Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 Drivers

Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 Drivers – Which Is Better And For Who?

Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 Drivers – Which Is Better And For Who?

Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 Drivers

Time to hang up the old driver and add the latest edition to your bag?

In this post, we evaluate which is better between the Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 drivers. You’ll learn how these clubs deliver exceptionally low spin, piercing ball flight, and maximum distance.

In addition, we’ll assess the clubhead size, lofts, and shaft options for these big sticks. At the end of the post, you’ll know whether your swing better fits the new and improved TSR4 or its predecessor.

An Overview OF Both Drivers

The Titleist TSi4 and TSR4 drivers are sub 460cc designs built to restrict spin and explosive ball speed off the tee.

These big sticks also generate piercing ball flight and carry lower loft options to fit higher swing-speed golfers.

Titleist released the compact Tsi4 in 2021 to minimize revolutions and optimize driver distance. However, the engineers returned to the drawing board and crafted the TSR4 to deliver less spin and increased yardage.

While distance, feel, and the playability of these drivers are unquestionable, their lower launch and strong lofts are not ideal for the average golfer.

Slower swing speed mid and high handicappers may struggle to launch these golf clubs and prefer a weaker lofted, forgiving golf club, like the Titleist TSi3.



  Titleist Tsi4 Titleist TSR4
Adjustable weighting? Yes Yes
Lofts 8, 9, and 10 degrees 8, 9, and 10 degrees
Key Technology Titleist Speed Chassis Multi-Plateau VFT
Weight Varies Varies
Price $499 $599
Overall Rating 91/100 95/100



titleist tsi4

The 425cc Titleist TSI4 carries an adjustable SureFit hosel, ultra-thin titanium crown, and a Titleist Speed Chassis.

In addition, the CG is positioned extremely low and forward to restrict spin and boost ball velocity.



The successor to the TSi4 impresses with a 430 cc clubhead, Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness, and a SureFit adjustable hosel.

Plus, it’s equipped with adjustable spin weighting and Player-Tuned acoustics.


The Titleist Tsi4 and TSR4 drivers are compact designs built to lower spin and produce piercing flight for maximum distance.

They’re also fitted with a SureFit adjustable hosel to alter the loft and lie of the clubface.

The main difference between them is the exact dimensions of the club head. While both are compact drivers, the Tsi4 has a 425 cc clubhead, 5 cc’s smaller than the TSR4.

Next, I find the Tsi4 delivers greater forgiveness, thanks to its Multi-Dimensional stability.

Titleist Tsi4 Shaft Options

  • Tensei AV White Raw 
  • HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 

Titleist TSR4 Options

  • HZRDUS Red CB shaft
  • Tensei AV Blue With XLink 
  • HZRDUS Smoke Black 4G
  • Tensei 1K Black



Given the low spin and compact clubhead profile, both drivers are better suited to a high-swing speed low handicapper.

They offer less forgiveness than 460 cc drivers and require an enhanced coefficient of restitution and smash factor to launch the golf ball consistently.


The differences between the drivers were minimal, except in club head speed, carry, and total distance.

The Tsi4 produced 8 mph more than the TSR4, which may be due to the reduced clubhead size and exceptional aerodynamics.

However, the TSR4 produced 9 yards extra carry distance and 6 yards additional total yardage over the TSR4.

Besides these features, both clubs generated roughly the same spin rate, launch angle, and apex.


Despite delivering a slower clubhead speed, I found the more sizeable TSR4 clubhead produced superior consistency and accuracy than the Tsi4.

My off-center strikes with the TSR4 were still undesirable, but they remained more on target than the wayward flight of Tsi4


Despite turning 2 in 2023, the Tsi4 driver is not exactly cheap, but it’s over $100 lower than its successor, the TSR4.

The Tsi4 fetches $499, while the newer edition sets you back $599.



titleist tsi4-1


  • Extremely low spin
  • Explosive clubhead speed
  • SureFit adjustable hosel
  • SureFit adjustable flat weight
  • Enhanced MOI
  • Compact clubhead


  • Expensive
  • Not suited to high handicappers

Overall Score: 91/100

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  • Generates faster ball speed
  • Produced longer carry distance
  • SureFit adjustable hosel
  • Amplified acoustics
  • Adjustable spin control


  • Priced at a premium
  • The stronger lofts are best suited to high swing speeds

Overall Score: 95/100

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Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond carries a 450 cc clubhead, an interchangeable weight, low launch, and neutral ball flight.

Plus, it offers the lowest spin rate of the Paradym range while preserving ball speed on all shots for optimal length.

Overall Score: 94/100

 Taylormade Stealth Plus

Taylormade Stealth Plus

A 60x carbon layer face is protected with a Nanotexture cover to minimize spin and boost ball speed.

In addition, it promotes neutral ball flight and carries an adjustable hosel to shift loft and lie. Overall, it delivers consistent launch, ball flight, and distance off the tee.

Overall Score: 93/100

Cobra AeroJet LS

Cobra AeroJet LS

The Cobra AeroJet LS is the lowest spinning driver in the range, built with an aerodynamic clubhead and an expansive sweet spot. The H.O.T Face and PWR-Bridge weighting combine to accelerate ball velocity and lower spin revolutions across the clubface.

Overall Score: 94/100


The Titleist Tsi4 vs TSR4 review showed minor differences between the newest arrival and its predecessor.

Both drivers feel fantastic, are aerodynamic, and minimize spin off the clubface.In addition, they encourage increased ball pace, medium launch, and lower ball flight off the tee.

During testing, the Tsi4 delivered increased clubhead speed than its successor. However, the TSR4 generated superior ball speed, carry distance, and total yardage, to trump its successor overall.

While superior golfers will appreciate the distance, playability, and consistency, slow swing speeds high handicappers may struggle to play them.

If you are a mid to low-handicapper searching for a premium low-spin driver, take a look at the TSR4 here.

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