Tour Edge 2020 Bazooka 270 Full Set Review 2020

Whether you are just starting out with the game of golf or are an intermediate player, you already know that this game has a steep learning curve. First and foremost, you have to get your swing in order. Then you might focus on your short game.

And over time, you will start to get familiar with the gear. But the gear itself represents a stumbling block for a lot of new players. That’s because when you are first starting out, it can be really difficult to determine which golf balls, gloves and clubs are right for you.

So on top of all the technical aspects of the game, you need to also know which types of clubs suit your game. So to that end, we thought we’d help out some of you newcomers to the game as well as the intermediates out there.

Today we are going to be taking a good look at a quality set of clubs that we feel would be best suited to players who may still be trying to shape their game. Take a look at our review of the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 golf club set.

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What You Get With The Set

While Tour Edge has done a great job of creating a well-rounded set of clubs with the Bazooka 270’s, what you stand to gain the most from this set is confidence off the tee and on the fairway. The driver is forgiving and it comes with oversized irons so you get the distance you desperately need as a newbie.

But initial confidence isn’t the only benefit to this particular set of clubs. As your game evolves, this Tour Edge set will help you flesh it out and refine your play. Let’s get into the details of the clubs so you can see what we mean.


The driver in the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 set features a 460cc club head which is a great size for beginners and vets. Its high moment of inertia rating helps neophytes minimize flex which can misinform a lot of drives.

It features a 10.5 degree loft which isn’t the highest but the design of the club head focuses more on getting lower trajectory and piercing drives that translate to solid distance off the tee.


You get #3 fairway wood in the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 set which is outfitted to 16 degrees of loft. Now, unlike the driver, this is plenty to help get players over trees, bunkers or any other hazards standing in their way.

The fairway wood head is oversized with a low center of gravity which makes it much easier for players to get the ball high in the air and start building good shot mechanics.


We were really impressed with the #4 hybrid included in the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 set. You don’t usually get good quality hybrids like this in sets of this price range. The hybrid has a lower, rear center of gravity which allows for great pop and stop capability on the fairway and approaches.

It is set to 24 degrees of loft and features a low profile design so it is very easy to hit with overall.


As we mentioned earlier, the irons in the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 set feature oversized heads which make them a touch less wieldy but more forgiving in terms of distance overall.

You get 5-9 irons in this set. The 5 iron is set to 27 degrees of loft, the 6 iron is set to 30 degrees, the 7 iron is set to 34, the 8 iron is set to 38 and the 9 iron is set to 42.


You get a pitching wedge and a sand wedge from the Tour Edge Bazooka 270’s. They are set to 46 and 55 degrees of loft respectively. Overall we would say that the wedges are weighted perfectly for beginner/intermediate players who are more concerned with getting out of a tricky situation.


The putter also has a high moment of inertia rating which makes for accurate putting. You can really learn how to hold a line with this putter and develop an uninterrupted follow-through with minimal flex and deviation.  It is heel-toe weighted and features a clear alignment guide for effective aiming.

Club Composition

The driver features a lightweight graphite shaft and oversized stainless steel head. The 3 wood also features a wieldy graphite shaft with a low profile club head. The hybrid also features a low-profile head design but a steel shaft.

The irons are all made of stainless steel for minimal flex and optimal distance. The putter is also stainless steel with a heel-toe weighted head.

Club Options

The Tour Edge Bazooka 270 was designed for a very specific type of player so you only get a few options here. For example they only come in right-hand orientation and are only available in uniflex. You get graphite and steel as options for the shafts.

Club Length

The Tour Edge Bazooka 270 set comes in standard length. For example, the driver is 44.5 inches long, the 9 iron is 35.75 inches long, the hybrid is 38 inches long and the putter is 35 inches long. We would say that these clubs would fit men between 5’6” and 6’1”.

Pros & Cons Of The Bazooka Tour Edge 270


  • Very forgiving driver
  • Minimal flex
  • Quality hybrid
  • Putter, driver, hybrid and 3 wood come with head covers
  • Comes with a dual strap stand bag
  • Comes with rain hood


  • Not great for seasoned players
  • Options are limited
  • Bag isn’t very durable
  • Not a lot of feedback

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Alternative Club Sets

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Wilson Platinum

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Final Say

The Tour Edge Bazooka 270 is a great set for beginners and players with a few years under their belt. It comes at a great price and features that kind of club design that can really help advance your game.

We recommend checking out the Tour Edge Bazooka 270 if you want clubs that can build your confidence and impart good mechanics.

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