Wilson Dynapower Irons Review Vs. Wilson D9 Irons – How Much Better Are They?

In 1956, Wilson took the golfing world by storm by releasing the Dynapower blades.

These beautiful clubs revolutionised how weight was distributed on the face of an iron and arguably changed irons forever. In 2023 they are back on the market with a modern makeover.

Wilson have won more golfing majors than any other manufacturer and it was advances like this that really helped drive that success. If Wilson are reviving this franchise then you can bet that they have something special here. Let’s compare them to the recent D9 models and see.

Wilson Dynapower Irons Overview

The original philosophy of Dynapower was to optimise weight distribution to deliver maximum forgiveness and distance.

Wilson say that they have achieved this again and that’s why they are willing to put this prestigious stamp on their new irons.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and computer modelling, Wilson worked with Arccos Golf to create these irons. Another little factoid is that when Alan Shepard hit two balls on the moon he used Wilson Dynapower. That may be the coolest thing about these irons, I’m into that kind of thing.

Who Are Wilson Dynapower Irons For?

I think that these irons are best suited for mid- to high-handicapped golfers.

As part of the development of these clubs, Wilson noted from the Arccos data that most golfers with a handicap above 10 only miss long 5% of the time whilst they miss short 40% of the time.

They developed this iron with those golfers in mind and have maximised the distance they produce in an attempt to reduce that 40% number above. Most trouble on a golf course is placed short of the green. Getting more approach shots beyond this should lower your scores.

How Forgiving Are Wilson Dynapower Irons?

Impressively forgiving.

Wilson have employed variable face thickness technology, usually reserved for drivers, to create 27 different thickness zones (yes you read that correctly) on the face of these irons. The idea is that off-centre hits will still go well which is, of course, the key to forgiveness.

It starts to get really technical, but that Arccos data showed that the 10 and up golfer tends to miss more on the toe-side of the face. Wilson changed how they weld the club together to ensure that this portion of the face is more forgiving than anywhere else, it’s really clever stuff!

Key Technology In The Wilson Dynapower Irons

The variable face technology is a huge development in the Dynapower irons.

They also have oversized heads which is key to adding forgiveness and deep soles to help optimise launch conditions. They are clearly focused on game-improvement and those looking for speed.

Are The Wilson Dynapower Irons Good For Mid-Handicap Golfers?

These irons are great for mid-handicapped golfers.

They will help you gain speed and distance that you’ve never seen before and build in forgiveness to that too. Wilson are hoping that these irons will help more golfers clear the danger that lies in front of greens.

Wilson have clearly built these clubs with this golfer in mind and the results will surely impress. They feel light which will help you gain speed but they also look fantastic with that flash of traditional Dynapower red to really underline this franchise.

Are The Wilson Dynapower Irons Good For Low-Handicap Golfers?

Not so much. These irons are for game improvement and many lower handicap golfers won’t like the oversized heads behind the ball.

These irons bring speed and forgiveness in buckets but if you are already an accomplished golfer then you may dislike the lack of feel they have on shots.

Pros and Cons Of The Wilson Dynapower Irons


  • Bringing variable face technology onto irons is an incredible feat of engineering
  • These irons go very far and will give you greater consistency than you are used to
  • These irons come with a great heritage and they look great
  • Wilson irons are unbeatable when it comes to value


  • Low handicapped golfers will probably not like these so much
  • They are fast but you may miss some feel through the bag
  • There isn’t a huge amount of stock shaft choice

Wilson D9 Irons Overview

Wilson specialise in making incredible value clubs, especially for intermediate golfers.

The D9 irons were lightweight irons designed to be extra-forgiving and helping golfers with distance. They are a fantastic forged iron that would bring a great deal of benefit to mid-handicap golfers.

The face on these irons is so hot that they can feel like a driver when you catch them out the middle. It’s a bizarre feeling that takes a bit of getting used to but the ball just explodes off the face. Off-centre hits also fly impressively well from these irons.

What’s The Winner

When the Wilson D9 irons came out they impressed golfers as the D7, before them, had also been impressive.

Clearly not satisfied by this step forward, Wilson have doubled down and really gone back to the very beginning to find more speed and consistency with the Dynapower irons.

D9 irons are a great set and should not be ruled out. However, Dynapower is a better offering and will almost certainly deliver speed and forgiveness gains that will really impress you. You can’t go wrong with either but I think the Dynapower wins fairly comfortably here.

Final Thoughts

Wilson are putting a precious franchise on the line with the release of these irons, but I think they should be confident that they will succeed.

They have clearly pushed the envelope in terms of iron technology and crafted a revolutionary iron face that will bring huge benefit to many golfers.

You may not be able to hit a 3 mile 6-iron like Alan Shepard did, but these irons will certainly give you more distance than any before. Whilst the Wlison D9 represented a big leap in iron performance, these Dynapower clubs are a much larger step forward.

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