Tour Edge Moda Silk Women’s Golf Club Set Review

The women’s golf market is flush with golf club sets for beginners these days and everyone is looking for that blend of value and quality.

The Tour Edge Moda Silk is a premium quality set that is going to be useful to beginners and improvers. The large offset heads promote a ton of distance and accuracy completing one of the best women’s sets on the market.

The Tour Edge set ticks a lot of the boxes we are looking for in a new set and is definitely worth considering. Read on to discover what you get in the set and how they compare to other similar sets on the market.

Selling Points

  • High Loft, Offset Driver With Large Head

  • Various Club Lengths To Suit All Players

  • God Choice Of Woods, Hybrids And Irons

  • High MOI Mallet Style Putter

  • Premium Quality Cart Bag

Key Features

The Tour Edge Moda Silk is designed for 2 things: forgiveness and game advancement. This is a great combination if you are just starting out with the game as you can use the clubs for years to come.

But more importantly, the Tour Edge Moda Silk will help you advance your already burgeoning game.

It will help you drive the ball further, hit more accurately and round out your approach game.

So if your current set of clubs is holding you back, the Tour Edge Moda Silk set would be a good choice if you are seeking good game improvement clubs.

First Impressions

We’ll be honest – when we first got our hands on the Tour Edge Moda Silk clubs we thought they were going to be all flash and no substance.

Usually when a set of women’s golf clubs looks this nice, the performance of the clubs suffer for the sake of aesthetic appeal.

But as you will find as you read on in our review, this wasn’t the case. These clubs are also lightweight but don’t give up anything in the way of power which is great if you are seeking a set of women’s clubs that plays long.


What The Set Includes


We really liked the driver of the Tour Edge Moda Silk set. It’s a 460cc driver with a titanium head. And you get plenty of height and distance with the 15 degrees of loft.

But what was really nice about the driver is that it had a pronounced offset hosel and a ridiculously expanded sweet spot so to say that it was forgiving would be an understatement.


The Tour Edge Moda Silk set comes with a 3 and 5 fairway wood.

And there is precision weighting in the sole of both these woods which made it very easy to get the ball high up into the air.

They are both oversized and boast the same hosel offset as the driver.


You get 2 hybrids in the Tour Edge Moda Silk set: a #5 and #6 which is perfect for when you want to skip over your longer irons and hit with a bit more accuracy.

The hybrids also feature low centers of gravity to help impart good swing mechanics.


The oversized irons in the Tour Edge Moda Silk set feature perimeter weighting which expands the sweet spot and once again, moves the weight to the rear sole of the clubs. You get irons 7-9 in this set.


The Tour Edge Moda Silk set comes with a pitching wedge and a sand wedge that feature the same perimeter weighting that the irons do so they are very accurate and help you get out of tough lies even on off-center shots.


Last but not least you get a mallet-style putter with a high moment of inertia face and alignment marker.

Set Options

The Tour Edge Moda Silk set is available in ladies flex with graphite shafts.

There are different color options as well including black/light blue, silver/ruby and black/rose gold versions.

You can also get these clubs in lady’s standard, plus 1 inch and minus 1 inch (from lady’s standard) lengths.

The Bag

The set comes in a premium cart bag with 7 zippered pockets, a towel ring, easy grip handles and a spacious top divider.

Club Composition

The Tour Edge Moda Silk set comes equipped with graphite shaft for more flex and lighter weight.

The driver features a titanium head while the wood heads are composed of 17-4 grade stainless steel.

The irons, putter and wedges also feature stainless steel heads set to ladies flex.

Pros & Cons Of The Tour Edge Moda Silk


  • All the clubs are forgiving
  • The driver plays long
  • Durable clubs
  • Slim yet spacious bag
  • Good game improvement irons
  • Lightweight


  • Only available in right-handed
  • Some color options are currently unavailable
  • Doesn’t include long irons
  • Bag fits loose in some push carts

Overall Score: 94/100

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Other Club Sets Worth Considering

Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club Set

The Strata is the most famous beginner set on the market, combining choice, value and performance for an almost unbeatable offering.

This is also a more affordable golf club set that also comes with 2 hybrids but just one fairway wood.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Cobra XL Women’s Golf Club Set

One of the best premium sets on the market from a rapidly expanding brand.

This Cobra set features a titanium driver set to 12.5 degrees of loft, woods 3, 5 and 7, a 5 hybrid, irons 6-9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a mallet style putter.

Overall Score: 98/100

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TaylorMade Kalea Women’s Golf Club Set

This is going to be a premium set for beginner/intermediate women who really want to improve their performance.

These Kalea clubs feature TaylorMade’s patented speed pocket and feature graphite shafts set to ladies flex. The driver is set to 12 degrees of loft and you get a very nice, very comfortable carry bag.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Our Final Assessment

Overall we really liked the balanced performance of the Tour Edge Moda Silk women’s golf clubs. Teh graphite shafts were comfortable and provided good ball speed on drives and in the fairway woods.

The pronounced perimeter weighting of the irons were also a nice feature that is usually reserved for much more expensive clubs.

Oh and did we mention the price? You can snag the Tour Edge Moda Silk set for around $700. So this is a great value as well. If you are looking to take the next big leap with your golf game, we highly recommend giving these clubs a try.

Overall Score: 94/100

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