True Temper AMT Red Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

True Temper AMT Red Shaft

It doesn’t seem revolutionary in 2023 but there was a time where consistent weighting in iron shafts was more or less the norm.

The entire True Temper AMT series of shafts is predicated on disrupting that norm.

For the uninitiated, AMT stands for Ascending Mass Technology. This basically means that these shafts get heavier as you move up to the short shafts.

This, in our opinion, makes for much more dynamic performance. And this is probably what makes the True Temper AMT series of shafts so popular.

The True Temper AMT Red in particular is the lightest weight class of the AMT line.

In the following review, we are going to be taking a look at the specs and performance aspects of the True Temper AMT Red in particular.

True Temper AMT Red Shaft Overview

It should be noted that the weights of the shafts don’t actually change until you get to the 8-iron.

In irons 4-7, the True Temper AMT Red shafts have constant weighting.

And there are only two flex classes for this shaft so you are either going to get a 94g – 106g weight profile (regular flex) or a 95g – 107g weight profile (stiff flex).

So you’re looking at an overall, light collection of shafts. The True Temper AMT Red has a traditional stepped design and look.

These are steel shafts so they have the almost obligatory polished chrome finish. In all honesty, we can take or leave this type of finish.

It can produce glare on sunny days but some players actually prefer the traditional look. We’ll leave that up to you.

As you can imagine, the branding is in red with a simple “AMT” logo adorning the middle of the shaft.

As far as feel goes, the True Temper AMT Red shaft is kind of an anomaly. While it doesn’t necessarily feel stiff, it isn’t very active either. The kick point is very subtle and occurs in the tip section.

But you really don’t feel the kick occurring on any but the most aggressive swings. The True Temper AMT Red sort of lures you into swinging outside yourself just so you can feel that kick.

While this makes for very stable flight, we were actually a bit disappointed at how lifeless this shaft actually feels.

That all being said, you aren’t going to get anything but a smooth transition out of this shaft. We also liked the fact that the True Temper AMT Red shaft doesn’t feel like a wet noodle given how light it is.

Somehow, you can feel the substance of these very lightweight shafts throughout your swing.

Why is the True Temper AMT Red So Popular?

True Temper AMT Red Shaft1

The True Temper AMT Red is a popular choice for slower swingers because it is very light but offers all the stability and accuracy that True Temper has become known for.

How Does the True Temper AMT Red Perform?

The True Temper AMT Red is categorized as a high launch and high spin shaft. That’s exactly what we got out of our testing session.

It’s very easy to affect a nice, high draw with this shaft. The spin rates we were getting were also allowing us to attack the pin with the longer irons.

Most of our testers were also seeing increases in club head speed; but oddly enough, this wasn’t leading to significant distance gains.

Overall, we weren’t impressed with the distance of the True Temper AMT Red shafts. What did impress us was divergence. The shot dispersion was effortlessly tight.

True Temper AMT Red Shaft Specs

Specs True Temper AMT Red
Available flexes Stiff, regular
Weight 94g-106g, 95g-107g
Butt .600”
Tip .355”
Length 36.5”-39.5”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Stiff flex will likely be preferred by players in the 90-95 MPH range.

Regular would work for 80-89 MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 94g-106g weighting will be good for players in the 80-89 MPH swing speed range.

The 95g-107g profile may be slightly better for players in the 90-95 MPH range.

Why is it So Good?

The True Temper AMT Red is a good shaft for moderate swing speed players.

It is incredibly accurate for being such a lightweight shaft.

True Temper AMT Red First Impressions

True Temper AMT Red Shaft2

What struck us the most was our inability to describe the feel.

The feel is almost elusive. You can definitely tell that it’s smooth; but the action is close to non-existent.

True Temper AMT Red Key Features & Performance

The weight profile of these shafts are their main feature.

This allows moderate swing speed players to improve smash factor and club head speed.

True Temper AMT Red Irons Review

Your long irons will become ridiculously easy to control. And there is a bit more heft in the scoring irons which brings the flight down a bit.

True Temper AMT Red Wedges Review

We know what you might be thinking after reading the previous section, ‘low flight in the scoring irons?!’ But trust us, the lack of apex height is more than made up for by the high spin rates.

We were getting really nice spin rate readouts with our wedges which allowed us to hold any kind of green.

True Temper AMT Red Pros & Cons

True Temper AMT Red Shaft3


  • Lightweight design
  • Great for slow to moderate swingers
  • Very tight shot dispersion
  • Good spin rates
  • Exceptionally smooth transition


  • Sort of lifeless feel
  • Not great if you mostly need distance

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The ideal player for the True Temper AMT Red shaft is a very specific one.

We would actually say it’s ideal for mid handicappers with swing speeds in the low to mid 90’s because this type of player won’t lose too much distance to the high launch.

It would also be good for high handicappers who, more than anything else, need help with staying on the fairway – just don’t expect a significant distance boost.