What To Wear To TopGolf For The First Time

Intro To The Top Golfs Rise In Popularity

TopGolf is every golf addict’s dream practice facility and every beginner’s ideal starting point when looking to get into the game.

TopGolf is a driving range at heart, but it is so much more than that. It is a place to practice, but also a place to meet new people, have parties, dinner, conferences and get togethers with friends.

Driving ranges can be pretty boring and intimidating, TopGolf has flipped that on its head. With electronically tracked golf balls, it is perfect for practicing, but also for playing fun games with friends and colleagues. It is a three story driving range with a bar, kitchen and pro shop.

It’s made golf accessible to all ages and skill levels, and brought the ‘fun’ side out of the game. TopGolf started in 2000, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

It now has locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. In October 2020, Callaway Golf announced it was purchasing TopGolf.

Is There An Official  Dress Code?

There is no dress code when visiting a TopGolf location. You will typically see people wearing golf specific clothing, however you can wear whatever you like, from t-shirts, shorts, hoodies and dresses, anything goes at a TopGolf location.

What Clothing Should You Avoid For Golf?

In general anything that is restricting should be avoided, this will limit your ability to swing. Wear something that won’t restrict your swing. In the hot months wear something breathable.

Slops are fine, but if you want to take it a little bit more seriously we suggest staying away from slops, they might cause you to slip when hitting the ball.

Clothing Tips For Women At TopGolf?

Ladies must avoid anything that could be too revealing, dresses are fine, but be careful, when swinging, short dresses, skirts and other loose garments could lift up when hitting the ball. Heels are fine to go to the venue in, but we suggest hitting barefoot if wearing heels

Should You Wear Denim At TopGolf?

You can wear denim at top golf. Denim bottoms are fine, however we suggest avoiding denim jackets when hitting the ball, this will restrict your swing.

Is It Ok To Wear Skirts At TopGolf?

You can wear skirts at top golf, just be aware that when swinging, the motion may cause your skirt to rise when hitting the ball.

Do We Need Proper Golf Shoes At TopGolf?

Proper shoes are not needed at TopGolf. The best shoes to use will be golf shoes or trainers, these will prevent you from slipping. If you do go in smart work shoes or heels you can always remove your shoes and hit in your socks or barefoot.

Ideally you do not want to slip, this will cause you to miss hit the ball or worse, hurt yourself by falling. We would suggest wearing golf shoes or trainers.


Can I Wear Flip Flops/Sandals To Topgolf?

Yes you can, however we would not recommend hitting in flip flops because it is easy to slip and miss hit a shot or injure yourself.

Do I Have To Wear Enclosed Shoes When at TopGolf?

No, you can wear open shoes, the dress code is very relaxed.

What To Wear To TopGolf In Winter?

TopGolf is a three story driving range, although it is surrounded by netting it is still outside, so winters can become extremely cold, especially in regions with snow.

We suggest wearing more than one layer when going to TopGolf in the winter, one thick layer to keep you warm when sitting, and another thinner long sleeve layer to wear when hitting, you will be cold when hitting, but you do not want to be restricted by a big bulky jacket when trying to hit the golf ball.

If it is very cold in your area, it is even advisable to bring a thin blanket to put over yourself when sitting in the bay. All the bays are exposed to the cold, so it can become unpleasant.

What To Wear To TopGolf Date?

If you are going on a date to TopGolf we suggest trying to keep it casual, the last thing you want to be doing is swinging a golf club in a suit or tight dress, this will restrict your swing and make you look silly.

Obviously you can wear golf clothing, but who wants to wear golf clothes out on a date?


This obviously depends on your date, however dressing in something smart casual to casual would be your best bet. If you are going to wear smart shoes, we suggest taking them off when hitting, so you should be comfortable with doing that.

If you are going casual, jeans, chinos and shorts will work. A normal t-shirt will also do the trick. TopGolf is very relaxed so just make sure you wear something that is easy enough to swing a golf club in.


Stick to something simple when going on a date to TopGolf, stay away from tight dresses and any revealing clothing. The golf swing is an athletic motion, so you do not want to be restricted too much or reveal anything.

Smart casual to casual will work for ladies, a long flowing dress will allow you to swing and look nice while out on a date. Jeans and a t-shirt will do the trick too.

Is TopGolf Good For Beginners And Non Golfers?

100% yes! TopGolf is built for the beginner to non golfer more than it is to the serious golfer.

Of course you will get your good players going to practice there, however as a good player it is nice to have peace and quiet while working on your swing. TopGolf is far from that, it is all about having fun with friends and learning about the game.

What Clubs Should I Take To Topgolf?

You can take your own clubs to TopGolf, but you can also rent clubs while you are there.

How Much Is It To Rent Clubs At TopGolf?

It costs absolutely nothing to rent clubs at TopGolf, all clubs are complimentary. They have clubs for men, ladies, left-handers, right-handers, kids, and toddlers for your convenience. The Men’s and ladies clubs are already in each bay.

Is Topgolf Better At Night?

It all depends on what you are looking for. TopGolf has loads of lights and different colors on the range, which are obviously quite prominent at night.

If you are looking for a party vibe then going in the evening will be a better bet. If you are just looking to hit some balls with friends or work colleagues then going during the day could be the better option for you.

We don’t have a preference, both are great depending on what vibe you are looking for.

Does Topgolf Charge Per Person Or Per Bay?

Each venue has slightly different pricing, however the basis of it is all the same. The pricing works per bay per hour, not per person.

Unlimited Balls?

You can hit as many balls as you like within the allocated hour.

Can You Just Watch At Topgolf?

TopGolf is for everyone, if you are just going with a group of friends and do not want to hit any balls, you do not have to at all. TopGolf is almost like a bar and restaurant with golf on the side. So do not feel bad if you just want to go for some drinks with friends.


TopGolf is an incredible concept. With its relaxed vibe and insane technology it is bringing more people into the game and helping those that are into it get better. We can see more and more of these popping up all over the world. It is only going to help the game of golf grow.