Cobra Golf Clubs

When you have a bit more money to spend and you want an intermediate club set that will get the job down, The Cobra XL are hard to overlook.

They are crafted for distance and accuracy with oversized  heads and everything about the club set oozes quality.

You get your choice of shaft flex and material meaning these clubs will suit anybody who wants to take their game to the next level but they do cost $800.

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Overall The Wilson Profile XD offers plenty of customization which is hard to find in a pure beginners set and the clubs are forgiven and easy to hit with good trajectory.

If I had to pick a beginner set though, I would go with the Strata for the extra quality and if I had more money, I would definitely be looking at the other two sets.

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