Titleist T100 vs Taylormade P760 Irons Review & Specs 2021

Are you ready to reach the pinnacle of your game? Are you looking for irons with tour-grade shaping? Then you may have come across these 2 iron sets. Titleist and Taylormade make some of the most advanced scoring irons currently available.

But the choice between the two can be daunting. You have so many different features to consider – all the while keeping in mind the nuances of your own game.

But to help make your decision a bit easier, we have composed today’s comparison review with everything you’ll need to know about these two iron sets. Let’s take a look.


A Brief Background of the T100’s and The P760’s

The Titleist T100 became available in golf shops back in August of 2021.

And ever since then, they’ve been used by professionals and advanced players alike. The Taylormade P760 irons have been around since November of 2018 and are known as irons for exceptionally skilled players.


The Taylormade P760 Irons


With the Taylormade P760 irons, it’s all about the SpeedFoam. SpeedFoam is essentially a polyurethane foam that is injected into the hollow body of the long irons (3-7).

That combined with the super-thin face of these irons allow for a soft feel without sacrificing any distance.


The Titleist T100 Irons

The Titleist T100 irons are progressive, meaning that the weight and head sizes shifts from the long irons to the short irons.

The mid to long irons have Tungsten weights in the head to create an optimal CG for distance while the shorter irons are precision-milled for better spin control.


Who Would Benefit from the Titleist T100’s?

The Titleist T100’s are player’s irons. The first thing you will notice when playing these irons is the thin top line which is ideal for accuracy.

And make no mistake about it; these irons are for highly-skilled players and low handicappers.

You will need fast swing speed to get the best use out of them – otherwise you would be wasting your money on features that you wouldn’t be able to benefit from. But if you can control spin and still have a pretty fast swing speed, these irons can certainly help up your game.


Who Would Benefit from the Taylormade P760’s?

We would say that the Taylormade P760 irons are more for players who need more distance from their long irons. The hollow body construction coupled with the SpeedFoam injections in the longer irons of this set give real dynamic distance.

And while they perform admirably on approaches, they lack the progressive design and feel of the Titleist T100’s. So if you are looking for overall better distance the Taylormade P760 are your best bet. That being said, the Taylormade P760’s are also designed for low handicap players.


Loft Comparison


Taylormade P760 Loft

Titleist T100 Loft

3 Iron



4 Iron




5 Iron




6 Iron




7 Iron




8 Iron




9 Iron











Titleist T100 Club Options

The Titleist T100 come stock with True Temper AMT Tour White shafts. This shaft is available in regular (R300), stiff (S300) and extra stiff (x100) flexes.


Taylormade P760 Club Options

The stock shaft of the Taylormade P760 irons is a Dynamic Gold 120. You can get this shaft set to regular, stiff or extra stiff flex.


Length & Lie Comparison


Taylormade P760 Lie/Length

Titleist T100 Lie/Length

3 Iron



4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron










Taylormade P760 Vs. Taylormade P790

The main difference between the Taylormade P760 irons and its successor set, the P790 is that the latter irons are certainly more forgiving. They were developed with a higher flex face that increases ball speed on shots that are hit lower on the face.

The P790 also feature Taylormade’s famed “Speed Pocket” which is essentially a cavity in the head that allows for higher flex at the face to produce more ball speed.


Composition Comparison

The Taylormade P760 irons are made from forged 1025 carbon steel. The T100’s are made from forged stainless steel and the heels and toes of the longer irons are weighted with Tungsten.


Performance Comparison

When we took these irons out on the course, we were getting some pretty spectacular spin control from the T100’s. The precision milled grooves allowed for exceptional feel and we were able to back and forward spin our pin attacks more accurately.

But in terms of distance, there was no question that the Taylormade P760 irons were better. The longer irons were simply made for distance. The weight of these hollow body irons was very comfortable and we were able to achieve great club head speed with them.


Price Comparison

You are looking at very comparable prices for both of these sets. For the Taylormade P760’s you can expect to pay around $1,225 for a full set. For the Titleist T100’s you are looking at about $1,240.


Taylormade P760 Pros & Cons


  • SpeedFoam technology
  • Great distance irons
  • More forgiving overall
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Higher launch in the wedges



  • Less spin control
  • Less feel
  • Sound isn’t as good as T100 irons
  • Low offset


Overall Score: 96/100

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Titleist T100 Pros & Cons


  • Better spin control
  • Higher launch (long iron)
  • Premium forged face
  • Tungsten weighting
  • Comfortable stock grips
  • Thin top line



  • Pricey
  • Not for beginners
  • Smaller heads
  • Don’t play as long as the P760’s

Overall Score: 97/100

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Final Say On These Premium Irons

This one is essentially a tie. Both of these iron sets have something to offer advanced players. So your decision will ultimately come down to the question of: do you want longer irons or ones with more precise spin control.

If you want the former, go with the Taylormade P760’s. If the latter is more up your ally, try the Titleist T100’s.