Wilson Golf Profile SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set Review

When you are just starting out with the game of golf, you may not know what kind of clubs you really need. You can spend a bunch of money for a comprehensive set with clubs that you may never use.

And on the other side of the spectrum you could buy a bare bones set and find yourself without clubs that you actually need. It’s hard to strike the perfect balance when you aren’t experienced. The good news is that there are plenty of brands that make excellent beginner club sets.

One of those brands is Wilson. Wilson has devoted much of their R&D to helping golfing neophytes find the perfect fit when it comes to golf clubs.

This unique commitment is evident in their SGI men’s complete golf set. We took an extensive look at this set and tested it thoroughly. Read on to find out what we discovered.

Clubs in the Set

As a beginner, you will benefit from having the essential clubs while omitting specialty clubs that aren’t of much use when you are first learning the game. Wilson has made it very easy to pick a set with all the clubs you need and none you don’t.

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI golf club set includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 6-9 irons, a pitching and sand wedge and a putter.


In case you were wondering, the “SGI” in Wilson Golf Profile SGI stands for super game improvement. This term refers to the low, rear weighting of the 460CC driver. Low rear weighting makes it easier to develop your swing speed and increase distance and accuracy.

The loft degree of the composite forged titanium driver is 10.5 which is a good starting point for beginners.


The #5 fairway wood included in the Wilson Golf Profile SGI club set was meant to replace your longer irons. It is much more forgiving than longer irons and easy to find the sweet spot with. The perimeter of the club face is weighted for more accuracy on off-center shots.


Any good golf club set for beginners should include a hybrid. The problem is that irons tend to give new golfers the most trouble. Hybrids are meant to bridge the gap between woods and irons and the Wilson Golf Profile SGI hybrid does that very nicely.

The 5 hybrid included in this set has a shallow face and generous loft degree to help the newbie golfer navigate the fairway more efficiently.


The 6 through 9 irons are made from 431 grade stainless steel. The most interesting thing about these irons is the deep perimeter weighting which makes for a larger sweet spot. As we mentioned earlier, irons tend to be the clubs that give beginners the most trouble.

With this expanded sweet spot, the Wilson Golf Profile SGI irons even out the learning curve a bit more. They are also cavity-backed to increase distance and are set to generous loft degrees.


A sand wedge is a good club to have in your bag when you first start playing. The “Easy Launch” sand wedge in the Wilson Golf Profile SGI set is a boon to new golfers thanks to the wider sole which actually makes it possible to control the ball on the green when coming out of a trap.

The pitching wedge features a narrow profile for better control as well. Both of the wedges give good loft, making it easier to drop and stop the ball on the green.


The putter of the Wilson Golf Profile SGI set is weighted in the heel and toe which makes it easier to achieve a balanced, smooth stroke on your putts. It features grip alignment so you can line up your putts with more accuracy and confidence.

Club Composition

The driver features a composite titanium head and graphite shaft. The fairway wood also features a lightweight graphite shaft. They hybrid, irons and wedges feature stiffer stainless steel shafts for better feedback. The putter features a very comfortable alignment grip.

Set Options

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI golf club set comes in either men’s standard or tall sizes. You can choose either right or left hand orientations. You can also get this set in teen, senior and women sizes. The colors you can choose from include red, yellow/black and blue.

Club Sizes

The great thing about the Wilson Golf Profile SGI set is that they come in a variety of sizes. The men’s tall will be suitable for men 6’1” to 6’5”. Men’s standard would be ideal for men between 5’5” and 6’1”. The teen set would most likely be suitable for adolescents between 5’3” and 5’8”.

Pros & Cons Of The Wilson SGI Set


  • The irons are very forgiving
  • The putter is balanced very well
  • Very affordable set
  • Comes from a quality manufacturer
  • No superfluous clubs
  • Includes clubs that are specifically helpful to beginners


  • Not the most durable clubs
  • No 5 iron
  • Bag handles are not designed well
  • They run a bit short

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Alternatives Beginner To Intermediate Sets

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Strata Main Image

One of the most popular Beginner golf club sets available today is the Callaway Strata. This is a great set for achieving initial distance with the oversized driver and perimeter weighted irons.

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Wilson Platinum

Wilson Platinum Set

 This set comes with 10 clubs which feature weighting in the rear and bottom of the heads for a lower center of gravity.

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Cobra 2020 Airspeed

These high quality clubs feature carbon crown heads that make them lighter, straighter and longer.

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Final Assessment

After just a couple rounds with the Wilson Golf Profile SGI club set, we came to the conclusion that it has everything a beginner needs. It may not be the set that will grow with you as you improve but it provides a solid foundation when you are just starting to learn the game.

It has all the clubs you need and makes learning your irons a bit easier. The driver and wood is very forgiving and gives good distance and the hybrid is very user-friendly. If you are just getting into the game, give the Wilson Golf Profile SGI club set a try.


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