Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Golf Clubs Set Review

There are a lot of beginner golf club sets that should be well, avoided, quite honestly. Trust us, we’ve had our hands on some truly horrid beginner’s golf club sets, heads flying off, shafts breaking and shoddy quality.

Even though they are marketed towards beginners they still lack any substance that would help anyone with their game.

Unfortunately there are a lot of beginner’s sets that seem to depend on the player not knowing any better. But today we wanted to highlight a set that actually has something to offer new players in the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set as they quickly establish their name as a quality set.


First Impressions

When we first got ahold of the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 clubs we were immediately impressed because they looked like a premium set.

They came in a handsome stand bag and all the essential clubs were there. But would they prove themselves on the course? We were about to find out.


Breaking Down What’s In The Bag



The driver, like most of the clubs in this set features an ultra-thin face which allows weight to be redistributed in the perimeter of the 460cc head.

So the sweet spot is expanded and flex is increased even on off-center shots. The driver is set to 10.5 degrees of loft.



The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set comes with #3 and #5 fairway woods.

The oversized head but low profile shape of the fairway wood heads are reminiscent of tour-grade clubs. The #3 is set to 15 degrees and the #5 is set to 19 degrees.



The #4 hybrid in the set mimics the low-profile design of the fairway woods to seamlessly bridge the gap between fairway wood and long irons.

It’s set to 24 degrees and has a comfortable, deep center of gravity.



With the Tour Edge Bazooka 370, you get irons 5 through 9. These irons are certainly congenial to beginner players.

They bear slightly larger heads than what is typical and feature progressive undercuts to help out with accuracy.



Included in the set are a pitching wedge at 46 degrees and a sand wedge at 55 degrees.

Again, the thin face of the wedges allows for more flex and perimeter stability for solid contact on almost every section of the face.



Last but not least is an answer-style putter which is lightweight and feels like an extension of your hands.

The alignment markers are easy to use and the heel and toe weighting give this putter a very balanced feel.


Club Composition

The driver, fairway woods and the #4 hybrid all feature graphite shafts and are available in regular or stiff flex.

The irons and the wedges are made of a lightweight steel and are also available in either stiff or regular flex. The heads of the irons are made from cavity-backed stainless steel.

But perhaps the most interesting composition feature comes in the driver. It features a titanium matrix face that not only allows it to be ultra-thin but high flex as well.


Club Options

You can get the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 complete set in either right or left handed orientations.

There are also options for senior and uniflex. If you are a right hand player, you have the option of getting the set in +1” shaft lengths. You can also choose between a stand bag and a cart bag.


Pros & Cons Of The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Set


  • Ultra thin club faces mean more CG weight placement where it’s better served
  • The putter really does help improve accuracy for beginners
  • The steel shafted irons are lightweight
  • Available in both right and left-handed
  • The hybrid provides great distance
  • Overall, each club in the set is very easy to hit with



  • You can’t get +1” shaft lengths in left-handed
  • Some of the zippers on the stand bag get snagged very easily
  • It’s hard to get a decent amount of spin from some of the shorter irons
  • Some of the club heads bang into each other as the top divider of the bag doesn’t provide adequate space between club wells


Overall Score: 92/100

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Other Club Set Considerations

Tour Edge Bazooka 360

The older version of the Tour Edge Bazooka’s feature a lot of the same features like cavity-back irons, 460cc driver head and an anser-style putter. But this set is significantly more affordable now that the thinner-face 370’s are on the market.


  • Very affordable
  • Deep undercut irons
  • Low profile hybrid still gives great distance



  • Not very durable
  • Less face flex

Overall Score: 88/100

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Callaway Strata

The Callaway strata has been on the radar for new players forever because it’s packed with helpful features and components like 2 hybrids and a full titanium driver, massive sweet spots and clubs you can rock with as you get a bit better too.

Plus the precision milled face of the putter allows for exceptional feel for a beginner’s putter.


  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Cavity back irons


  • No long irons
  • High long game spin on the driver

Overall Score: 96/100

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Cobra XL Speed

Available in regular or senior flex, the Cobra XL Speed set is a great choice for either beginner’s or intermediate players.

It features a low profile driver with great weight distribution on the rear of the head so you get enhanced distance consistently.


  • The whole set plays long
  • Graphite shaft woods
  • Perimeter weighting on the irons


  • Low greenside spin with the shorter irons
  • Again, you don’t get the longer 4 or 5 irons with this set

Overall Score: 98/100

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Final Assessment

Overall the Bazooka 360 set are a quality set that will help any beginner to pick up the game and become a better player.

That being said, it is very hard to look past the quality and reliability of the Callaway Strata as the perfect set for beginners and that would be our recommendation for today.

If you are looking for a more premium set that will see you through to becoming a mid handicapper.