Garmin G80 vs. Garmin G8 – Which One Should I Buy?

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The world of golf has become more exciting because now you’re able to fully record your stats and measure distance using a premium golf GPS. Most golfers have a GPS as part of their gear and it comes in handy when you need to improve your gameplay.

In this article, we will be reviewing two of Garmin’s top golf GPS products: the G80 and G8. Both GPS applications offer extensive features to assist you on the green.

Keep reading to find out which Garmin is the better choice for you.

Key Features of the Garmin G80

Garmin g80

Why We Like It

The Garmin G80 is a light and compact device that’s easy to travel with. It has a high-resolution display so you can clearly see the details on the interface, even at a quick glance. The Garmin G80 GPS is an advanced application that comes with many beneficial features to aid you on the course.

Club Monitoring

Garmin’s G80 GPS has an integrated club monitor that tracks head speed, your swing tempo, smash factor and estimated distance when you hit the ball. This feature helps you adjust your swing so you can improve your scores.

Game Modes

The Garmin G80 comes with game and practice modes to help you improve the consistency of your shots. You can use the modes on the driving range or when you’re practicing at home with a net.

Distance Measured

With the Garmin G80, you’re able to measure the distance from the front, middle and back of the green. It automatically measures shot distance and calculates the exact yardage for shots anywhere on the course.

Tracking Mode

Garmin Golf App

The Garmin G80 allows you to track putts per round, strokes and fairway hits. Garmin’s G80 also has an integrated scorecard that allows you to track the scores of up to four players. It has adjustable handicaps so it can monitor the scoring of amateur and advanced golfers.

How Many Courses does it Have?

Garmin’s G80 comes pre-loaded with 41 000 worldwide courses’ information. The details of the courses are in color and in a high-resolution display so you can clearly see the overview of the map you’re playing on.


  • Radar sensor
  • Integrated compass
  • Round timer
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android applications
  • Comes with full vector maps
  • Has touch targeting
  • Bluetooth device

Key Features of the Garmin G8

Garmin Approach G8

Why We Like It

The Garmin G8 is a premium golf GPS that has a high-resolution display and an easy to use interface. It’s a touch screen rangefinder that allows you to make quick adjustments on the device.

Score Tracking

Garmin G8 keeps your score to par if you miss a hole. But if you want to round up your score at the end of the game you’ll have to manually type it in after every hole. You can also enable stats for missed fairways and putts in the settings section of the device.

Club Advice Feature

Garmin’s G8 Club Advice feature allows you to type in the yardages for clubs you use. The Garmin will then suggest the best clubs to swing with, depending on the yardage to the hole.


The PinPointer feature allows you to see the hole, which comes in handy if your view is blocked by landscapes. It also allows you to see hazards around the green.

Distance Measured

Garmin’s G8 allows you to view distances in the front, middle and back of the green. It provides accurate distances to where the hazards are.

How Many Courses does it Have?

Garmin Approach G8 2

The Garmin G8 golf GPS can show you information of 30 000 courses from around the world.


  • Has a color display
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • No annual app fees

How does Garmin G8 and G80 Compare on Price?

Garmin’s G8 has a price tag of $300 and comes with all the features you need to improve your gameplay.

The Garmin G80 golf GPS has the same features as the G8 device. The only difference is the G80 has a built-in launch monitor that tracks your club stats. Garmin’s G80 is priced at around $200 more than the G8.

Performance Comparison

Garmin’s G80 has a larger touch screen and a higher resolution than the G8 GPS. But the G8 device is lightweight and smaller than the G80 & ergonomically designed.

Score tracking on the G8 may be frustrating because you have to manually record scores with this model. The G80 records scores automatically.

Both of the devices have slope compensation, blindshot assistance and distance to any target. But the G80 is exceptionally accurate, while the G8 isn’t always and this could compromise your game.

Garmin G80 Pros and Cons

G80 2


  • Large display screen
  • Quick touch operation
  • Club hit monitoring
  • Accurate at measuring distances
  • Comes with 41 000 courses


  • Expensive
  • Difficult for beginner golfers to set up
  • Poor packaging
  • Doesn’t always connect via Bluetooth

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Garmin G8 Pros & Cons

G8 34


  • Comes with a PlaysLike feature
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with Club Advice
  • Works with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


  • Reports of inaccurate readings
  • Slow connection speeds
  • Low resolution
  • Small screen

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Which Garmin do We Recommend?

Although the G80 is pricier than the Garmin G8 it’s a good buy because it’s the superior GPS overall. The G80 comes with extra features such as the radar-based launch monitor to measure your swing metrics. Garmin’s G80 has a higher resolution and automatic score tracking which makes it more convenient to use on the golf course.


The Garmin G80 approach helps you improve your swing with its practice and game modes. A feature from the G8 that you might like is the Club Advice so you can make better decisions on the golf course before swinging.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly device perhaps the G8 will be better suited for you. But if you’re looking for a golf GPS that comes with more features that can help you improve your strokes opt for the Garmin G80.

So which GPS appealed to you the most? Use this comparison guide to help you select the correct GPS for your game.