Voice Caddie SL2 Review – How Good is it Vs Alternatives?

Sure, almost any rangefinder will sound good on its own. But when you compare it to other products and start to pore over the finer features, you may find that what once looked like a great rangefinder doesn’t actually do what you need it to.

Is that the case for the Voice Caddie SL2? At a glance, the Voice Caddie SL2 seems like a very advanced hybrid rangefinder/GPS device. But we wanted to see how it compares to other popular rangefinders and GPS devices.

So before you make a decision, check out the following comparison article centered around the Voice Caddie SL2.

Voice Caddie SL2 Overview

The Voice Caddie SL2 uses laser and GPS technology to read distances. It has an additional color touchscreen right under the eyepiece that allows for integration of a wealth of golf GPS functions. It is certainly one of the most advanced hybrid rangefinders on the market today.

Voice Caddie SL2 First Impressions

To be quite honest, we were inundated with all the available features. It took us a while to get the hang of it and fully explore all of the features. But once we did, we realized that this was quite possibly one of the most handy rangefinders you can buy.

Voice Caddie SL2 Quick Facts

  • Color touch LCD screen
  • 6x magnification
  • Measures between 5 and 1000 yards
  • Lithium-polymer 3.7v battery
  • 8 ounces
  • 7” 4.2” x 3” dimensions
  • Distance to hazards
  • Hole maps
  • Driver landing distances
  • Active green view
  • Slope calculator
  • Tournament legal
  • Night and day OLED display

Voice Caddie SL2 Key Features

There are a lot of features packed into this device so let’s dive right into the most important ones:

  • Active Green View – The touchscreen display can tell you the undulations of the green so you know where the breaks and inclinations are. You can also zoom in on the green and manually set the pin to the day’s location.
  • Hole Maps – The touchscreen can also display full maps of the hole you’re currently on including distance to bunkers, driver landing distances and distance to bunkers.
  • Slope Calculator – The Voice Caddie SL2 will automatically calculate true distance based on slopes in your path. You can also turn this feature off to make the rangefinder legal for tournament play.
  • Continuous Scan Mode – With this feature you can pan across the terrain to get distances to multiple targets.
  • Pin Locking – The Voice Caddie SL2 will vibrate once it has locked on to the pin and determined its distance relative to your location.
  • Day and Night Mode – In low light, the display inside the eyepiece will be brighter. It will automatically switch to a dimmer view when conditions are brighter.
  • Hybrid Functionality – To increase distance reading accuracy, the Voice Caddie SL2 utilizes both laser and GPS technology.
  • 6x Magnification Scope – The Voice Caddie SL2 features a 6x lens that provides crisp, sharp views of your target. You can adjust the lens for clarity and zoom in for 6x magnification.

How Does it Perform?

One of the things that we were initially concerned about was the size of the touchscreen display. It’s pretty small but the fact that you can zoom in and out allayed those fears. You can enlarge the images just by zooming in on them so visibility wasn’t a concern.

Like we mentioned a bit earlier, it will take some time to get used to all the features but once you do, the Voice Caddie SL2 is easy to use. Just make sure you swipe down on the touchscreen when your round is over to turn the device off – otherwise you risk draining the battery.


Voice Caddie claims that distance readings are accurate to within +/-1 yard. However, when tested against other rangefinders, we found that the Voice Caddie SL2 was usually off by about 2-3 yards. This was especially true for active green view readings.

That was really our only major gripe. In terms of hazards, bunkers and pin-locking mode though, the Voice Caddie SL2 was very accurate.


The speed with which the Voice Caddie SL2 gives distance readings was pretty impressive overall. Once it detects your hole, it pulls up distance readings unjust a couple of seconds. The Pin-locking feature does take some time and is a bit finicky though.


The Voice Caddie SL2 is made of aluminum and it feels like it will last a long time even if you use it often.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

20 hours in GPS Pin Assist mode and 45 hours in laser mode.

How to Replace the Battery?

The Voice Caddie SL2 battery can be recharged with a USB-C charging cable. You shouldn’t let the battery completely die before recharging.

Voice Caddie SL2 Vs SL1

The SL1 has many of the same features as the Voice Caddie SL2. However, Voice Caddie claims that the Voice Caddie SL2 benefits from the upgraded V-algorithm technology that makes it more accurate.

Voice Caddie SL2 Vs Garmin Z82

The Z82 is the same price as the Voice Caddie SL2 but it also comes preloaded with 41,000+ courses. It can also tell you the speed and direction of the wind. However it does not have a touchscreen.

Voice Caddie SL2 Vs Bushnell Pro XE

The Bushnell Pro XE reads barometric pressure and temperature. It also has a magnet so you can attach it to any metal surface. However, it does not have a touchscreen and does not have green view.

Voice Caddie SL2 Pros & Cons


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Clear lens
  • Tournament-legal
  • Durable design


  • Clouds affect accuracy
  • No hand strap

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Voice Caddie SL2 would be ideal for anyone who competes in tournaments regularly because the course distances will really give you an edge and inform your club selections.

Final Assessment

The Voice Caddie SL2 was very impressive. Despite the compromised accuracy in cloud coverage, the Voice Caddie SL2 is very reliable.

It’s certainly one of the best rangefinders in its price range and it’s loaded with a bunch of helpful features. So if you’re looking for a rangefinder that will give you the edge in competitive play, check out the Voice Caddie SL2.