Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set Review Guide

Choosing a golf club set for a child can be difficult – mainly because most golf novices have not displayed a discernable play style. It can be really hard to determine what a child should work on first, where his or her natural talents lie and what kind of set would develop their game the best.

But if you are determined to get your son, daughter, nieces, nephews or grandchildren out on the links and develop their game, you are in luck. Today we will be reviewing one of the best golf club sets for kids. These clubs are a great way to get the kid in your life excited about the game so let’s take a look.

The Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set

The problem with the junior club set market is that some manufacturers try to push a certain style of play on young golfers too early in their development as opposed to creating sets that offer a broader opportunity for development.

They feature clubs that are too technically advanced in some areas and not adequate in others. But the Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set strikes a perfect balance of generalized quality and technological sophistication.

They are perfect for anyone looking to get their kids into golf, anyone who wants a good first club set for their kids that will help them develop their game or anyone looking for a good gift for the golf-loving junior in their life.

First things first: the Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set comes with a driver, a wedge, a hybrid, a putter and a short iron. This is the medium set which is recommended for players between the ages of 8 and 12. This is a good lightweight set that comes with a quality bag that your kid can carry his or herself.

We really liked that this set includes a good quality wedge. Wedge practice is essential if you want to get your child use to approaches to the green. The Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set wedge features a weighted sole that allows for more wieldy approaches and promotion of good swing mechanics.

The head of the driver is a little smaller than we expected for a junior set but that doesn’t seem to affect the size of the sweet spot. One of our staff members took his daughter to the driving range with the driver and the hybrid wood.

He came back to work Monday singing the praises of the driver. His 9 year old daughter was able to find the sweet spot after only about 5 swings and said she was downright giddy at the contact sound it made and the distance she got from it.

The putter of the Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set has alignment markers on it which is important for young players. It allows for accurate putts and isn’t too weighted.

The hybrid wood was also pretty impressive even for us adult payers (if only they were a bit longer). It features a flattened heel which makes it easier for junior players to get under the ball and strike the ball out of the rough and off the tee.

You also get a pretty good loft degree out of it (we estimated about 25 degrees).

The bag it comes with features 2 standing legs which provide good stability. The set also comes with a couple head covers for the wood and driver. This particular set (their medium version for 8-12 year olds) comes in either yellow or purple (bag and club accents).

Pros & Cons Of Wilson Golf Profile


  • The shafts of these clubs allow for a good amount of flex
  • Plenty of forgiveness on the driver and wood
  • The clubs are labeled as what they actually are instead of wood numbers
  • Driver is about 35 and a quarter inches in length
  • Comes in right and left-handed orientations
  • Weighted heels encourage good swing mechanics


  • The grips are a little thin
  • No rain hood for the bag
  • Limited club range
  • Loft degrees are not given

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Final Thoughts

We actually observed some of our kids have at it with the Wilson Golf Profile Junior Set. It was all smiles on the course and at the driving range. If you are looking for a set that will encourage your kid to continue to grow their game, this is a great set.
It is easy to play, lightweight and offers real advantages for any child who is serious about the game. Give them a good look if your kid needs a quality starter set.