Wilson Men’s Stretch Golf Club 10-Club Set Review

The problem with a lot of inexpensive beginner golf sets is that they lack the design and features that really prepare players to move on to more advanced sets. The whole point of a beginner set is to be able to one day move on to a better set.

But far too many beginner sets actually do the opposite: they make it harder to improve your game so there is no actual need to buy a better set. While that might sound ideal for your wallet, it is not ideal if you are serious about your game.

In today’s review, we wanted to showcase a beginner/intermediate men’s golf club set that is both easy on the wallet and has features that players need to advance their game. This is not a beginner set that you will be stuck with for too long. Let’s get started.

Playing the Wilson Stretch Golf Club Set

Right off the bat, we were impressed with the striking design of these clubs. They look great and when we actually got to the course and started playing them, we realized that they were also designed for performance.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to the Wilson Stretch set is their composition. We will get into the details of the composition a bit later but for now, we’ll just say that they feel great. They are light enough to be plenty wieldy but don’t give up anything in terms of club head speed and distance.

And distance is something that most beginners struggle with. Each of these clubs is designed to build good swing mechanics. Let’s take a look at each one in the set.


First, you get a generously sized 460cc titanium composite driver set to 10.5 degree loft. The oversized head of the driver effectively enlarges the sweet spot so it’s not difficult to get straight shots off the tee. We also really liked the titanium head design. It sounds sweet off the tee and is very forgiving.

3 Wood

The Wilson Stretch golf club set comes with a single #3 fairway wood that feels really good in the hands. We were able to get very straight and long shots with this 3 wood. It was also very easy to launch the ball high in the air with this particular club.


You get a #5 hybrid in the Wilson Stretch golf club set which is lightweight intended to replace, you guessed it, the 5 iron.

So it doesn’t play as long as other hybrids but you do get great accuracy and versatility from it. We were able to get out of the rough and into optimal fairway position with this precision designed hybrid.


You get 6-9 irons in the Wilson Stretch set and they are all perimeter weighted. The perimeter weighting encourages good swing mechanics and a higher degree of accuracy for approach shots. We were really impressed with the feel and design of these irons overall.

With the weight surrounding the face of these irons, you get better forgiveness too. The better players in our foursome were able to get great apex height from the 9 iron and excellent pop and stop on the green.


The Wilson Stretch golf club set comes with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The pitching wedge is set to 48 degree loft and the sand wedge is set to 55. Both of these wedges performed nicely from bunker positions, allowing for excellent accuracy on approaches.


The putter of the Wilson Stretch golf club set features a mallet shaped head and has alignment markers that are easy to see and allow for easier aiming. The milled polymer face insert makes putts much easier to control. Overall it feels really nice.

Club Composition

As we mentioned earlier, the driver features a composite titanium head and a graphite shaft. The #3 wood also sports a lightweight graphite shaft and a composite titanium and steel head. The hybrids and irons all have graphite shafts with 17-4 grade stainless steel heads.

Now you can get the Wilson Stretch set with all steel shafts if you want. You can also choose from left or right handed clubs and standard or extended lengths.  The extended length adds an inch to the clubs.

As far as length goes, we would say that the standard length Wilson Stretch clubs are good for any height between 5’4” and 6’1”.

Pros & Cons Of The Wilson Stretch Clubs


  • Very affordable set
  • Lightweight graphite shafts
  • Very well-designed putter
  • Driver sounds really nice
  • Forgiving #3 wood
  • Designed for accuracy and forgiveness


  • The 5 iron doesn’t play very long
  • The bag isn’t very high quality
  • Head covers fit a bit too tight
  • The finish of the club heads chips easily

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Wilson Platinum

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Overall Assessment

We’ll start with what we viewed to be the biggest flaw of the Wilson Stretch golf club set. The number 5 hybrid doesn’t really play long enough to cover the distance that your longer irons would. So there is a bit of a gap created by the set.

But this is definitely a negligible drawback in light of the fact that this set was designed for beginners and intermediates who would probably find it difficult to hit with the longer irons and have little to no use for them as a result.

The graphite shafts of the irons keeps them lightweight and wieldy while increasing club head speed and this is as quality a putter as you will find in any golf set. Overall, this is a great set to get you started and improve your game to the next level. Try them out for yourself!

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