The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer Review

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Golf is a tough game to master. It can evoke frustration at the best of times, so much so many amateurs give up within a short time of starting out.

But what if there was a training aid capable of ironing out the kinks in your swing?

Fortunately there is. The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer is designed to encourage a flatter swing plane, thus improving the tempo of your swing.

It forces your downswing to be initiated effectively via the lower body, while accelerating movements from the top of your swing through the ball. This encourages an effective follow through.

The training aid is said to do wonders for your game but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at how the device works:

How Does It Work?

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The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer is a 48” fishing rod like whippie shaft with a heavy ball at the end. A pendulum motion is created when you swing the club, one which forces you into a natural rhythm conducive to an effective swing.

This works via weights on the shaft which correct your swing accordingly, doing so in ways which make it difficult to reform bad habits.

Forcing the swing too fast will give you shaky feedback, encouraging you to undertake a natural, smooth rhythm.

This aid is perfect for those struggling with rhythm and tempo, enabling you to adjust your swing to create perfect timing. It is designed to fight kinks in your swing, those which prevent you reaching your full potential.

The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer prevents you from starting your swing too early because you need to wait for the heavy ball to reach the top of your swing before you enter your downswing.

Consequently your swing remains in sync with your body.

How Else Can You Gain From Using the Sklz Gold Flex?

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The device is great for correcting your grip, utilizing hand placement devices to help with consistency. It can be easily transported in your golf bag, meaning you can conveniently access it at your own leisure.

You’ll need few instructions to operate it, simply remove from the box and swing away! Within no time you’ll be swinging at a comfortable tempo without forcing it.

The club doesn’t allow you to force a swing that’s out of time, in fact it’s design permits smooth swings only.

Perfect for both beginners and amateur golfers, you’ll be amazed by the results achieved with this cool contraption.

What’s also great is you can take the Sklz Gold Flex with you before a round and use it to warm up. In this sense it’s perfect for muscle memory, allowing you to get on track before you battle the elements, the course and most importantly your own mind.

Unleash your potential and receive the ultimate confidence boost.

Who Is It Designed For?

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The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer is designed for golfers of all shapes and sizes, including left-handed players.

Believe it or not the device works in exactly the same way regardless, making it perfect for next to anyone.

Golfers of any level can use the trainer, though generally speaking it benefits amateurs more than anyone.

Beginners can use the standard style grip as a guideline to indicate where to cup hands and place fingers.

It works in exactly the same way for men, women and children.

Which Version Should You Buy?

There are two varieties to choose from: the 40” and the 48”.

Though the 48” can be used by next to anyone, it’s mostly designed for men and taller women.

The 40” is perfect for smaller women and children, though this is largely dependent on height.

Your best bet is to buy the larger of the two sizes and have it cut to the ‘perfect’ size, however if that isn’t an option given your circumstances you’re better off going with the generic size guide referenced above.

So, Is It Worth Buying?

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Having assessed this cool contraption it can be described with some confidence as one of the best training aids out there.

It will certainly help with continuity, consistency, and ultimately correcting your swing.

The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer will help with your swing tempo, swing plane and acceleration through the ball.

It’ll even help you avoid injury by working out muscles critically important to the game, alongside helping you warm up key muscles to avoid injury and stiffness.

Using the device daily will definitely keep your swing in check!

It’s easy to use, affordable, convenient and great for all levels.

Sklz Golf Trainer

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